Friday, April 25, 2008

indiscriminate thoughts and pictures

I am always using the word 'random' in the title of my posts, so I thought I would find a synonym to keep you interested in my arbitrary posts. I used my handy dandy thesaurus and came up with the above title. Are you interested yet? Probably not. This is where those of you who are here to read something spiritual in nature click onto another blog and the rest of you simply read out of boredom. So, for those of you who are leaving, I don't blame you in the least and the rest of you, I am sorry for the stream of consciousness ahead.

*First, let me get something off my chest about the train wreck that was American Idol Broadway Edition (Jennifer Partin, I am sorry for the Idol chat - I know it isn't a hit in Japan - skip to the next * assuming, of course, you are still reading). I have always heard of Andrew Lloyd Weber. I knew that he was famous; however I did not know what he was famous for. Now I know and I realize I was more impressed before I actually knew (don't worry, it makes sense to me). I fail to see how Broadway tunes fit in with vying for the position of hottest rock star in America.

I admit that when it comes to Broadway, I just don't get it. Maybe it's my Appalachian roots (aka hillbilly) or maybe I am just way too uncultured, but I hate all things Broadway. When I think of Broadway, I think of Sodom and Gomorrah - sorry, but I do. I went to see Cats in New York and was sick that I wasted my money to watch a bunch of adults prowl around in leotards acting like felines. Is that really entertainment? If so, I am proud to be a redneck.

As far as the performances, the boy with the unfortunate hair gets on my last nerve. He looks just like a girl I went to high school with (only her hair was clean and untangled). His facial expressions are horrendous and his performances are (in the words of Simon) abysmal (my opinion of course). Maybe it's because he looks like a crunchy granola, hemp sandal wearing, tree hugger --- I might be relating him to Al Gore in my mind and you all know how I feel about Al Gore (not that I am judging him - you know I am not one to judge!).

This is not going to be a popular opinion, but it's mine and I claim it---David Archuleta has a nice voice, but he needs to go back to his middle school already! He is so painfully awkward to a few years and after he finishes puberty, he will rock the stage, I am sure, but now.....ugh. I feel sure that he will continue to get votes as long as 12 yr old girls and grandmothers have access to phones and text messages. He seems to be a hit with the under 13 and over 65 crowd in the contiguous United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

If David Cook wins and Brooke White comes in second I will be happy. I, of course, want Brooke to get a recording contract, but I think David Cook IS the American Idol

* Now with that out of the way, let me move on to another subject that is causing me pain. Like my feet, my back, my arms, legs and fingers that are splintered. Yes, folks, you read me right - I hurt. Yesterday, I spent hours in the hot sun loading a huge dumpster (is there a 'p' in dumpster?) with scrap building materials. I don't mean a little dumpster like the ones behind your local McDonald's - I mean a tractor-trailer size dumpster! Some of the things these people call scrap are extremely large and cumbersome for an out of shape 35 year old person (even though I AM freakishly strong). I have splinters in almost all my fingers - it ain't pretty.
I know what you are thinking, "Why didn't you wear gloves?" Because apparently a load of sheet rock was placed on top of my gloves. Unfortunate to say the least.

*Its almost Bible School time again. For the past several years, I have been in charge of preschool crafts. So, its time for me to come up with some Western (that is our theme this year) crafts for the 5 and under crowd........any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

*I have a blister on the bottom of my foot - on the bottom!!!! What up with that? Yesterday was Relay for Life at my son's school. They raise money for our local Ronald McDonald House by collecting pledges and walking for them. I walked in my new comfortable sandals. Apparently they aren't as comfortable as I thought, thus the unsightly blister on the bottom of my already aching feet.....that is how things tend to go for me, people.

*Lake starts guitar lessons next week. Says he really wants to learn. He spends much of his time with the toy guitar we bought him a couple of years ago for Christmas writing songs (the guitar only has 4 strings left - my boys are hard on instruments I think). I will try to video his latest hit and post it soon. It is entitled, "Jesus is Good all the Time". He may not be the next guitar hero, but at least he knows what's important in life.

* Hey Jenny, I know it's late but are you really STILL awake?

*Luann, I tried to comment on your blog today, but I got an error message in the comment computer is messed up. Those people at Norton keep sending me pop-ups that say my account expired three days ago.......guess I should take care of that.

*Dust bunnies are real. I know because they are everywhere in my house and they just keep multiplying.

*We have to go to Knoxville today to pick up some brick that will finish the brick job on our house. It is an hour and a half drive. We had to go a couple of weeks ago and we ended up eating here and shopping here, so it's a pretty good deal for everyone involved.

