Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Got An Award, I Got An Award

Okay, Tara, at Never A Dull Moment (see my sidebar) gave me this award. It is called the 'Change Begins At Home Award'. I am so thankful that Tara thought of me in such a sweet way. (I dont deserve any awards, but it sure is nice that someone thinks I do :-) I am so glad I started this blogging thing, because it has allowed me to connect with so many women who I would never have 'known' otherwise. It gives me a chance to hear about your struggles and joys and allows me a look into your daily and spiritual lives (that was way too many and's in one sentence - sorry). I look forward to reading your blogs everyday - is it a sin to be 'blog-addicted'? Hope not. Anyway, I thank Tara for her kindness and for letting me (us) in on her life and her relationship with The One and Only. I am kind of new to the blog world so I really dont know what the proper protocol is for receiving an award like this so I will just go ahead and do it like they do on the Grammy's (and like I've already done on Tara's blog)................

I am walking to the podium --- mic check - testing 1-2-3----- testing 1-2-3--------

Thank you so much for this award. I would like to thank Tara for giving me this award. I would like to thank Jesus for making this award available in the first place and for loving me even when I am so unloveable. Lastly, I would like to thank all the little people (my kids) and my husband for marrying me when no one else wanted to.

I saw that Earen (she knows more about this than I do apparently) passed the award on to someone else. So, I am passing this on to Janel at

Thanks Tara!


Abby said...

hahahahahahaha girl you crack me up...congrats on your award!! ;)

and we'll definitely be praying about the field are such a blessing to us in blog land, and i know those ladies will sense something special about you...and am praying that you get to tell them that it has a name, called Jesus! :)

He Knows My Name said...

bethanne, you got an award!!! this is too cool. great speach. and i didn't even see a wardrobe malfunction!

you bless me and others with your thoughts and insights. you make me think and i am encouraged by you.

have a great time with your son.

i pray for an open door to speak the name of Jesus. i ask that the Holy Spirit will fall upon you bethanne with His anointing and those who hear the scales of their eyes would fall off and they will believe. amen.

thank you for passing this on to me. i don't deserve this. i am truly honored that you thought of me.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I loved the award speech. :)