Monday, January 12, 2009


So, in my last post I told you that the stomach bug had left our house. At the time I posted it, I thought it was true (absence of puke means "all better", right? Wrong). Unfortunately, there was more vomit to come. Kaden threw his guts up was sick for 4 days last week. We actually stayed home from church yesterday just to be sure that he was REALLY better....and we NEVER stay home from church.

Since we weren't at church last night, we got to watch a show that I love, but never get to watch because it comes on Sunday nights while we are at church...Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I love the show, but I always hate it when the people come back to see their home and the first words that come out of their mouths are "Oh my God!". It seems that no one sees those words as blasphemous anymore....even some who claim to be Christians. I was glad to see that the family that was on last night did not say those words, but they were not the norm.

I was thinking about that this morning when I went on to Facebook and (not coincidentally) one of my Facebook friends, Barbara Cameron, had commented on something her daughter had posted called It is really a great site and I think you guys will love it. People use those words way too often and without thought to what they are saying. God's name used in vain should cause a Christian to shudder, not just because it is a violation of the "Big Ten", but because it is a blatant, blasphemous offense to God Himself. If something is offensive to God, it should offend us as well.

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday....excuse me while I go do 17 loads of laundry from the past few days..................


Mari said...

I so agree! I really like that show, but I hate the end when that is all you seem to hear. Great post!

Jackie said...

Also in agreement on the "comment".
It really turns my stomach when I hear people use that phrase.

Thanks for your post.

Hope all stay well in your household.

ocean mommy said...

I hear you..

I sure hope that stomach bug is GONE!!!!

ocean mommy said...

I hear you..

I sure hope that stomach bug is GONE!!!!

ocean mommy said...

I hear you..

I sure hope that stomach bug is GONE!!!!

Denise said...

what if we choose to hear o.m.g. differently? i use to be bothered by it when people commented, but i am not anymore (well not always).
what if you hear instead "oh MY God."
that "my" God did some serious knocking the socks off of these people. that they had nothing left but to say "oh MY God."
i bet it's what i'll say when i get home to heaven (after the shout), and am in his holy presence (that is if i'm able to say anything at all).

just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid that either Kaden was still sick or had spread the love when I missed you at church yesterday. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is also one of my favorite shows. I have also notice how that is the comment made by most--even a minister and his wife said it repeatedly as they were taken to each room. I hope everyone stays well, and I will see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. And for me it's even worse when they call Jesus' name in vain or in whatever expletive. I think, "What, do you know Him!???"

Greg P. said...

Beth, it goes right through me also. I've noticed it on that show and I hear it daily from anyone that expresses any kind of surprise.

Sometimes I feel like saying, "Do you even believe in God"?

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Girl..You are so right on...It does make me shutter...I don't say..I always say Well My Goodness...

One of my Resolutions was to keep laundry & the house nice & far I've done well..With just us too..I would wait weeks, then have 8 loads to do..Now I have 3 a week..color's, whites, & much nicer then 8-10!!
This is one I have really really tried to keep!!!

Anonymous said...

Try watching any reality TV show and you will find those words said over and over. What really bothers me as a SS teacher of 5&6th graders is that parents seems to allow their children to watch these programs and do not talk to their children about what is wrong with saying that. Most of my students have been in church since 9 months before they were born and they still don't understand. "Mrs. Stover, it's really not that bad is it? We shouldn't judge others." Frustrated, Debbie

Steve said...

I've written to Disney and Nickelodeon asking them to stop using the "OMG" on all their shows. This is a recent development (over the last two years at the most) that they have started using "OMG" instead of "Oh my gosh".
It sounds trivial and the world will laugh at me, but it is important to me to see it changed.

BethAnne said...

That is a great idea! I have had to make my kids stop watching some of the shows they used to watch because of that too......I need to write them as well.

Kelly S. said...

Girl, we are on the same wave length with this one!!! My girls love this show and we USED to tivo it. I just couldn't handle those words OVER AND OVER. Honestly, I don't think most people have a clue as to the magnitude of what they are saying.
It did allow for a good conversation with my girls on the subject, and I will allow them to watch it again if we mute the new house bit.

Glad you guys are feeling better-
ps. We had around 75 ladies start Esther this week, about 25 more than expected!! Praise God!

Fran said...

CANNOT.STAND.IT! I feel like I have to say something to my kids all the time about way too much on "good tv." Anyway....excellent post.

And...can I quickly use this floor to say I so appreciate your email yesterday. It meant the world to me. And...yes...pray for discernment. God is speaking over this work situation. I just want to hear soooooo clearly from Him.

Big hugs,

Dionna said...

I've seen some of those videos and they are good. Hopefully they get circulated wider and make an impact.

Stephanie said...

it breaks my heart that this next generation is being brought up in a culture that has no fear or reverence for God.
It is just sad and scary.