Monday, July 7, 2008

Praise the Lord, We Are Boycotting McDonald's

Before boring you with a laundry list of random facts, I would like to send out a special 'thank you' to Don Wildman of the American Family Association for giving me a valid reason to stay away from McDonald's. My children, like most others, would rather eat a Happy Meal than breathe clean air. Unfortunately, there is a McDonald's located about a mile from our house. The most unfortunate thing of all is that the employees of our McDonald's do not know what the term 'fast' food means. Of course, I realize that the employees are mostly minimum wage, high schoolers who do not enjoy the flipping of burgers, but it is not unusual to sit in that drive-thru for 20 minutes or more at this particular establishment. If you go inside, it takes even longer.

So, while paying for almost $4 a piece for Happy Meals, we also pay for 3 gallons of gas that we burn while waiting for them to give us the wrong order. If you look at things in that light, a trip to McDonald's can easily cost us $40. So, thank you to the AFA for helping me steer clear of the money pit that is McD's. Oh, and lest you think I am simply boycotting for the sake of boycotting (or for the sake of not having to eat another ranch crispy chicken wrap), I completely agree that McDonald's should not market to or support the homosexual agenda/organizations. Did you know that McDonald's sponsored last year's gay pride parade? (Isn't "gay pride" kind of an oxymoron anyway?) If you will remember, the AFA asked us to boycott Ford Motor Company a few years ago and Ford sales dropped 20% shortly thereafter. Ford finally agreed to the demands set by the AFA and stopped sponsoring gay pride events and also stopped their homosexual focused advertising. The AFA is proof that when Christian people stand together for what is right, we can change things.

And now the randomness........for those of you who are not interested in my random thoughts, now would be the time to click the little left facing arrow in the upper left hand corner of your screen. For those of you who are interested in my random thoughts (mom,dad), I am sorry that you have nothing better to do.....;-) Just kidding - kinda.

Last week satan tempted me (he always shows up in the candy aisle of the Wal-Mart) and I fell. I purchased a large bag of peanut M&M's and ate the whole thing by myself (with the exception of three that I let Kaden have only because he caught me eating them - I know I have a problem). The bag said the M&M's weighed 28 oz. My scale says I have gained 3 lbs. What is up with that? Dern the devil - don't be deceived, he really is here to kill, steal, and destroy.

My dad was here visiting from Woodstock, GA this past weekend and I did absolutely nothing while he was here. Why did you leave me, daddy? Why? Now I am doing laundry and cooking dinner and picking out paint.....please come back.

So, since we are going to Disney in a couple of weeks, I have been doing some shopping. Why? Because I had no shorts. None. Zilch. Zip. Nada. All my shorts are either too small for my ever expanding rear end or they have holes in them and stains on them from doing man's work at our new house. Come to think of it, all my shorts are socially unacceptable. I cant go to Disney in too-tight shorts or looking like a construction worker.

I went to Kohl's yesterday to buy some shorts, etc for me and the boys. (I heart Kohl's 4-evr). I went by myself which means I spent hours looking. My sister says I have to touch everything in the store, but that isn't true, because I didn't even visit the housewares or the men's section. Anyway, most of the clothes I liked were made by Vera Wang. I'll tell ya, that Vera Wang sure is proud of her stuff. Is she kidding about $65 for a shirt? It's Kohl's for goodness sake, not Saks Fifth Avenue.

In other fashion news, you will all be excited to hear that I have received several fall catalogs and the fall fashions, like the spring and summer fashions, are still inspired by the designers from Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. What is up with everyone wearing maternity clothes? I, myself, have had to resort to wearing maternity inspired tops because that is all that is available in stores right now. I am the person who could not wait to get out of maternity clothes and back into my regular clothes (although sadly, I did HAVE to wait for a long time, but that's another story of edema and weight gain that is not pretty and should not be shared in mixed company).

Night before last, I dreamed that I got married on my middle school softball field while wearing a red vest and tight jeans with diamond studs on the seams. People watched the wedding while sitting in the old-timey lawn chairs they had brought. I think I will skip the pizza before bed from now on.

Last night, I dreamed that I was pregnant with my third child and everyone was mad at me for 'getting myself into such a mess'. For those of you who were thinking about eating a Hershey bar before going to sleep---don't.

After church on Sunday, we ate here and then we went shoe shopping. I have worn my good tennis shoes, which are my only tennis shoes, to work in the mud at the new house and I now consider them to be socially unacceptable, much like my shorts. In other words, mama needs some new shoes. Anyway, I tried on a pair of black heels and when I turned to show them to hubs he said, "They're all right, but they accentuate the crookedness of your toes".

