Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Time Is It?????

Summertime. (That is a High School Musical reference for those of you who missed the movie and the ice show ;-)

They say that Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer (or is the official start?) and that this year more people stayed close to home because of outrageous gas prices. We stayed so close to our home we were actually in it. That's right folks, we stayed home, but not because of high gas prices (which I will address in a minute), but because we are building this house (those prices are high too) and hubs says we have to stay here until it is done because he has to make sure that everything is being done correctly. The problem is that our normal vacation weeks are the last week of May and the first week of June, so my body thinks its time for vacation while my mind is saying "it stinks to be you". We actually do not go on vacation this year until July 26th. Have I mentioned that I am not good at waiting? Have I also mentioned that I need a vacation? Oh well, at least I have something to look forward to this summer, right?

Since yesterday was Memorial Day, I suppose I should have spent it filling up the pool. Problem is: we don't have one, which is actually a good thing, because if I had a pool I would never get anything done and my skin would look like shoe leather by now. Thank you Lord, for not letting us have a pool.

I downloaded all my old files to my new computer, but I cant find them. I know they are here somewhere........I think I mentioned that we now have Windows Vista on our computer. I am sure it is a fine program, but I just do not see how it is more user friendly. User friendly to me means someone coming out to my house and showing me where in the world all my files are.

I am sure that some of you have noticed that in my comments on your blogs there are a lot of misspellings. The worst part is that it works like my Insert button is on, but it isn't. What? Remember WordPerfect? It feels like I am using it again. The lesson I am learning is that all keyboards are not created equal AND the newest thing is not always the best thing. As soon as I find my pictures, I will put some new ones on the blog. If you all knew how many misspelling there are in this post right now you would laugh your heads off, I mean the whole page is yellow. And when I type the word "dont" with no apostrophe one of the choices to change to is "donut" - that, my friends, is how the devil puts ideas in your mind - he is out to make sure I dont lose weight and he is using my computer against me. Have I mentioned that I hate the devil? (I do however, like donuts).

We have been getting estimates on closet systems (that is a fancy way to say 'them thangs that go in your closet to keep all your stuff in order"). One of the 'bidders' sent a lady to measure and see what we want/need as far as our closets go. As I stood there in the master closet with this lady and my husband, she had the audacity to ask me how many pairs of shoes I have. What? Has she no shame? No sense of discretion? Does she not know that a woman never reveals to her husband the actual number of shoes she owns? Who does she think she is anyway? Why not just ask how much I weigh? After giving her the 'evil eye', I politely said, "I will have to count them and contact you at a later time". What I really wanted to say is "Don't even worry about it, lady, you guys couldn't even make enough of those little cubbie holes to hold all my brown flip flops". The nerve! Another company from Asheville is coming today to give us an estimate. They are sending a man, so I am not going near that place for fear of the things he might ask.

Every year for the past 5 years, I have been the preschool craft lady for Bible School (we call it Super Summer Celebration - guess we think it will throw people off and they will think it is something different than your average old VBS and if I do say so myself, we do a great job with SSC). Anyway, this year we are going against the crowd and doing "Cactus Canyon" (Lifeway). If you all know of any Western, desert, old west, cactus canyon kind of crafts, please let me know ASAP! Normally I would have had the supplies purchased 2 months ago and they would be sitting in my upstairs hallway, but this year I am behind......WAYYYY behind. Way, way, way, behind. Remember these are 2-5 yr olds so the crafts need to be fairly simple and not pricey (there are 100 preschoolers). No idea is crazy - all are welcome and much appreciated.

Now as I stated earlier, I would like to address the fact that gas is $4 per gallon, but since I am a Christian and what I really want to say is not very Christ-like, I will just say this:
Four dollars for a gallon of gas is BEYOND ridiculous. I do not know why we continue to allow the government (that's right, I went there) to gouge our pocket books like they are. Even though the price of a barrel of oil is exorbitant, the government still insists on getting their 'unfair' share in taxes ((this was brought to my attention by my sister Lisa, not to be confused with my BFF Lysa Terkeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries, okay we aren't really BFF's, but she has commented on my blog a few times and I think we could totally be BFF's if we knew each other in person - I would love to speak at one of her conferences (maybe I could open for her?)- we would make a great team - Lysa, call me!)). (Yes, I know I use parenthesis way too much).

