Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monday Randomness

It is hard to believe the weekend is over already. Unfortunately it is over and we are one week closer to my Lake having to go back to school. YUCK! Guess I shouldn't let him hear me say that, huh? So, since he doesn't read my blog, I will say it here: School STINKS!

After church yesterday we attended an outdoor wedding (informal) and the bride was an hour and a half late. It was on the lake and it was hotter than blue blazes. Sweat - everywhere (oddly, my hair didn't fall though - thank you Tresemme -ooh la la). We waited in the hot sun for an hour and a half to watch a ceremony that lasted approximately 4 minutes. I think I might have sweated off about 3 lbs though - might have been worth it after all. The groom is one of the guys who hung the sheet rock in our new house. I kept inviting him to church (we have invited all the people who have worked on our house to church and only one has come so far) and he told me that if we would come to his wedding, he would visit our church. We kept our end of the bargain and we did it in the hot sun for 2 hours - I think he should get saved, baptized, join our church and work in the nursery for a year for that, don't you? Neither of them have ever gone to church so, pray that they will keep their end of the bargain........

When flushing public toilets, I have a fear that they will flush out on me instead of down. Yesterday at O'Charley's, I actually ran away from the toilet so it wouldn't flush out on me. I think I might need counseling.

I wonder if I need counseling for my blog addiction. Maybe I could get a two for one deal - counseling for the fear of public toilets AND for being obsessed with typing random things on the internet for everyone in the world to see. There really is something strange about both those things, ya know. Oh yeah, maybe they could do something for my fear of germs, snakes, and clowns while I am there.

I am strangely obsessed with chicken cooked in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup and onion soup mix --- even though Jennifer Partin says it tastes like vomit.

One of the favorite short trips hubs and I have taken was a trip to Pennsylvania Amish country. There is just something neat about the whole atmosphere there. We went to a restaurant called Miller's Smorgasbord and the food was wonderful. This restaurant overlooks huge fields that were being plowed and fertilized while we were there. The air outside the restaurant was permeated with the overwhelming smell of manure. When we were seated, we were surprised to find out that there was an outdoor balcony and it was full of people eating while watching/smelling men spread manure over the field. Maybe I am weird, but there is something about the smell of manure that kind of takes my appetite.

Is it girl scout cookie time yet, because I am craving me some Thin Mints (preferably about three boxes of think mints).

My house looks like a tornado hit it, but it was just Lake and Kaden.

Crown molding, paint, tile, granite, light fixtures, switches, closet systems, -----they will make a young person old, a person with sight blind, and a sane person crazy.

Yesterday the big headline on MSN was "Twins for Brangelina ". Havent they already adopted like 40 kids? Anyway, I think the way that the tabloids put stars' names together (IE. Brangelina, TomKat, etc) is probably the most ignorant thing I can think of. I'm glad people dont do that in the real world, or hubs and I would have to be called something like "Steth" or "Stephizabeth".

Have I mentioned that I hate the invention known as the Blue Tooth? I think when you purchase one of those things, you should have to take a course in Blue Tooth etiquette. People should be taught that it is rude to have that thing in your ear and be talking to someone on it while you are looking at others who do not have Blue Teeth (tooths?) in their ear - people like me. Because if that should happen to me, I, of course, would think that you are talking to me and then I would answer you and you would look at me like I have three heads. Even the name Blue Tooth is stupid. Just my opinion, go ahead and walk around with that goofy thing in your ear and talk into the air like you are aboard Stargate 9 if you want.

My suggestion to you guys is not to drop a vacuum cleaner on top of your foot. I would say that it would cause a huge bruise and very much pain - not that I know, I'm just sayin'.......

Yesterday at church we sang the pumped up/tricked out/percussion-full versions of a couple of old songs I had not thought of in a while. One was "Brethren We Have Come to Worship" and the other was "I'd Rather Have Jesus" - love both of those songs. I also love the Amy Grant version of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". Those are songs we sang regularly in church when I was growing up and while we were singing yesterday, I noticed that Lake couldn't sing along because he didn't know the words. Funny how kids today only know contemporary praise and worship, but have no clue about the old hymns that we grew up learning.

The 4th of July is long past, yet people in East TN are still celebrating by setting off those loud firecrackers in the middle of the night. Just thought you should know how patriotic we are here.

Well, time to go and get myself motivated. Pray that no Girl Scouts come to my door today, because I do not have the will power to say no to the Thin Mints.

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Alana said...

Funny. The same thing happens at my house (every day), but it is Richie and Will. Hmmm.

I do worry about the hymn factor with kids. I love the worship songs, but I do want them to know the hymns, too. Not sure how all of that will balance out.