Friday, March 28, 2008

Absolutely Nothing Blog-Worthy

So, I have been absent from Blog Vegas for a few days. It has been a busy week. I really and truly don't have anything blog-worthy to write about so I thought that I would just list a few random things. Don't you hate it when you click on a blog you read regularly only to find the same title that you have seen for weeks? Maybe it's just me. Let me know if you think I need counseling.

*Today I went on a field trip with Lake's class to see Horton Hears a Who. It was a really good movie with several good themes. I recommend it to people of all ages. I just don't recommend seeing it in an old theater with 116 first graders. My feet were stuck to the floor the entire time. Seven year olds tend to laugh just a little too loud and at the most inappropriate times. They like to kick the back of your seat and they have to go pee - ALOT. hahahaha I am just kidding (about most of it).

*100-calorie packs of Orville Redenbacher popcorn are not nearly as good as movie popcorn no matter how much you try to convince yourself.

*My new favorite snack is Yoplait light yogurt - Boston Creme Pie flavor to be exact with Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal in it. That combination is like Twizzlers - "makes mouths happy".

*I know I have griped about this on several previous occasions, but allow me to vent yet again about the trash that IS television (with the exception of American Idol of course). Last night while my hubs watched Tennessee lose to a team that will remain unnamed here, I flipped channels and found filth of all kinds. On HGTV, there was a lesbian couple who were trying to buy a house together. On TLC, there was a transgender (what the heck is that anyway) girl/guy that looked strangely like Elvis who was getting a tatoo on her neck of some kind of skull with flowers on it. On one of the major networks (CBS? ABC? NBC? Who knows they are alike to me) there was a show that featured detectives trying to solve a gory murder that involved very strange circumstances. Do we really need to turn on our TV's and see bloody, bruised, half naked people laying in pools of blood? I can't bring myself to watch that junk. On VH1 and MTV you can guarantee there will always be nudity, cursing, freaks of nature of all kinds, and lots of drunk people in bathing suits. On MTV2 you will always see rich rappers who want to show off their cribs (or as we normal people would call them - huge mansions bought with drug money). Yes, I went there. I could go on and on but you all have cable - you know that Scott Baio and Peter Brady have their own completely insane reality shows. You know that homes are broken every week while people answer questions on Moment of Truth. The sad part is that we have made a hobby out of watching this crud.

*I lost 4 lbs this week --- I gained 8 last week ---- by my calculations I have about 15 lbs to go. I wonder what the recovery time for liposuction is. (Just kidding - kinda)

*Have you seen that the UMC has decided to turn against Israel? If I recall correctly, the Bible says that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse her will be cursed. I don't agree with all the practices of the Methodist church, but this seems very disastrous. I wonder why denominations that have mostly been considered by the majority to be mainstream (ie. Episcopal, Methodist, etc) have all of the sudden become extreme in their stance on certain issues. By that I mean I wonder why so many denominations have decided to ordain openly gay ministers, to become anti-Israel, to deny that the Bible is the divine inspired Word of God???? The Bible tells us that in the last days, there will be a great falling away of the church. Guess it's another prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. If you are Methodist or Episcopal or one of the other denominations that seem to be falling away, please know that I am not preaching at you or condemning you, because I know the local church doesn't always agree with the umbrella association they fall under. Just because the UMC believes something does not mean that all Methodists believe it.
*I need help in decorating the living room in my new house. I have changed my mind at least a thousand times. Yesterday, I did find some chairs that I just knew were exactly the chairs I wanted to decorate this room around. Unfortunately, this morning I wasnt so sure----now we're up to 1,001.

*I am terrified of snakes. I dont even say the word - only"S". My son came home from school with a toy snake today. I have screamed at him several times already for bringing it near me and we have only been home for an hour. Like dogs, kids smell fear and play on it. I know that my fear of snakes is irrational and I have mentioned this before but I think it is important enough to note again that I dream about them, when I sit on the toilet I worry that one might come out of said toilet, when I check the temperature of the water in the bathtub I fear that one might come out of the faucet, when I make my bed I think there might be one under it so I keep my feet at least 2 feet away from the bedskirt (at least I might have a chance to move away if one darts out unexpectedly), when I see one dead on the road I shiver endlessly and scream, my niece and nephew used to hold me in the corner with the S encyclopedia turned to the snake page when I babysat them, I would never visit the reptile house of the zoo, I could go on, but you get the point. Yes, I know I need counseling for this.

*I don't really like any of the candidates for President.