Moving right along........The least they could do is let up on the amount we pay in taxes. Our problem is that we have let the "tree hugging, global warming believing, save the spotted owl people" run our country through special interest groups and now we are stuck with tons and tons of oil off the coast of Alaska with no hope of ever being able to extract it. Our country is so misguided that we worry more about saving the whales and tree frogs than we do about saving human babies, we worry about animals more than the needs of the people. If you will notice, the passing of a bill allowing gay marriage is getting much more attention than the fact that poor families cannot afford food because of the price of gas.

Can you tell that it makes me mad to pay $4 per gallon for gas? Not to mention that hubs has a diesel truck. I think we paid $4.55 for diesel last time we filled up. People keep saying "If for just one day everyone would not buy gas, then they would have to lower prices". Hey, I have an idea.......instead of just talking about it LET'S TRY IT! Desperate times call for desperate measures, people!

Okay, it is now time for me to get my blood pressure back in check and get ready to start the day. Pray for me this afternoon as I head to the new house to do what my mother calls "man's work". I am really stronger than I look, really, I am . And don't worry about me, I know this post is somewhat of a tirade in nature, but I mean everything I said in the nicest and Godliest way.............stay tuned, my next post will be about people who wear their burdens like clothing.......no, really stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

In reference to:

"Our problem is that we have let the "tree hugging, global warming believing, save the spotted owl people" run our country through special interest groups and now we are stuck with tons and tons of oil off the coast of Alaska with no hope of ever being able to extract it. Our country is so misguided that we worry more about saving the whales and tree frogs than we do about saving human babies, we worry about animals more than the needs of the people. If you will notice, the passing of a bill allowing gay marriage is getting much more attention than the fact that poor families cannot afford food because of the price of gas."

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Great post!!

Fran said...

I hate gas right now...the kind you put in your car! And..for me, I have a suburban and it really stinks! $100 each fill up. Infuriates me every time. But, I don't know anything about anything so I am game for staying home for a day or two or three and seeing what happens! :)

Ok...you crack me up for the new house. We built a house once...it almost sent me into the crazy place.

And...can you email me what kind of computer you bought?? Toying between a pc and a mac. Hmmmmm.

Ok..thats enough.
Love, Fran

Mommyluann said...

Gas prices....sheesh.....It's hard to utter $4.00 a gallon. I remember when gas was 55 cents a gallon!

Hey, if I've read Lysa Terkuerst book and visited her blog, can I be her BFF too? I commented on it the other day! I LOVE her stuff.

I won I won!!! I won a book from Shelley Hendrix little contest. I told her to sign it..can she be my BFF too????

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I hear you! We aren't even talking vacation this year. (At least until the fall) So I'm kind of pouting....BUT, our community pool did open and I don't have to clean it so it's kind of like a vacation when I go there!!!

On another note, since you mentioned the GA theme song on my post earlier today, I've been humming that blasted thing ALL DAY! My girls finally asked what in the world "Girls in Action" was! and then suggested that my "Freedom Call girls" sing it. I told them I didn't think the Girls in Action theme song needed to be sung by the Freedom Call "girls" that just might give off the wrong idea.

I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of those closet systems once they are installed! I LOVE an organized closet...especially when I don't have to do it! :)

Boy, I've missed you!

Earen said...

Bethanne, I've just missed reading your blogs! Amen to so much of it...and might I add, I love your humor about the devil & donuts! You're just awesome!

Kelly S. said...

We do not get out of school until tomorrow, and our VBS is MONDAY...YIKES!! I have spent the last two hours desperatley trying to learn the motions to the new catchy tunes. Yes I help with the music, and NO I can not sing, but I am really good at making a fool of myself. ( to the Glory of GOD!!)

