Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Winter, I dislike your actions.

When we were little and my sister or I would say "I hate so and so", our parents would smack our mouths and say "You do not hate them, you just dislike their actions".......since "hate" is a bad word at my house (along with stupid, dumb, b-tt, no, and many more - email me for a complete list of words that my kids cannot say), I decided NOT to title this post "I hate winter" (as originally intended). I guess I dont really hate winter, but as I get older, I dislike it more and more.

Why do I dislike winter? Well, I cant stand to be cold and I dislike sickness very much, and we all know that along with winter comes cold and sickness. For instance, I spent a couple of hours in Lake's pediatrician's office "sick" waiting room yesterday (with all the other mothers in the Tri-City area). Turns out that Lake has what is called "Flu Type B". If you will remember, it was only 2 weeks ago that Steve and Kaden had "Flu Type A". I am praying that there is no such thing as "Flu types C, D, E, or F" because at the rate we are going I am sure that we would get them all. And ya'll I am not the least bit interested in the Flu alphabet.

Also, I dont mean to sound ungrateful, but we have spend over $500 in three weeks on flu meds (do not get me started on how insurance and pharmaceutical companies are robbing us blind!).

Truth be told, I would rather have hemmorhoid surgery and a root canal than for my kids to be! Scratch that! I would rather have hemmorhoid surgery WHILE having a root canal with NO anasthesia than for my kids to be sick!!! (okay, maybe the no anasthesia part is going a little too far, but the rest is really true!).

It's funny. My boys are used to being together. They sit right beside each other while they watch TV....much of the time with their arms around each other. They sleep together curled up like two little puppies in a ball. They lay in the floor with their little heads together and draw pictures. But when one of them is sick, I am constantly having to tell them to move away from each other. If I had a dollar for every time I have said "Please dont get in his face", I would be rich. They really would not know what to do without each other.....sweet.

So, I guess you all have noticed that I have become what I used to despise-- a blog neglector. I have been remiss in my self imposed blog duties. I spend most of my days running errands and carting kids to and from activities. I get up at 6 am and before I know it, it's 9:30 pm. How does that happen? I mean how do we get so busy that we have no idea where our day went? How do mothers with 5 or 6 children do it? I will never know.

I just wanted you all to know that the reason I have not been commenting on your blogs is not necessarily because I havent read them, but because I havent had time to type out comments. Well, at least comments that are semi-intelligible/intelligent.

In other random news, I think I may have turned into an angry old Republican man. Let me explain. I was working at our new house the other day. The painters are frantically working so we can move in before the return of our Dear Lord. While they work, they listen to (very loud) music. Music of the Rock variety. Now, I dont say anything because I feel that upbeat music makes one work faster and I have to say that I grew up in the 80's, so I am no stranger to rock music (ie. I know every word to the songs they are listening to - remember: God said not to judge). Anyhoo, as I was working, the song "Born in the U.S.A." came on the radio. We all know the words, but it doesnt hold the same appeal for me that it used to when I was younger. (This is where I become and angry old Republican man). I know now that Bruce Springsteen is an outspoken liberal who has used his celebrity status to help defeat conservative candidates. And it just plain makes me mad that celebrities think we are so ignorant that we care what they think about politics. Newsflash: The average American COULD NOT CARE LESS what Bruce Springsteen or any other Hollywood actor thinks about politics. Who died and made him "Boss"? And who is Bruce Springsteen "the boss" of anyway?

Moving on.........I wonder if you all would think less of me if you knew that Steve, the kids, and I think it's fun to go to Sam's Club and eat dinner? (Again, Judge not lest ye be judged). We love to go to Sam's and get hot dogs, pizza,cokes, and ice cream for dessert. We sit and watch people and talk about what we are going to buy and the best part is that all four of us can eat for $10. Yeah, we're classy like that.

This morning, Lake woke up with a nosebleed. A huge nosebleed - we are talking lots of blood here. His nose has never bled before, so I thought I should call the Dr. to see if it might be a side effect of the Flu and see what I needed to do. I asked for a nurse and told her the story. She asked me what I was doing to stop the bleeding, I wasnt exactly sure what to do for a nosebleed because we have never had one before (ummmm, that's why I am calling a Doctor??? Hello????). She was so rude to me and acted like I was a total idiot for not knowing how to stop a nosebleed (let me just add that I love our Dr's office, we know most everyone there and they are always very nice, well until today).

