Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Semi-Blog Post

Just as I was feeling guilty about not blogging this week since Monday, I looked at my sidebar and noticed that I am not alone in losing my bloggy touch.....there are many others who haven't blogged in over a week....some, who will remain nameless (unless you look at my sidebar) haven't blogged in over a month.......Anyway, I have an excuse (don't I always?). The hubs and Kaden have had the flu....the type A flu, which is apparently worse than type B....not that I know anything about the flu or its types. What I DO know is that when your kid and husband have the flu, the Dr. prescribes medicine for the whole family and it costs $75 per person (even if you have good insurance it costs $75)......oh, and I know that stinks.

But I know people who dont have insurance at all or people that dont have a job at all, so I suppose I should be happy with $75....but it still strikes fear in the heart of a person when you drive up to the window at Walgreens and the total they give starts with a 3 and ends with the word hundred.

SIDENOTE: As I am typing this semi-post, Kaden is watching Little House on the Prairie.....he thinks that it was set in the time that I was little (I guess because I told him that I used to love it when I was a girl)......he wants to know if I had to collect eggs out of a chicken house and sell them at a store when I was little or if we rode to town in a wagon...... sad part is, I feel that old some days.

So, just to update you, we are thinking about taking our boys to a Monster Truck show this weekend......and no, there could not be a more redneck thing to do. But, when you have boys, you do what they like and right now, my boys love's hard being the only girl in the house sometimes.....I mean, what on earth does a self- respecting female wear to a Monster Truck show anyway? I don't own any leather and my halter tops are all at the cleaners (do be afraid -its a joke- I don't really own a halter)....anyway, if we go, I will be needing some advice as to what to wear, because the last thing a girl wants to do is look out of place in a room full of rednecks, dirt, and over sized trucks that flatten Winnebagos. So, Monster Truck Show? Yeah that's how we roll here in the south.

I do have some more "spiritual" things to say, but no time to type them today, so maybe tomorrow I can be back with something worthwhile for you to read.

Happy Thursday, friends!


Lisa said...

Earplugs are a must! Beyond that, anything goes.
Blessings - Lisa

LeslieinTN said...

When and where is the Monster truck show? My son would LOVE to go to one. He watches it every morning before he goes to school. LOL We aren't "rednecks" either. :) Hope your family is feeling better soon.

Hey, maybe we can get Patty back to blogging. ;)

LeslieinTN said...

Thanks for the info, Bethanne. I am going out of town w/Patty and a couple of other friends and I'm afraid my dh won't be able to take him. I hate that I didn't know about it. I have checked the Monster Jam website a couple of times in the last few months and they didn't have this one listed. :( I guess it's with another group the monster truck drivers do shows with. Oh well! Maybe next time. I tried to talk my hubby into taking him but he won't be able to this time. Thanks again!

Kelly S. said...

FUNNY! My son is only three but he goes around saying "big truck" all the time. Lucky for him we are true hillbillys and big trucks are in abundance around here. I can't even imagine his excitement of going to a Monster Truck show. Lucky for me he is too small to realize what he is missing.

You can always wear jeans and something orange, some kind of concert t-shirt (70's era) or something with a gun on it. You'll probably just blend in.....or if you want to mess with the rednecks, wear something that promotes somekind of enviornment issue like recycling or "save the whatever". You'll be sure to get lots of attention with that. haha

Anonymous said...

EARPLUGS ARE A MUST!!! And some caomoflage too!!! I went one time with my "redneck" boys (hubs included) and that was the last time I went!! I have called it a "boys-night-out" event since then. It just aint my thing!! But they all LOVE it so I encourage them to go but without me--it keeps EVERYONE happy!! :)

Hope everyone in your family is feeling better!

blessings to you,

Fran said...

I have a feeling you'll be ok. :)
So sorry about that stupid flu. We had it last year in APRIL for crying out loud. I feel the pain for ya at Walgreens. I think my husband cried.

Greg P. said...

You definitely need a few tattoos. Especially a tattoo of a growling panther on your leg, about the length of your calf, in dark blue ink.

Then you might want to have the name "Steve" tattooed somewhere on your neck in Gothic lettering.

Hope this helps.

BethAnne said...

Thanks Greg.....I wish I had seen your comment before we went last night.....I went tatooless and was soooo out of place, but we had fun (if you can overlook the exhaust fumes and burning eyes)......


ocean mommy said...

I sure hope you are all well!!! I feel so out of the loop and need to spend sometime catching up. :)


Alana said...

I guess I'm no longer nameless if I'm admitting to going almost a month without writing on my blog! How was the monster truck show??