Friday, February 6, 2009


So, I have been AWOL from the blog this week due to circumstances beyond my control....okay, maybe not totally beyond my control, but I have been snowed in and have been playing with my boys the whole week....okay, not really snowed in like many of would consider snowed in........can you be snowed in with a 1/2 inch of snow? Our local school systems believe so. Many schools are out today and it is going to be 50 degrees. Go figure - snow in the south is really up to personal interpretation. A flake or two causes our grocery stores to sell out of every gallon of milk and every loaf of bread. Suffice it to say, southerners really don't know what to do with snow and ice (other than make snow cream and stay home).

Anyhoo, I really don't have anything blog worthy to say, so you know what that means.......

Personally, I believe every kid should get a few snow days each year....what fun is winter without snow days anyway???? The excitement of watching for your school system on the bottom of the news screen with the word "closed" beside it. Makes me happy just thinking about it. I have wished for Lake to be out for snow and he finally got two days in a row....problem is that he will have to make those days up and we don't know when . We have a little trip planned for spring has just occurred to me that our snow day fun might upset our Spring Break fun. And that my friends, is no fun at all.

What's the moral of this story?
Be careful what you wish for or you might be taking your kid to school in July or even worse, missing vacation because of snow days. Sadly, there is some truth to the saying "Play now, Pay later".

Since there was no church or basketball this week, I got to watch both episodes of American Idol in their entirety. (That never happens). I was cracking up at gay guy with earrings in his lips and a headband around his hair- oh the drama! Or what about the girl with the hair that is actually the color red? What up with that? The girl with the freaky laugh makes me cringe and I mean that in the worst possible way I can think of -- cringe, I tell you. Where do they get these people anyway??? Also, "bikini girl" was most annoying. The girl cant sing well, so the only reason they sent her to Hollywood was because of her bikini. If she had been ugly, Randy would have said "It wasn't good for me, dog" and Simon would have simply said, "It was abysmal" (I am using that word a lot now, Abysmal- I like it). I predict that bikini girl will soon regret her decision to go on national TV (not to mention the #1 show) and try to sing while wearing next to nothing. I regret it for her! She will always be known as 'bikini girl', even after she has three kids and her bikini body has turned into a "fat granny skirt swimsuit" body.

What's the moral of this story?
Don't use your body to gain the favor of men. Women will hate you and you will be embarrassed when stretch marks, flab, and extra pounds take over your bikini body.

I have seen several pics of new babies lately. Lots of friends having babies....lots of bloggers too. I have to admit that seeing these little ones kinda makes me want a little girl. Although I am not the kind of hair bow, dress, and American Girl doll kinda gal, I think a little girl would be fun.....that, and I am sooooo outnumbered here in a house of all boys. I do believe there is some truth to the phrase, "A son is a son until he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter for all your life". I see all these people buying little pink outfits and wonder what it would be like to have a little girl of my own.......

Moral of this story?
Stay away from people who have new babies 'cause it might get you in trouble and at my age I cant afford to be staying up all night with a sleep is a must!

Yesterday, I was reminded of a time in Middle School when I wanted to fit in at any cost. A friend of mine who was on my cheerleading squad got the sides of her hair shaved (it was the 80's - everyone had weird hair!). Back long. Sides gone (well mostly gone). I liked the way it looked for some reason and so I did it too. The top of my hair was big (thanks to a body wave and Aquanet firm hold) and the back was just past my shoulders.....The sides? About 1/8 inch long.

Moral of this story?
Don't compare yourself to others or you will end up with a mullet.

I am now being paid back for many things I did to my parents. When we go to the grocery store, my kids put things in the buggy when I am not looking and I have to take them out before I pay (they love to put toys and candy in there just to see what I will do - the other day it was a huge Spongebob pillow - they do it to see if I will notice). They think its funny. Me? Not so much. When I lived at home, I used to love to put different things in my mom's grocery cart to embarrass her. When she would reach the checkout and would start placing her items on the conveyor, she would realize what she had in her hand and be embarrassed in front of the check out clerk and other people behind her in line.

Moral of this story?
Don't put condoms in your moms grocery cart because when she places them at the register for all to see, she will slap you in front of God and everybody.....and then she will say things like "I hope when you have kids, you get paid back for everything you have ever done to me" and you will...... you will be paid back in some way because God has a sense of humor.

Well, time to go and do something productive.......hopefully, I will be back soon with something of importance to say, but until then, have a great weekend!


Tony C said...
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Tony C said...

It's more fun to put stuff in other people's baskets. If you get busted, just play it off as an honest mistake.

Nothing they would ever get stuck buying though...just things like really, really large undergarments or, if you feel real daring, maybe a yard gnome (I've obviously never grown up).

I feel your pain on being the minority...I live with 3 females.

Have a great weekend and God bless

{patty} said...

Anytime you get the 'I want a girl' feeling, I have a beautiful redhead that I can send right over! She's not too much of a girly girl, just the right amount of everything. And she loves Jesus and loves to talk. I think you two would get along splendidly. :)

Heather said...

SO FUNNY! I felt the same way about "bikini girl" AND the girl with the horrible, grating laugh. TERRIBLE! UNBEARABLE!

Mari said...

I love the morals of your stories. I have a new found sympathy for your Mom. I think you deserve a little payback!

KrisinTN said...

Thanks for the laugh! BTW...when you get baby fever usually someone will let you borrow one for a little while. Best thing is you can give it back and still get a good night's sleep.

Eddie said...

I suggest you find a stuffed baby doll and pretend otherwise, that will make you having to take care of four babies. Know what I mean VErn.

Fran said...

I would have no idea what to do with a girl. And, isn't it funny to say that....because we are one and you would think that WE would know what to do!!!!!

Happy weekend!!!

Greg P. said...

Beth, you need a daughter.... maybe twins.

Condoms in the cart? If I did that I would've gotten in trouble just for knowing what they are. Ya gotta remember that would have been the '60's.

AnnaElizabeth said...

First of all, Why was Meemaw taking you down the aisle with condoms in it??

Secondly, when you told the story about having a mullet.. I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

You should post pictures of that hair-don't on this blog.. and facebook..


Denise said...

yikes! what a trouble maker you were.

yes, post pictures of the hair! and thank you for making me feel better about my horrible hair style choice in j-high. i never did anything that ridiculous :-) hehehe

Anonymous said...

Too funny! It reminded me of a time when my twin brothers were little and went to the store with mom. Mom had been taking antibiotics and got a yeast infection. She tried to put Monistat in the buggy without the boys noticing. That would have been too easy. One of them must have thought it was a pregnancy test because he shouted, "Look Matthew! Mom's pregnant!!" Yea, mom about died...and so did Michael!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! You have to be talking about Tatiana? Sorry on the spelling..When that girl laughs it urks me to know end...I was hoping she would have went home by now...It's like Nails down a chalkboard...SOMEBODY PLEASE SEND HER HOME!!! ugghhhh!