Sunday, July 20, 2008

Countdown to Disney

UPDATE: By popular demand, I am adding my Heath Bar recipe at the bottom of this post.

*So, the official Disney Countdown has begun. In 6 days, we will be leaving for our 10 day trek to see Minnie, Mickey and the gang. My dad always says things like, "I will never understand why people think they deserve to get to take a vacation" and I agree. A preacher that visits our church occasionally to preach says, "Anything above hell is grace". So, I agree that I don't really DESERVE a vacation, but I sooooo NEED one. Our lives are a little stressful right now and we need a break. Pray that we can relax and leave the house building to the people who are actually building it while we are gone. Oh, and we are taking any and all donations for gas - make your checks payable to me.

*It is pretty late and unfortunately, I cannot sleep. Even worse, Kaden cant either. I decided to bring him here in the den so that we wouldn't keep everyone else awake. Even worse than that....he is sitting on the couch behind me watching TV and saying, "Mommy, can you fix me some pancakes?" It could be a long night.

*Anybody know how a girl could make money by publishing random blog posts? Just curious.

*Last week, the boys were outside (if they are awake they are outside) riding their bikes. Kaden was the policeman, Lake was the bad guy and I was the judge. Lake sped ahead of Kaden and said, "You'll never catch me, Copper!" Copper? What in the world? Then Kaden brought Lake to the judge (me) and I asked him what the violator was being charged with to which Kaden replied, "Speeding and Abetting". Huh? Where do they get this stuff?

*It makes me soooo mad when I am excited about something and other people burst my bubble.......that's all I am gonna say about that.

*Anybody know how to write a blog post and set it to publish while you are not at home? Me neither. It would be nice to have a laptop, but then that really wouldn't be a vacation, would it? So, please don't hate me when you click on my blog and see the same title for several days......

*I'm looking for some gold bronzer - like really GOLD. I had some a while back and it really made my skin look 'dewy'. If you know of a good gold bronzer (not bronze, but gold) please let me know. Men need not reply. Thank you.

*When I was a teenager and getting ready to go out with friends, my mom would say "Don't go anywhere you wouldn't want to be when the Lord comes back". I know a lot of people that should hear and heed that advice......

*She also told me to wake her up when I got home at night because she couldn't sleep until she knew I was home safely..........huh? I don't really even understand that advice.

*You know that piece of furniture in your bedroom that is tall and has drawers in it? Yeah, well I know you thought was called Chester Drawers, but it is really a Chest of Drawers. Makes perfect sense now that I explained it to you, huh? It's okay, it's probably a common mistake. Don't feel stupid. Could have been me that called it Chester Drawers.

*Sometimes someone says something to me or something happens that irks me and I just cannot let it go......that happened to me today. Is anyone else like that or am I the only one who needs counseling?

*Why do I get so many hits on this blog and so few comments? Could be because people like Angela and David (you know who you are) and so many others that shall remain nameless are lurkers instead of commentors.........Anyone out there want to raise your hand and proudly say, "I read Bethanne's blog"? Come on, come out of the closet.........well, you know what I mean. Come out of the closet unless you are gay......and if that is the case, stay in the closet, please! (Yeah, I went there).

*I might have mentioned this in an earlier post, but I was behind a lady at Wal-Mart the other day and she asked the clerk for a carton of some type of cigarettes. The clerk handed her the carton and said, "That will be $38.96". I thought I was hearing things - $40 for a carton of cancer sticks? People are complaining about the price of gas while paying $40 a week to kill themselves slowly????

*I have rolled $11 in nickels since I have been typing this post. The loose change in this house has gotten completely out of control.

*I still dont have all my paint colors picked out. I am waiting for the paint fairy to come and paint each wall a different color so I can see which colors I like best. I hope the paint fairy is real unlike that dern tooth fairy. And for the record, I hope the paint fairy is not as cheap as the tooth fairy either. (If this statement applies to you, then own it - you know who you are).

*Do you ever wonder why people do stupid things? Or why they dont think the stupid things they do are actually stupid?

*Do you think perms will ever come back in style?.................. Just askin'.

*This morning in church I was soooo sleepy. I dont know why, but my eyes would not stay open without work. In case you were wondering, the message was not boring and our pastor raises his voice quite often, but I just couldnt keep my eyes from closing. The only thing that kept me from actually falling asleep was the fear that I might do that little thing where I wake myself up snoring OR I might have that dream that I am falling and jump out of the pew. I really should get more rest on Saturday nights.

*My sister made me eat dog food when I was little. I know I have mentioned that on this blog before, but I think it deserves a second mention. Did I also mention that I have a little trouble letting go of some things?

*The same sister that made ME eat dog food, now requests that I make her batches of no-bake oatmeal cookies every time we get together. What is wrong with this picture?

