Thursday, August 30, 2007

Manna for Steak

For our son's fifth birthday, my husband and I got him a swing set, but not just any swing set. We built this set out of wood with a fort, monkey bars, rock wall, and all the other things we thought he would like. We were so proud of ourselves -- we built him a wonderful play area because we love him. At his birthday party, I wrapped up the box that the swings came in so he would remember what Mommy and Daddy got him. He opened up the box, looked at it, and to my dismay he said, “Did you get me anything else”? I stood there in shock. How could my child be so ungrateful? Then I realized that he is only five years old and right now quantity is more important to him than quality.
Aren’t we that way with God? The poorest American by society’s standards is rich in comparison to the majority of the world, but we tend to forget that. We are like children who are more concerned with quantity than with quality. God always gives us His best because He loves us so much. I hate to think of the times that God has given me His best only for me to ask Him, “Did you get me something else?”
We make fun of the “grumbling” Israelites in the book of Exodus who were never satisfied with God’s perfect provision, but when something doesn’t go our way, we become just like them. God gave the Israelites manna from heaven, but they wanted steak. God gives us a home, but we want a bigger one. He gives us a job to do, but we want a better one. The truth is God’s people are no different today than they were in the time of Moses. We are ungrateful and never satisfied with the blessings that have been graciously offered to us. We forget the value of our spiritual wealth and yearn for the wealth that the world offers. It didn’t work for the Israelites and it won’t work for us today. It’s time we stop asking God for steak and start thanking Him for the manna.


Steve said...

Excellent message, Beth!!
Great blog too!!

BethAnne said...

YEEEAAHHHHHH! someone visited my blog!

BethAnne said...

I now have a readership of one!

Dason said...

Hi said it just right! We humans never had enough of the things God has given us till this day....Keep looking up as our redemption draws closer by the day. God bless!

Until He returns,