*Since when did first graders have homework?

*We have reservations at Disney for July 26th - August 5th. While we love, love, love Disney, it will be like a blazing inferno there. Since I don't think I would really look good in a tube top, I suppose I need to stock up on tank tops, huh? Any other suggestions? (other than changing our reservations to October).

*On Monday, I defrosted some pork chops in the fridge for the hubs and kids (dont eat pork, beef, fish - I know its weird) , but have not cooked them. I will be cooking them tonight in hopes that no one has to go to the ER for botulism.

*I had to get my nails done (you know the fake kind done by orientals everywhere?). I tore off 2 of my nails and couldnt stand to look at them anymore. I went to a local shop where the people are Vietnamese - they are really sweet, but ya'll I dont even speak good English much less Vietnamese. Anyway, the girl that did my nails is Sarah. Is that really a Vietnamese name? Anyway, she is a sweetheart and beautiful too. I invited her to church and she told me she is Buddhist. She said she knows who Jesus is and believes he is "for all people - Buddha not for all people". I talked to her for an hour and 45 minutes. She is a great example of how we can believe in Jesus, but not believe Jesus. She believes He is real, yet she doesnt believe what He says (well what little she knows - her English is a little worse than mine - a little). She was open to hearing the gospel.......I suppose I will see her again in 2 weeks when I need a fill-in and talk to her some more. I told her to think of questions about God and I would try to answer them for her.

*I will not complain about the heat this summer.......

*The sheet rock man told my hubs that we should be ready to move in to our house in 2 months. I think he might need a lesson in reality. We will see.

*I need my haircut, but my appointment isnt until the 4th of April. It is hard to keep big hair when it is too long to fix. Why do I need big hair you ask? I have a motto "the bigger the hair the smaller the rear". I think big hair takes attention from your behind and places it on your head. Just my own theory - test it for yourself.

*If I had a dollar for every time I hear "I'm hungry" from my kids in a day, I would be a billionare.

*I just realized that I didnt win the HGTV Dream Home ---AGAIN.
*I hate it when I go to the grocery store and they ask "Do you have your card?" Why do I need a Value Card. If you are going to give me a deal, give me a deal - - dont make me keep up with something else!

*My mom came to keep Kaden today while I went on the field trip and she washed ALL the dirty clothes in my house. That is alot of clothes washing - and I mean ALOT!!! She folded them all and laid them on my kitchen table too. Thankfully she didnt try to put them up or she would have found that many of them dont even have a place to go. Did I mention that we have outgrown our house?

Okay that is enough randomness for the whole weekend, after all I have a table full of clothes to put away.


Cheri said...

I don't care for any of the candidates either.
My daughter is in Kindergarten and has quite a bit of homework every week- absolutely boggles my mind!

Sorry- I'm not even going to lie- I will complain about the heat- because I don't like summer!!
I'll try to keep it to a minimum though-smiles!

Mari said...

That is a lot of randomness!
I don't really like any of the candidates either.
I didn't win the dream house either - again!
I hadn't heard about the UMC and Israel. It is scary and I agree with you about what is going on in some of the larger denominations.
I say now that I won;t complain about the heat. I am so sick of cold and snow, but I know how I am in the high humdity. I think I'm kind of like the Israelites in the dessert - always whining and complaining about something. I'll try to do better!

Fran said...

I am sitting here trying to come up with something blog worthy and my brain is completely dead Bethanne. Just dead. What is wrong with me on Friday at 6:15??

I love the randomness....
Get you one of those very tacky fans that blow misty cold air and hook it up to you somehow and have it blowing on you as you walk through Disneyworld! :)

Don't like the candidates for president either. Concerns me.

Just wait til 5th grade homework,
4th grade homework and 1st grade homework. Hmmmmm....maybe that is why I'm non-functioning right now.

Thats all I can think of right now.
Have a great weekend. need to plant anything in pots because its FREEZING AGAIN!

Greg P. said...

I wasn't going to comment on today's blog (it's a guy thing) until you mentioned the Value card, or whatever your local supermarket chain calls it. It drives me NUTS! Why not just give me lower prices and quit trying to learn my buying habits. Thank you for voicing that. I could comment on the snakes too, but, I won't do that to you. For having "nothing to say" you did a great job of keeping my attention in your blog. I look forward to reading it even though I rarely comment.

I'm Sadie said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one who shivers when I drive over a snake. I HATE snakes. When we go to the reptile area, I feel like it is closing in on me. I feel the same way.