Remember last week when the insurance company sent a lady (who was hopefully a nurse of some kind) to take blood out of my body? I told you that she weighed me (her scales lie, by the way). She also measured my height. I have always been 5 ft 2 1/2 inches. I have been that height since high school. This lady measured me and said I am only 5ft 2 in. Where did that 1/2 inch go? Dern that early onset osteoporosis!

While trying on shorts yesterday, I noticed that shorts come in 2 lengths. #1 "Way Too Short I am 35 trying to look like I am 18" length AND #2 "Bermuda Way Too Long - I have completely given up" length. Being 5ft 2in means that I cannot wear Bermudas, because they look like capri pants on me and I cannot wear the short shorts, because, well, no one wants to see me in those. So, I can either look like Daisy Duke the latter years or like Bea Arthur of the Golden Girls.

Picking out paint colors might very well be the death of me. It is almost painful for me. I have come to the realization that I could really mess this house up. The wrong paint colors can make an otherwise beautiful home look like an episode of Trading Spaces gone wrong.

My four year old's favorite word is "armpit". He says it all the time and then laughs uncontrollably.

I have heard many reviews of a book called "The Shack". Some good, some bad..........I was a bit confused until I read this.

Okay, I guess that is just about enough randomness for one day. I am a little behind on my blogging/blog reading.....things are just really busy for me right now. Hopefully, I will catch up on all your blogs sometime today - hope all you 'internets' have a great day!


Greg P. said...

I heard about the McDonald's gay pride support thing. I agree with the boycott idea, but, let's take it one step further and let them know why you are boycotting them. I think we should all take a few minutes and write a short letter telling them how strongly we are against their support of gay rights and tell them to stick to what they do best...... giving everyone the wrong order.

Good post Beth!

Oh, armpit IS a funny word when you're 4.

{patty} said...

I love when you update your blog, it gives me something to laugh about in my otherwise boring life. LOL

I am happy that McDonalds is not longer 'on the way' home. Wendy's is and their chicken wrap is way better, got any news on them?

I took a friend with a degree in interior decorating with me to pick out paint colors. She did a great job, I on the otherhand totally stink at painting. I am now looking for pictures/paintings to cover my mess. But the colors look good. LOL

Love ya and miss ya!

Fran said...

We could talk for DAYS Bethanne....DAYS!! I'd love a roadtrip out East when you move in!
I'm a good organizer. :)

Hate McDonalds. Hate short shorts. Hate buying clothes. Hate worrying about clothes. Hate trying on clothes. Love the word armpit too. Makes me laugh too.

Love ya friend.

ocean mommy said...

Let me know when Fran is set to arrive and I'll pop up there to help too!

And I had no idea at McDonald's!! Honestly, I don't remember the last time I ate there. Praise Jesus there isn't one near our house or I would overdose on grease.

I'm with you on the shorts thing. I'm 5'1 and 1/2 ". Shorts shopping is never fun.

Have fun in Disney! My parents are taking my sister and her little boy next week...I'm glad they are going, but boy I'm fighting being jealous! It's my favorite vacation.

Mommyluann said...

McDonald's is dissapointing ....

I'm not even sure where to start commenting after that post..whew! you said a mouthful!

Disney? Can you feel my insanely jealous vibes ( In a christian like way of course)

And it's proven you can lose 1/2 and inch in childbirth!!!

Hollie said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment! I just read your blog and you are Eddie Hobbs daughter!! How cool! Great post..funny! By the way and in regards to shorts...sometimes Old Navy will have the in-between length. I'm not a big fan of bermudas either! Great to "meet" the bloggy world!

Earen said...

Ok, I had to laugh because we are true sisters at many times have I eaten a whole bag of M&Ms?! I'll never tell....I love Kohls too but really, I would shop at the fancy stores if I wanted to pay alot for clothes! :-) I hope you have a wonderful time in Disney too. We hope to go them someday too...

Lisa said...

Thanks for the heads up on McDonalds. I had no idea. My son loves McD's and it's not that far from the house. Personally, I have never liked McD's. I'm a BK kind of girl.
I wish I could understand your shorts dilemma. But, I'm 5' 9" so, I have the opposite problem. Everything is shorter than its supposed to be on me. I've been wearing the bermuda shorts this year and they work well. But, I do have a suggestion. Belk has some really nice mid-thigh shorts - which sounds like what would work well for you. If the one in JC doesn't have them, then Kingsport should still have some. Also, I saw some nice things at Target.
Good luck with it. But, I bet you will look nice no matter what.

Kelly S. said...

Hey sweet friend....crazy here at my house! I keep reading your new posts, but seem to get distracted before I can comment!!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer...its going to fast.