*I made a batch of homemade Heath bars to take to my mom's on Saturday night......many of those that were leftover have been eaten today...............mostly by me.

*So, do ya'll think Jesus will come back before Lake starts 2nd grade on August 15th??? That's what I am hoping for......

Well, Kaden has fallen asleep and is snoring in my ear. Thank goodness, I thought I was going to have to get out the Pancake Mix and the Aunt Jemimah!! Better go and put the little turkey in bed.

Beth's Heath Bars

Club or saltine crackers
1 cup brown sugar
2 sticks butter (do not use margarine - it makes the cookies stick to the foil)
12 oz pkg milk chocolate chips (I use 1 and a half pkgs chips)
1/2 pkg Heath chips

Preheat oven to 400. Line bottom and sides of regular sized cookie sheet with tin foil (that's aluminum foil for you non-southerners). Do not grease foil. Cover the bottom of cookie sheet with unbroken crackers. Combine butter and brown sugar - bring to a boil. Boil for exactly 3 minutes. Pour over crackers. Bake for 5 minutes exactly. Immediately after removing from oven, pour chocolate chips over cracker base and allow to melt. Spread the chocolate until smooth and then sprinkle Heath chips over chocolate. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until firmly set. Break apart after completely cool and store in airtight container in fridge.


Anonymous said...

Just one question..I have NATURALLY CURLY HAIR...most people ask me if it's permed, and that my hair is so purdy...Does that mean my hair is out of style? Do you think they are lying?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.........Now I think I will have issue's!!!!!

Greg P. said...

"I read Beth's blog", (hand raising in air).

I used to get my hair permed in the late 70's. Nowadays, my barber (same guy) would tell me that 3 hairs is not enough to perm.

Fran said...

I love the prayer during church when I'm so tired and I absolutely love closing my eyes (and praying of course).

Girl, I'll be praying for you at Disney. And, honestly, I will miss you oh so very much. I really wish you could come to SA in August. Come on....we can make room for you in our hotel. Its a fun room. :)

Talk to ya later...have a good day.

Mari said...

I hate being sleepy in church - it's the worst feeling!
You can do posts to publish on their own. Write it as normal, then at the bottom, click where it says post options and set the date for when you want it to publish. Click on publish and it will do it for the date you set - it's really easy!
I would blame any issues you have in life on the episode of eating dog food!

Earen said... are just too funny! I love these posts. I sometimes laugh out loud..not in a bad way, but God has gifted you with a fabulous sense of humor! I hope you guys have an amazing time in Disney. I bet your boys just can't wait. And as much as I'm into makeup, I'm not sure about a gold bronzer. Bobbi Brown has some awesome bronzers though...have you looked at those?

ocean mommy said...

I'm with Fran...come to San Antonio!!! We have the best room ever. :)

My parents just returned from a week at Disney with my Sister and her son...I'm still working out my jealousy!!! Just kidding, we're going next fall after school starts back. (We consider it a perk of homeschooling..we can vacation when everyone else is in school and the crowds aren't as bad!)

and $40 for CANCER STICKS!!!! That is just crazy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you type your post as you normally do but set the date ahead under the posting date and time. (it will then publish on the day and time you set it for)

jackie carl said...

I hope you don't mind that I leave a comment...I just came across your blog today...I think from Fran's. You are sooo funny ! I think I laughed at every one of your little statements. I have to say, thank you! What a lift you put in my day !
I'm sure I will be back...(if it's OK).
Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

donnaj said...

Okay - The advice your Mother (me) gave you was definitaly good advice and I bet you will use it one day (the part about not going where you wouldn't want Jesus to find you). The other reference to your Mother about waking her up when you got home was so that she could look at the clock to see for sure what time you got home instead of relying on your memory the next morning! About the Chest of Drawers - that suprising knowledege came at the hands of your Great Aunt Sallie (if you remember, that is when I learned the real wording of chester drawers too). Now as to the dog food torture -LET IT GO! Your sister didn't think that you would bear a grudge forever! Obviously, you are not too traumatized because you are making her cookies!
After reading this post, I'm ready to go to bed myself!

BethAnne said...

Jackie Carl,
You are welcome to visit and comment any time you like!!! A friend of Fran's is a friend of mine. Now that I know that Stephanie and Fran are sharing a room in SA --- I am very jealous and not in a Godly way either! No fair!!!! I wish I was staying in that room!

Mommyluann said...

I just have to chuckle..that blog entry was all over the board.

Disney..I'm so jealous. Really , I am.

Have fun though! Yes, I hate people that burst bubbles. Hope it wasn't me! Now I'm your paranoid reader!!!

LynnSC said...

Love your random thoughts. My mind is full of random thoughts too.

I really want perms to come back into style because I have a 13 years old that has stringy long hair that would be great in a perm.

Jesus didn't come back before I had to work five 12 hours nights in a row for 3 weeks in a row... I was so hoping that He would. But... now that it is over... I am glad that I still have some time.

