Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Son

Did you know that the sun is actually a star? It is the closest star to earth, but it is still 93 million miles away. Approximately 1 million earths could fit inside the sun and it isn’t even a big star, it’s a tiny one. If you were able to drive to the sun in a car, going 60 mph it would take you 177 years of constant driving to reach the sun. No, this is not a lesson in astrology. I was just thinking about how big God is. He specifically placed the sun where it is in the universe so that we would have light from it, but not be burned up by its flames. The same God who made the sun and all the other stars made you and me. He knows us by name and knows our every thought. Matthew 10: 29 - 30 says ,”Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

He spoke the world into being, He sent His son to die a painful death on the cross because of our sin. He allows His glory to dwell on the earth so that we can know Him better and feel more at home in a world that isn’t our real home. Yet, He knows each tiny little sparrow and He knows each one of us by name. He bends down low so He can hear songs of praise that we sing in His honor. He sends His Holy Spirit to live in the hearts of those whom He has miraculously saved. He is the mastermind of life and He loves us more than we could ever love anyone or anything . So, why is it that we feel cannot trust Him to take care of our little problems? Oh, we say things like “I am just trusting the Lord to take care of this problem” or “I’m gonna leave this to the Lord”. We say those things while we take matters into our own hands.

We try to manipulate situations instead of allowing God to show up and show us His power. It is as if we don’t believe He has the power or we just don’t believe He loves us enough to help us with our troubles. I wonder how many of us would send one of our children to die for the ugly sins of ungrateful people. Jesus death on the cross should be proof enough that God loves each one of us and desires to be our help in times of trouble. We have no real control over anything in this life, yet we cling tightly to our problems (and egos). I wonder if there is one person on this earth who completely trusts Him with EVERYTHING? I doubt it. Someone dies a horrible death for us, yet we still continue to question His motives and love. I am telling you, unbelief is a sin and many times it leads to other sin. Jesus says to put our trust in Him - we do --to a point. Distrust = sin. When we don’t trust completely, we go out on our own and make mistakes - more sin. When we go out on our own and make mistakes, we then try to get ourselves out of our mistakes - even more sin. See the pattern here?

Here is a great example of unbelief leading to sin. I meet someone new. I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to share the gospel, but they seem like they might not be interested or like they might not have time to listen to me so I go on my merry way. Sin # 1 - ignoring the Holy Spirit. Sin #2 -not fulfilling the Great Commission and missing out on the blessing of a divine appointment with an unsaved person. That is just one example of how the sin of unbelief leads to other sin. I have many more examples, but not enough space on the internet to list them. (Funny how sin has a snowball effect, huh? )Oh, I wish I could go back and change all those sins of unbelief…………


He Knows My Name said...

so true bethanne, my snowball is so big i could open a ski resort.

i am a recovering control freak. but it took devestation beyond my league to show me. so here i am in a situation i would have never wanted but you know what, my sweetest times with Jesus are right now. He knows i went kicking and screaming all the way but i truly feel (with reminders from my sweet husband now and then) it's ok, i am not in control and when i try to be i get frustrated and end up making things much worse.

be still and know that I AM God.

have a great day bethanne. ~janel

Sarah Markley said...

Its always hard to trust! I totally agree. I am glad He is bigger than me and knows so much more than I. I am so grateful for his death on the cross. Good post!

Earen said...

Great post! You have such a great way of sharing things of the Lord.