I think it says something for my intelligence level that I knew enough to know that I didnt know what to do and to call someone who supposedly does. So, after making me feel stupid (and yes, I know stupid is a bad word) she told me to pinch the top of his nose and hold it AND (this is the weird part) to tear off a piece of a brown paper bag, roll it up and place it in his upper lip..........AND I'M THE STUPID ONE?????? Okay, maybe I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but does the average Joe out on Main Street REALLY know that a paper bag between the teeth and gums stops a nosebleed???? (Sadly, My mother just called and when I told her his nose was bleeding she asked "Did you put a paper bag in his lip?" ....Apparently I am the only one in America that does not know a paper bag stops nose bleeds....P.S. Dont tell me if you knew that already. I feel stupid enough already without your two cents. Thank you.)

Okay, I suppose those of you who have read this far have been punished enough. Thank you for reading this and if you think of it, say a prayer that Lake will get better soon and the rest of us will stay healthy. Neither our nerves or our bank accounts can handle any more sickness.

I will leave you with some pictures of us from the Monster Truck Race we went to a couple of weeks ago. You know, you might be a redneck if you like to eat dinner at Sam's and go to Monster Truck shows.....I hope these pics of my family with ear plugs in our ears watching loud trucks with large tires does not change your image of me (although I fear it will just reinforce what you already knew;-).

Have a happy day!


Sandi Hixson said...

i told you i would visit you on your blog! your re-decorating btw!
as always, you gave me a laugh...and i heartily agree with your political views....i must say, i am an angry Republican...quickly turning to a SCARED Republican...politically speaking....thankfully we have THE ROCK to depend on....hope your fam gets well!

Mari said...

I enjoyed your random post and the pictures. FYI - I'm a nurse and I never heard the paper bag trick!

jcdisciple said...

Good stuff!!

alliekat said...

I hate to tell you that I already knew the bag trick...being the experienced mother that I am...and the fact that my husband has had many nose bleeds. Also, I am very disappointed in your monster truck attire....a GAP sweatshirt is definitely not appropriate for that event!

Tony C said...

Of all the blogs I read, your's is by far the most genuine. I love it.

I read the Sam's eating thing out loud to my wife, and we cracked up and decided that sounds like something for us too!

God bless and keep writing.

Greg P. said...

I like the idea of dinner at Sam's Club with the family. If it's a family activity that bonds and you guys like it, do it.

I never heard of the paper bag thing either, but, then I probably would have just told both of my sons to stuff a kleenex up their nose and let's get rollin'.

I'm with you on the political thing.

Your boys can't say "no" in the house? ..... Do you get many visitors?

BethAnne said...

My boys are not allowed to say no to us unless they are answering a other words, they are not allowed to tell us "No, I will not do something"......It would not be acceptable for me to ask them to pick up toys and them to tell me no.......but if I ask if they want broccoli they can certainly say no......see...I'm not as strict as you thought! hahahaha Crazy, but not too strict.

ocean mommy said...

Hey girl! I've missed you. :)

Praying that you all get well and STAY well!!!

(You've got me craving Sam's pizza for dinner!!!)


Mommyluann said...

WE've done the 1.88 hot dog or pizza combo many times!

Kelly S. said...

I am with you on the "no". Can't handle that either.

Love the new look!

Greg P. said...


I was speaking tongue in cheek about the word "no". I knew you meant a defiant no, I was just having a little fun. I get a kick out of the forbidden word list you have.

Maybe when I speak tongue in cheek I should bite my tongue more.

Alana said...

I did not know the paper bag trick! Never heard of such a thing.

I have heard about the pizza at Sam's, but have never actually tried it! Love dinner for 4 for under $10, though!

And love those monster truck cute!

The Brady's said...

The hotdogs and pretzels are the best @ Sam's! We as well do that...and we have went in there just to eat, and not buy anything...Yeah we're cheap like that too! I haven't had that berry sunday thing yet, Im too stuffed by the time I get to that point..and Yes PEOPLE IT's CHEAP!!

Kim said...

I have 3 sons...and...MANY nosebleeds and I have NEVER heard of the brown paper bag thing!! So...did it work????

Sorry that you have had the flu alphabet at your house-hang in there Spring is coming!

Carol said...

We've been dealing with the flu, too. Not sure which letter. Hmmm.....