I'm too tired to tackle politics tonight, but I'll stay tuned!

Your house is beautiful!!

alliekat said...

Can we please boycott on a Monday! I hate having to get up on a Monday and go to work or anywhere else for that matter.

alliekat said...

By the way, Windows Vista is not all its cracked up to be. Mitchell's computer is Vista and I cannot do a thing with it....give me XP anyday. I put Vista right up there with Mondays!

{patty} said...

You said it about most everthing you posted about. :)

Can't wait to have a SS gathering at your new digs. I am personally going into your closets and counting your brown flip flops! :)

I am going to trade in our SUV for a small 55 mile/gallon car. My kids are still small enough that their legs will fit in the back.

Vacation?? What is that?? Good thing we hit Disney last year because it ain't looking too good this summer. I am hoping hoping hoping to hit the beach for a long weekend before the kids go back to school!

BethAnne said...

Are you typing posting these comments from class while you are supposed to be learning about the Old Testment??????? Feedjit says you are coming from Bristol - King College maybe??????

beyond this moment said...

AMEN to the gas rant! I can't take my kids on vacation because of gas prices. I can't afford to pay for the gas to get to and from and I can't afford to take the time off work. In fact, I work one day out of each week just to pay for gas. ONE FIFTH of my income! (granted, my income is small, but still!) It disgusts me that the gas tank gets more of my money than God.

Cassie said...

I completely agree with you on the gas issue...I keep telling James that I should quit work to help our family not spend as much money on gas...He said...not yet...I will be completely debt free in 2013...thanks to Dave Ramsey...and as of right now...that is the year I will quit work...Ha ha...So glad you are back...Missed you....I want to come over and visit you in your new house...and see your organized closets...Sounds FABULOUS!!!

Greg P. said...

I'm also having gas pains. I live in the Chicago area and we have the highest fuel prices in the country thanks to all the Cook County taxes we pay. Talk about a pain in the gas!

Anonymous said...

The tree hugging, global warming believing, save the spotted owl people" that run our country are the people, we as American's have voted in....Im ready for a change!

That being said...Gas will NEVER come back down...The only running I do..is to work, anything I need.. I buy when Im out 2 or from work,.. .We as well have a diesel which sits..until we camp!

Reason's why gas will never come down...Until Walmart, These Big trucking Companies, and Big Box companies loose their Billions of Profits..and confront these Oil Tycoons..it's not going to happen. I have many friends who spend $200 weekly in gas per vehicle who run their kids everywhere to ball, etc..and pay it, so our government, and oil companies see we're going to pay the price, and keep jacking it up! As for me personally...My 05 Nissan Altima get's $22.00 a week, which is what takes me to & from work..That's it..I refuse to pay anymore for gas, then I absolutely have to!

When we camped couple weeks
ago..We sat @ the Camper..for a week, only leaving 1 day to do some shopping..Only enjoying the activities there @ the Campground, and cooking everyday...No going out to eat, nothing...

So until "The American People" change their ways...Nothing will ever be done...Did you see where on the news all those Trucks stopped in Canada I believe where Diesel had hit $10 a gallon?

I'm Sadie said...

Your posts never fail to put a smile on my face. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and thanks for sharing it with us!

Gas is eating us alive, but I wanted to let you know something that our preacher said- (It'll be in my post later, but I will say it here first!)

"Maybe God is using the gas prices to make America slow down and focus on Him instead of running ourselves ragged and not having time or being too tired to attend church."

Made me think twice!

jennyhope said...

you always crack me up esp about the bff thing!! LOL

Alana said...

If your husband gives you a hard time about the shoes, you can just blame me, after all I have been a recent accomplice in your need to purchase shoes!

Rochelle said...

I caught myself reading your title!! I know that song well!! And I am quite bitter about the gas prices. What I have to say is NOT pretty!!