*Did I mention that I am sunburned?

*Yesterday while I did man's work at our new house, my boys played in the mounds of dirt behind the house. When we got home at 9 pm last night (yes, I know it was a school night) all you could see was their teeth and eyes. No amount of cleaner could help my bathtub. When we move, I am going to tell people that the bathtub is SUPPOSED to be tan.
*I went to Verizon wireless to see about getting a new cell phone the other day. Kaden went with me. Kaden has issues with constipation and a general dislike for all things relating to poop. He had to go to the bathroom, but wouldnt - he just kept walking around with his tail sticking out. I pretended like there was nothing wrong while I talked to a nice man named Ty. Finally Ty said, "Does he have to use the bathroom?" I said, "Why yes, I believe he does". I have learned that when all else fails act like you are oblivious. This is a small store - 2 desks a few phones and a restroom. So Ty directs me to the restroom which is approximately 3 feet away from his desk and 4 feet away from the other 4 people in the store. We get into the bathroom and I set Kaden on the toilet. He starts crying and he screams "You're hurting me". I wasnt touching him, but he means that I am hurting him by making him go to the bathroom (told you he has issues). Over and over he screams "You're hurting me!". He will not go. Finally, I pull his pants up and make my way out to where all the people are staring at me as if I just beat my child in a horrific way. I continued to talk to Ty for a moment and then made a ladylike exit (as ladylike as one can be in that situation). We decided to keep our account with Sprint (we thought it might keep Child Protective Services from being able to locate us)

*I love to read Christian fiction (you know, like Redeeming Love, etc). I would love for you guys to tell me your favorite Christian fiction books......I might actually get to read one this summer between moving, VBS, swimming lessons, guitar lessons, vacations, etc. etc..........okay, maybe not, but still tell me your favs so I can buy them and place them on my shelves to read when my kids are grown up or when I am in the nursing home whichever comes first.
The welcome sight of the boom truck carrying our sheet rock and loading it into the upstairs.
View from kitchen to family room - I need a maid - sadly I AM the maid.
View from living toom into foyer - those are stairs covered in black plastic so no one walks on them yet
Kaden on his daddy's tractor - yes that is a porta-potty in the background - the guys who are building our house have to go somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I DON'T get all the talk on American Idol simply b/c we can't watch it here but I am thinking you were talking about the guy with dreadlocks, right? He's a Christian. I only know b/c of Josh Harris' really cool Blog post on AI about Shout to the Lord-----you should go read the post and all the comments very interesting!

I'll have to think of crafts. Hmm...

Loved th photos on the house----you'll move in soon, I promise. :)

AnnaElizabeth said...

David Cook is the next American Idol. Jason Castro and David Archuleta are terrible to watch perform. And i'm sure I wouldn't buy their CDs.
Thanks for the blog advice!

Mommyluann said...

I don't really care who wins idol, but I'm more partial to Archuleta and White..

and hey..try again blog needs a few more comments and visitors..maybe some of your following will flow over to mine.
I love those flowers in the background of the photo with your kids. Love those kids, too....

I like a post like this now and then..let's us know the everday Beth.

I'm off to school to pick up Cookie Dough from a fundraisers..the things we do for our kids!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on David Cook!
As far as good Christian fiction, I assume if you liked Redeeming Love, you are a fan of Francine Rivers. Loved her Mark of the Lion series and also The Last Sin Eater (much better than the movie, as is usally the case).


jcdisciple said...

I remember loading into one of those dumpsters about 5 years ago and a few other stories I could tell about "sweat equity". Whatever that is. Funny post. Totally agree about pre-puberty David and Dreadlocks. David Cook (David Brashears in disguise???w what do you think??) is the definite A. Idol to me.

Cassie said...

I love David Cook too...He IS the next American Idol...Your house is beautiful...

We have been adding on for 2 years now, soon to be 3...if that helps you any on your "wait" time....James likes to do things himself, and he also likes to work lots of overtime....Needless to say, my new bedroom, playroom, and garage are yet to be finished...He tells me--it will be soon...I just keep praying =)

Mommyluann said...

I love Calhoun's! You should have taken me along...I'd carry a few bricks to eat at Clahoun's and shop at Turkey Creek! Love 'em both!

Earen said...

So, I normally don't watch American Idol, but while visiting my friend we watched it. I am a fan of some of Andrew Loyd Weber's music, especially the songs from Phantom of the Opera. I've seen it twice..once on Broadway & I have to say, if you ever get the chance to see it...I would! It's my favorite...anyway, some of Broadway is Sodom & Gomorah. I say all that to say that David Cook sang one of the Phantom songs & I thought he did an amazing job. Fun to read your random posts! Missed you but I'm back now.

