Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, we're finally moving. We are moving the same way we built the house...SLOWLY. Slowly because we have so much stuff (ie. junk)- stuff we need, stuff we don't need, stuff we never needed, stuff nobody should keep. Pack rats, we are. I hope you all are well. I am itching to take time to look at blogs and catch up on all of you, but time is in high demand. I have been packing a few hours, then going on Facebook for a few minutes just to keep in touch with the real world.....well, the real-fake world via the Internet.

Aside from my nasty house, busy-ness has caused me to neglect my landscaping. There are weeds EVERYWHERE! I hate them -even the ones that have blooms on them (a weed is a weed even if it flowers, but don't tell my boys who are constantly picking dandelions for their mama). If I had time I would stomp right out there and pluck each and every one of them and happily throw them in the garbage. If I had time.

Have you ever noticed that sin is like that? Sometimes we just don't have time to deal with it..... or maybe it's more like we just don't want to deal with it. We have to hate the sin in our lives so much we cant wait to pull it up and throw it out. If we don't hate sin, we let it grow and it will eventually take over our hearts until the are covered. Those blooming weeds? After a while we tend to see them as pretty and normal.....just like those sins we allow to remain in the garden of our hearts - we have to get rid of the sins that look pretty before we see them as normal. Make sense? Maybe not to you, but it makes perfect sense to me ;-)

See y'all soon.....Miss ya.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Necessary Hiatus

Hey Friends.....yes, you are all still my friends even though I have not visited your blogs in a couple of weeks. I am on a self-imposed, necessary blogging break as we are packing and moving. We are taking things slowly (just as we did while building our house - yes, it took us forever). Anyway, I honestly have had no time to sit down and type a post. So much to say, no time to say it. Puts me in a pickle for sure.

So, I hope you guys don't forget about me while I am on hiatus. I have surely not forgotten you all. I pray that you all have a wonderful Easter and I pray that none of us get caught up in the eggs and candy, but remember what Easter really means.

Wouldn't you love to have been there when that stone rolled away? If that stone was still there, you and I would be on our way to eternal hell.....I am thankful for the Cross, but I am also thankful for the rolling stone!!!

Here is an oldie but goodie, turn it up.

Thursday, April 2, 2009