That was super sweet of your mom to do your laundry.

Loved the randomness!

Rochelle said...

LOL... this post made me laugh. No, you don't need counseling... unless I do... because I feel the same way about blogs that have the same title for a week! And that has been how mine is lately! It drives me crazy, but it's not because I have nothing to say, I have lots to share! But no time to sahre it!! Great randomness post. Oh, and I don't 1st greaders should have homework!!

Cassie said...

I am laughing...You cracked me up...I promise NOT to complain about the heat either...I am so ready for summer to be here...I have done Disney in July..Heat is Not fun...but worth it...No counseling needed...I am right there with you...Enjoy your weekend...Loved your post!

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

For having "nothing" to say, you did really well!!

I agree with the TV thing! I've vetoed cable in my house! We pretty much watch only DVD's or videos that I've approved. We like to watch "AFV" (America's Funniest Home Videos) together on Sunday nights. But that is it!!

I also loved the frequent "I'm hungry" comment! My daughter gets straight up from the dinner table and asks, "Can I have a snack?" - EVERY TIME!! What is with that??

Kelly S. said...

Did not know about the UMC....I am going to check that out. I grew up Methodist and this concerns me.
Agree with you completely on TV....I do not know what we would do without DVR. My girls are watching the Waltons.
HOMEWORK....crazy these days. I used to teach (a long time ago) and I never gave it. My girls have had it since Kindergarten.
The "Big Hair Theory"....YES YES YES!! My hair has natural curl and this rain is helping my cause.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

That big hair thing is TRUE!!!!

I've people watched today and you are correct my dear!!!

Alana said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send your Mom to my house!?

I don't remember the last time all of the clothes in my house were washed. I think I would have the same problem of finding a place for them all, though.

And I SO do that thing with the pork chops ALL the time. And with chicken, and ground beef.

Greg P. said...

You made my day! You were my first ever post and so far my ONLY post. Thank you! I really like your idea for my next post and I'm going to do it. I'm going to do a post on what Roman Catholics believe. Being from Chicago there are ALOT of catholics up here. I'll bet if I asked 10 catholics what the catholic church believes I'd get 10 different answers. If so, then they are preaching the wrong doctrine. So....look for the next edition of "Gregs--stuff"! (And let's hope I don't erase it again as I'm about to post it.)

Denise said...

you are too funny!

i too do not like snakes! i fret at the midnight bladder flattering, that one may be waiting for me there in the porciline throne (in my senior yearbook i am quoted saying i am "afraid of snakes in the toilet while i am going"). the funny thing is that in my 34 years i have yet to see a snake in the toilet.

and big hair rocks! the bigger the better. i hope 90's hair makes a comeback.

if it makes you feel better, i too didn't win the HGTV dream house giveaway (for like the 5th year in a row).

are you going to Disneyland or world? i don't think Cali. will be too hot. and no matter it's the place "where all your dreams come true," dream of it not hot, and it will happen :-) Walt promised that.

Greg P. said...

Beth, sometimes I come up with good ideas .... even if I DON'T think of them first. So far my blog has a captive audience ... it's called "an army of one"! Funny you should ask about sins of omission. I was just going to cover that in Part 2 ... stay tuned.

Earen said...

Ok, I love your random posts...and the big hair thing made me laugh out loud! You're just so awesome!

I'm surprised to hear the Methodist church not supporting Israel...Oh, I just wouldn't go there...they will be sorry. And I too don't care for any of the presidential candidates.

Thanks for the great post...keep doing your randomness...I enjoy it!

Jennifer Partin said...

Botulism is from honey but trichinosis is from undercooked pork.

It gets really hot here in Japan during that time of year too. Here in Japan though, they have these mini fans (the typical Japanese folding kinds and lots of others) that come in handy.

One really cool fan has foam or plastic blades and some even have bottles attached for water that you wear around your neck. They really do make a difference. Let me know if you want me to look around and buy some to send your way.

Big hair? I thought that was a southern thing----now I know they are trying to divert attention away from their butt! :)

We don't have television here in Japan and even if we did, we wouldn't understand most of it anyways since it's all in Japanese! :)

Amanda said...


I know who you are. I love your blog. You are very funny. I am trying to keep up two blogs. Accidently happened that way, but it is fun so far. I can't find a lot of time to do it, but what time I manage I am enjoying. I love your mom and dad (I just found out that they were your parents last week). Anyway, I am enjoying your blog and all the links off of it. Stay in touch.


March 31, 2008 8:10 AM