Mommyluann said...

I was going to send you an e-mail but my e-mail program is at a stand still.

I saw a site that you could order bandanas and deocorate them yourself. Wonder how expensive that would be? How many preschoolers do we service? I saw another where you could use triangel pieces of fabric and cut your own.

Bandanna added 6-27-98 Original Author Unknown

Need: Triangle piece of fabric, Paint, shaped sponges.

Directions: Sponge painted onto a triangular piece of material. Use shapes like cowboy hat, boot, cactus, and stars.
Paper Bag Cowboy Vest added 3-29-02 Submitted by: Katie

Need: Paper grocery bag, scissors, paint, paint brush

Directions: Take a paper grocery bag, cut straight down the center to the bottom of the bag, cut a hole in the bottom of the bag (this will be the top) and cut a hole on each side for arms. You may need to cut and staple the shoulders for a better fitting vest. Have kids paint or decorate their cowboy vest.

(course, this isn't in the category of the longterm "keepsake" crafts we talked about the other night.

Stick Horse
Cut out a horse's head from poster board. Children decorate both sides of it and glue on yarn for a mane. For the body, simply tape or glue two or three paper towel rolls together and then attach head. Finish decorating your horse.

( You could use dowel rods and yarn for hair and wiggly eyes..have pre-cut horse heads out of brown or black poster board.

Greg P. said...

Great post! I can really appreciate bathroom humor and how your kids can put you in the trick bag. You're starting to sound a little bit like Lucy Riccardo. (I Love Lucy) You ever think about turning your life into a sitcom?

Kelly S. said...

Well, Amen...on proud to be a redneck (& hillbilly). Your home is beautiful, I am guessing it is near my brother's house, but I also guess he wouldn't like it if I gave his address on the WWW. Another reason I don't need a blog, I give way TMI.

I love VBS week, but it wears me out just thinking of it. (whew) we're doing the outrigger island. I can imagine preschool crafts is loads of fun. Good luck!

I am headed to Knox this weekend. Im taking my girls to the Franklin Graham festival at T-B. Fun Times!!

Cheryl said...

Be honest, you know you were beating your child in that restroom!!! :o)
Those college kids that ususally work at VW have nooooo idea!

Cheryl said...

I knew there was something else I wanted to tell you but I had to go back and look at your post again to remember!
Atonement Child, Divine, And the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers are all exceptional books.
Anything by Karen Kingsbury. I'd start with the Redemption series.

Dionna said...

Love Brooke White. I was really nervous for her this week but she made it! David Cooke has been rising on my popularity charts. I do think he should win it all. He is so very talented.
I know a lot of people don't like Jason Castro because of his hair. Maybe I can just look past that. He is a Christian (from what I hear) and a nice guy. I like the tone of his voice even if they haven't all been stellar.

Steve & Jenni Ritter said...

Love David Cook, but then I love David Archuleta too. Not as big on Brooke White though. I loved that they did "Shout to the Lord, didn't know Jason Castro was a Christian, but for some reason, his style reminds me of someone on the corner of the streets of San Francisco, singing with his guitar case open for money. He seems nice, but not the American Idol type.

As for books, you can't go wrong with anything from Karen Kingsbury, although I have about 10 christian fiction authors I regularly read.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

GIRL! You need to get a babysitter and book your self a spa day!!

I'm exhausted after reading this!

The house is looking great!

Nicole said...

Hey Bethanne! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is funny you said there is another "Jett" in Kingsport. I have been told by my pharmacist that there was too...maybe that is the same family!

I agree with you about Archuleta...his immaturity gets on my nerves and I really think they should require you to at least be out of high school to be on the show. I like Brooke and David Cook but I have to vote for Jason Castro since my 2 year old is OBSESSED with him...not sure what will happen when he gets booted but at least we have some shows recorded!

Love your new house also! I can totally relate since we are a family of 5 living in an apartment while trying to find a house!!

AnnaElizabeth said...

C.S. Lewis wrote "The Great Divorce" which I shall soon read, after finals are over.
That is, if my sanity is still in tact after cramming for these tests.

Alana said...

Sorry, but there was a bit of screech on the record player when I read that part about Broadway. It sounds like you picked the wrong show to see. I'm not a big fan of Cats. But I do love broadway shows and music (most of them). Next time (if there is one) you should see Les Miserables. It is a fantastic show!

Okay, that is all. The house looks like it is coming along...yay!