I am TOTALLY with you on McD's, not that I loved their food, but what a shame. I have read the Shack, and thought the review was very interesting. I just didn't get that caught up in it, it was just a fictional story to me....maybe that shows how distracted I am! Thanks for the info.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Girl, your randomness is WAY better than mine!! ha!ha!
Anyways, I am 5'2 also, and I sooooooo feel your pain on the shorts thing. I will admit that I had to finally give in and do the bermudas.....short shorts were not an option! ha!
Hope you find something soon!

Stephanie said...

Seriously, you are cracking me up! Especially your dream about the 3rd baby:)
I was checking out the Shack online a couple of nights ago. That article is really interesting! I had no idea that the book was like that. I know it's fiction, but when it's in a Christian context, I would think that a lot of non believers reading it might take that stuff at face value. May have to check it out for myself just so I know what all the fuss is about and be "informed".

alliekat said...

Well, I will say I would not be mad at you if you found out your pregnant. I sooooooo think you deserve a little red headed girl!

I actually went paint shopping this week. We just painted Zach's room today and my new favorite color is "Sauteed Mushroom" (Lowe's Olympic brand). You can thank our cousin Daniel for the idea. We helped him paint his room that color and I really liked it. It is obviously a brown color and looks very nice.

Tomorrow the hallway and living room...painted in "Khaki". I will let you know about that one!

Anonymous said...

Talk about being real and slightly crazy... The McD news I had heard. What upset me was the short news. Bridget need at least two pair before she leaves for camp on Monday. I hate to shop! Guess we'll hit Target and Old Navy after much prayer. I think God is telling you something about having a third child. Of course, this is coming from a Mother of four who was open for more. Now, I wait for grandchildren! Love, Debbie

BethAnne said...

Debbie!! I had no idea who you were until I read the Bridget part!!! I didnt know you visited my blog! YAY! Hope you find her some shorts that are appropriate for camp---- it aint gonna be easy!

LynnSC said...

Hi Bethanne,
You are so funny. I hate to say that I have been a frequent eater at McDonald's (gasp!!! should I have said that??) I didn't realize about all the gay-pride stuff.

I have bought a few of those mega bags of M&M's myself. I did share them though. LOL!

I love Kohls.

Shorts are really a problem to me to. I don't want them to be short... and neither do the people that would have to see me in them. I usually stick with capri pants. Hides some of the white....

I actually read the book The Shack... I liked it. I knew that it was a fictional story and so I took it as that. I found a lot of things in there that seemed weird... but it ministered to the man in the story. Maybe ministered is not the word... met him where he was. If you decide to read it... I would be interested in seeing what you think. You could email me and we could talk about it.

Can we still be friends after I said all that??

And everyone seems so shocked at "who you are"... maybe it is good that I don't really know. LOL!

Dionna said...

Wendy's has chicken wraps now too although I have not tried them yet.

I needed shorts too and also went to Kohl's. I did find one pair in the Misses section that was a medium length and fairly trendy. But after visiting about 4 other stores that's all I got. I could use another new pair but everything seems pretty picked over - and it's only July!

And here's hoping God will help you get "unblocked" soon. :)

The Brady's said...

I always know where to come when I need a good laugh! Thanks, I've had a rough week, that was great for me! Sorry it was @ your expense!...Im lovin the Golden Girls...and I laugh @ the word armpit too, it's such a funny word!

nothingcanseparateme said...


I just LOVE your randomness!! You crack me up!!

Confession: I am a McDonalds fan--I try not to go to frequently but I had no idea about the gaypride thing....I think I will make another choice.

I am hearing your pain in the fashion department friend!!! I did not find any new shorts this year either and only have 2 pair that are somewhat decent for going out. And WHAT IS WITH THE MATERNITY THING??? Who should we complain to???

I can not eat late at night either or the wild dreams come to greet me. One night I was running around the bedroom swatting at bugs (that weren't there--freaked my hubby out!!) the mom of 3 teenage boys....the word armpit is just hysterical!!


Kim from PA

Alana said...

Girl, I SO feel your pain with shorts. And did you seriously lose half an inch? I am never measuring my height again. I can't lose half an inch...simply can't!

Also, LOVE Kohls. Hope I don't ever have to boycott them ;)

Jennifer Partin said...

I sympathize with the shorts issue being only 5'3" myself.

Now, if you lived in Japan you would NOT boycott McDonald's only b/c they have THE best fries in all the world! (we just ate it today for lunch!) And, they don't have gay pride parades and agenda here in Japan either.

I can devour a bag of chips-----the M&M's, I have enough self control to only eat a half a bag! :)

When do you go to Disney?