Have a great time at Disney... I'm not going to mention this to my children... they will be very unhappy.


Cassie said...

I, too, am a proud reader of Bethanne's blog...I am not ashamed to admit it...and I do I guess I didn't need to admit anything...Oh well...Your randomness is too much...I always crack up reading your random posts...You should make this a weekly thing...One day a nothing but randomness...and have people link..and they could post their randomness...James always tells me that I go overboard...Maybe this is what he is talking about....=)

Kelly S. said...

Yes I read Bethanne's blog!! Its just that sometimes when I finish reading it a little person distracts me before I can comment. Only 1 more month until school starts...(sigh) I will miss them.
I hate to say this, but if your Disney trip was like ours, you will need a vacation to get over the Disney trip. Ahem....but we had a wonderful time.
I have naturally curly hair, and I always feel out of style. Please somebody bring back the perm. My hair stylist constantly blows my hair out straight (a 20 minute process) NO THANKS. I can sleep that extra 20 min!!
Have a grat trip!!

Celly B said...

I just had to come out of lurkdom and respond to your post today!\

I pray that y'all have a safe and fun trip to Disney. We took my daughter when she was two, and now that she's almost five and her little brother is two, it should be time for another trip. We have to wait until our old house sells, though (Would you pray for us?)!

You can publish a post later than you write it in Blogger! When you are writing a new post, there is a blue link at the bottom of the page called "Post Options." When you click on it, a box comes up with Post Date & Time, where you can type in when you want your post to appear. Once you have done this and finished your post, you click "Publish" (not Save), and the post will show up in your list of posts with "Scheduled" beside it. It will automatically be posted at the time you specified. Nifty, huh?

"Don't go anywhere you wouldn't want to be when the Lord comes back!" I will definitely have to use this!

"Chester Drawers" is too funny! I think that I was in college when I finally realized that "spicket" (you know, the thing you turn to allow water to come out of the hose) was actually spelled and pronounced "spigot."

I must be waiting for the paint fairy, too. I am completely paralyzed in decorating this new house. Do you know if there is a wallpaper fairy, too?

Heath bars are my favorite candy bar. Could you please post the recipe for your dessert?

Kellie said...

I hope perms DO NOT come back in because I don't do them any more, 1. they stink, 2. they take toooo long, 3. they fry your hair, 4. I HATE THEM, 5, did I say THEY STINK and I mean they stink up my WHOLE house!!!!!

alliekat said...

Who knew you would actually EAT the dog food? Do you not have any responsibility in this action? I don't think you had a broken arm or any type of injury therefore I did not MAKE you eat dog food. I think you really like it!

I thought chester drawers was a person. I still say it even though I now know it is chest of drawers which makes so much more sense.

Anonymous said...


Your randomness just cracks me up and by reading your Mom's comment above I now understand where it all comes from--she is VERY funny too!!!

Have a wonderful Disney trip!

Kim from PA

Anonymous said...

What are heath chips?

What can I say? I've lived in Japan too long! :)

BethAnne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BethAnne said...

You can make them without the heath chips and they taste almost the very same. Heath chips are toffee bits.

Lisa said...

Hi Bethanne! Thanks so much for the recipe. I'm going to make them this afternoon.
Hope you guys have a wonderful time at Disney. Be sure to tell Mickey, Minnie and the Gang, "Hey" from East Tennessee!! LOL
I posted a few pix from our vacation last week. Hope you'll stop by.
Again, have a wonderful time and be safe.

Carol said...

You are cracking me up as usual. We went to Disney last year and it was a blast. Have fun!

I don't like to have my bubble burst either. I call it stealing my thunder. My family knows better!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you guys to go to Disney, I know the boys will absolutely love it; they are supposed to have cool stuff for you bigger kids too. Please IGNORE any comments about not deserving a vacation that is made by Eddie :) I live with his WORK- AHOLIC-DAUGHTER and can tell you that people like that are NOT NORMAL (like us?)...anyway, take lots of pics and you guys...


Mommyluann said...

ahemmmmmmmm! So how long have I been asking for this writing!


Mommyluann said...

And hey! I think half the blogging world comments on your blog....25 comments?????? I get like 5 maybe 6 at the most! found out I have some Anon. bloggers too that read and don't comment!

Eddie said...

OK, That's my girl. You might have made a good comedian, but I'm sure your a better mother than a comedian, so don't leave your day job! Don't listen to your brother in law, I'm working on his better thinking. ha Love ya bunches Dad

ocean mommy said...

Did you HAVE to go and post that recipe??? Goodness...I'll gain 10 pounds this weekend when I eat that whole thing by myself!!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Have fun at Disney.....I just hope you can stand the heat!! ha!
I also hope you will have a computer with you? I will miss your randomness!lol!