Friday, October 19, 2007

Complete Randomness

Hi friends! I have just returned from a day at a local cavern and gem mine. It was fun but I am tired.
Here are some completely random thoughts:

I spent some time today with some ladies who need Jesus (dont well need Jesus?). Oh, maybe some of them are saved,but some are defnitely not. I heard some language that would cause one to wonder ( like I am the judge of all people :-). I try not to be so gung-ho that people consider me a 'Bible thumper', but I want so badly for these women to see something different in me. I think some of them are Christians who have believed, but never gone any farther with their relationship with Jesus. Others, I think are fakers who probably live a double life - great outward appearance, but inwardly lost. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of people who can talk the talk and use Sunday School language, but their lives are a contradiction? Can you really talk about Jesus on Sunday - Thursday and party like the devil on Friday and Saturday? I do not want to be a 'goody-goody' (for lack of a better non-word), because I think that makes a person totally unrelateable. I want to represent Jesus, but not be pushy or sound holier-than-thou--it's a tough line to walk. I pray that I have many more chances to be a 'life witness' - oh how I want to be a light to people who are in the dark.

Do you guys know people who think they are saved, but dont have any fruit to prove it? Not that we can know a person's heart, but I know people who think that church attendance and good works impress God. Maybe they are just trying to impress people. I'm not sure. I see so many people who go to church every Sunday, but have no obvious relationship with God. I truly think that satan is alive and well in the church deceiving people into thinking they are saved. I wonder how many people in our churches today will be left behind when the church is raptured? Billy Graham says 80% of church goers are unsaved. I dont know if that is true, but what if it is?

I read today where Israel is saying that the war that is brewing there could be the Biblical war of Gog and Magog. ( Guys, if that is true and we dont know that it is, but it SOOOOO could be, do you know what that means? We are almost ready to fly!!! Can you imagine what it is going to be like when we see Jesus standing right in front of us? Makes me cry to think about it. I wonder what He really looks like? I wonder what He will do when He sees each of us. I wonder what the marriage supper of the Lamb will be like? Ya'll I love my life here. I love my family. I have a great earthly life, but I CANNOT wait to see my Jesus. I daydream about it all the time. I have a mental picture, but I know my limited mind cant even begin to think of what it will be like. I pray I take people with me. I could go on and on about heaven, but I wont --- right now anyway.

I havent done very well with the no sugar thing this week - I cheated 3 out of 7 days. Is it cheating if you made the rules? Dunno. I feel so much better when I stay away from sugar and carbs. I truly believe that my attitude is better when I lay off sugar - so not fair, but true.

I guess that is enough randomness to bore you with for today. I just thought I would share some of my 'thinks' with you - hope you were able to stay awake while reading them. I am off to the great outdoors to help my son learn to throw his new boomerang. Should I even know how to throw a boomerang? I mean I love to eat at Outback, but that is as close to 'down under' as I have ever been.


Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of the passage from Matthew 7:14 which says "For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it."

Denise said...

I find myself jealous for all of Gods love. I want it all for myself. He has poured it into and onto me so abundantly, and shown me so much favor- well, He melts me!
I think there is healthy jealousy. After all God is a jealous God. We are made in His image, do you think He loves when we are jealous over him (healthy jealous of course)
BUT because I have lived in this "love better than life" I do want others to share in the goodness.
AND I want to know how he does it (for the sake of mommyhood)... makes each of us feel as if we were the only one. That's why he is God.
Am I even answering the question,
or am I now rambling??

Emily said...

Hey! I love reading your posts! You remind me so much of myself and it is encouraging to read your posts because in the last year or so I have lost that fire that was in me. I won't go into details now, but anyways, you are an encouragement for sure.
I am doing a Precept class on 1 Peter now and one of the things the Word says is that we should be able to tell if someone is truly a Christian. It says it should be "obvious" and that the fruit of salvation is love for the brethren.I think you are right, many are deceived about their salvation.
By the way, I tagged you on my blog! Check it out.

Emily said...

ok, never mind about the tag! i filled out this whole long thing and had to get up for a second and found my son at my seat when I got back. I think he may have pushed something because I saw the post didn't take! no time to do it again now, I will have to do it later. oh well!

Fran said...

I loved every word of this complete randomness!! Thank you!!
I followed every word you said. I love that you write completely from your heart. Have a great day friend!!

Steve said...

Remember that the more you are around the women, the more they will see you LIVING your life for Jesus. God will continue to use you to plant the seeds.
When the time is right, He will provide the opening you need to share His Word.
Nothing is too hard for God!!

Renee said...

I love random posts.

It sounds like you ARE witnessing to these ladies. You're living your life for Jesus, and that reflects in everything you do. If you're the one to plant the seed, then I believe that God will present you with the right opportunity to do so.

What you said about fruit in people's lives...this is kind of what I've been talking about with my husband. So many Christians don't really know what they believe, so there isn't any change in their lives. There wasn't in mine for a long time. I was trying too hard to fit in with the world, and couldn't have it both ways.