Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Long Time, No Type

So, in the past few weeks I have violated my own "blog three days a week" rule. I hate it when I break my own rules. As I said in my earlier teeny tiny post, I have been too busy doing life to write about it. If I told you all the things that I have been doing over the past week, your head would spin. And you know what? I bet if you told me all the things you have been doing lately, my head would spin too. We are all WAY too busy, especially at this time of the year.

I wish I had some spiritual truth to impart to you, but it seems that I have been too busy to hear any truth being spoken over me lately.....oh wait, maybe that IS the spiritual truth I am supposed to share. When we get caught up in a flurry of activities and responsibilities, our ears can become deaf to the voice of God. And He desperately wants to speak to us.

Have you ever felt disconnected to one of your children? You talk, but they are too involved with something else to listen to you...like what they are doing is more important than what you have to say to them. I bet that is exactly how God feels with us. He speaks, but we are so involved in our whirlwind lives that we cant hear Him .....or we choose not to hear Him.

I think too often we see God as this big deity somewhere up in the sky who is waiting to rain on our parade that we forget that He loves us like no one else ever could. He loves each of His children equally, yet differently, just like we love our own children equally yet differently. When our kids ignore our voice, many times it is because they are afraid we are going to correct them or discipline them......we do the same thing with God. And many times that is exactly what He does....correct and discipline, but I wonder how many times we ignore Him when He just wanted to say "I love you, daughter" or "I love you, son".............I wonder how many rhema words I have missed because I was too busy or too stubborn to stop and listen.

Yes, I think that is the spiritual truth that I am supposed to share with you today (or maybe it's just for me). This is the day that the Lord has made, let us slow down to listen and be glad in it......(that's from the BBV - Beth's Blog Version). Have a great day, ya'll!


Greg P. said...

Today's post is so simple, but, true.

We are so busy doing, that we aren't doing the right thing.

Mari said...

I think you are right! I know I am guilty of running around being busy and not listening to God!

Paulette said...

Very good post. So simple but has such a great truth to it. A good reminder for all of us to slow down and really listen to what He is saying to us.

I don't want to miss a word.

ocean mommy said...

Yep..I hear him say all the time BE STILL!!
Love you girl

HisTreasuredPossession said...

a timely word -thanks!

Kelly S. said...

I have been busy nursing my boy back to health. Finally after two weeks, an extra trip or two back to the doc and one to the hospital for dehydration, he is back to himself. As we speak he is chasing his sisters through the house, and they are all screaming at the top of their lungs.....Praise God.
Lord, let me not only hear Your voice this season, but to be thankful for the loud but happy sounds in this house. Thank you for our health. Amen

Alana said...

Ugh. This is so hitting home with me today. I had a little talk myself with God today about this very subject.