Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, we're finally moving. We are moving the same way we built the house...SLOWLY. Slowly because we have so much stuff (ie. junk)- stuff we need, stuff we don't need, stuff we never needed, stuff nobody should keep. Pack rats, we are. I hope you all are well. I am itching to take time to look at blogs and catch up on all of you, but time is in high demand. I have been packing a few hours, then going on Facebook for a few minutes just to keep in touch with the real world.....well, the real-fake world via the Internet.

Aside from my nasty house, busy-ness has caused me to neglect my landscaping. There are weeds EVERYWHERE! I hate them -even the ones that have blooms on them (a weed is a weed even if it flowers, but don't tell my boys who are constantly picking dandelions for their mama). If I had time I would stomp right out there and pluck each and every one of them and happily throw them in the garbage. If I had time.

Have you ever noticed that sin is like that? Sometimes we just don't have time to deal with it..... or maybe it's more like we just don't want to deal with it. We have to hate the sin in our lives so much we cant wait to pull it up and throw it out. If we don't hate sin, we let it grow and it will eventually take over our hearts until the are covered. Those blooming weeds? After a while we tend to see them as pretty and normal.....just like those sins we allow to remain in the garden of our hearts - we have to get rid of the sins that look pretty before we see them as normal. Make sense? Maybe not to you, but it makes perfect sense to me ;-)

See y'all soon.....Miss ya.


Melanie said...

Wow..awesome revelation about the weeds and sin. So, so true. We really have to have a heart for God to love what he loves, and hate what he hates. My little girl loves dandelions as well, she even put them in a flower vase for me!On a sidenote, I am asking everyone I know to keep me and the family lifted up before the Lord, as you know we moved from Tenn (which i love) to New York because of hubby's job promotion. Now, the govenor here is trying to legalize same sex marriage. Scary, Scary..I am so praying for God to open up a new, better job opprountiy somewhere else or cover us, or something, what would you do Bethanne?..
God Bless,

Heather C said...

Absolutely makes sense. Great analogy! Those weeds threaten to choke out the good stuff if left unchecked. Thanks for the challenging post today - even if you ARE busy busy! :)

jcdisciple said...

Makes perfect sense to me. In fact I wrote a post last year about it!! When you get time (ha, ha, ha...ohh...holding my side from laughter) you might want to check it out.

By the way, I've been praying and thinking a lot about what you emailed me about the other day and I can sense a post coming about it. Of course, I've learned not to judge any one person, but I, like you, am so tired of the things that we will do battle over (like what we watch on TV) and we won't stand up for God or His word! Anyway...we'll see what comes of it...when I get time to sit down and do it!

Tony C said...

Real-fake world via

Truer words were never spoken. God bless your new home.

BethAnne said...

What would I do? Gosh, I would continue to pray while asking God to give me and my family the courage to stand up for Him. It's a hard thing, but you never know when your light shining will influence even the most evil of forces. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.....I would encourage you to pray for NY while being a light to those you come in contact with. The sad truth is that it is just a matter of time until we are all in the same sinful boat. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Hang in there, girl. "Do not be discourage for the Lord you God is with you" and if "God is for you who can be against you??"""


ocean mommy said...

Yes it makes sense!

Praying for you as you move!!! I can't wait to see some pictures!

hope you have wonderful WARM moving weather this weekend...


Fran said...

GO GIRL GO!!!! Hang in there...we aren't going anywhere.

Big hugs,

Carol said...

My yard is SOOOO full of weeds right now. I praise God that my heart isn't!

Earen said...

I'm so happy that you're finally being able to move into your new home. Great analogy about sin in our lives...Hope you're doing well friend..miss chatting with you more but blog world has kind of gotten bumped for this season in my life.

Alana said...

Hey sweet Beth! I hope the move is going well. Look forward to hearing from you when you get back into the swing of things!