Saturday, February 23, 2008

An Award, A Recipe, And It's Official I'm Blind

I just received this from Stephanie. I am so undeserving, but I do love a good award. I tell ya, this blogging thing can create somewhat of a mutual admiration society and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. We all need some Godly encouragement, don't we? There are people out in the world ('of the world' and some 'of the church') that love nothing better than to drag us down, but thankfully here in blogville/blogland - whatever - there are lots of us who love the Lord and sincerely encourage one another in our faith. If you ask me, it's a beautiful thing. I'm not saying that there aren't people who will leave nasty little comments or say hateful things on our blogs, but I believe for the most part anyone who visits our little circle of Christian women bloggers will see that we encourage each other in the Lord and they might just get themselves a heapin' helpin' of Jesus while they are here! Anyway, I thank you Stephanie for the encouragement. I can always count on two things when I visit Stepahnie's blog #1 She is gonna be real - no fake stuff with her #2 I am gonna see her heart for the Lord in her writing.

So, the title says 'A Recipe' and I know it's a little odd for me to post a recipe, but y'all this stuff is good! I have hundreds, nay, thousands of recipes (don't tell my husband he might expect me to cook more). If you are ever in need of a dish to take somewhere, don't hesitate to ask me - did I say I have thousands of recipes? Anyway, a girl in my Sunday School class (I sound like I am in the 5 yr old class) Okay, a lady (are you a lady when you are 40-ish?) in my class brought this stuff to class last week. We are Baptists, we EAT in Sunday School every Sunday morning and we eat GOOD! Can somebody say Hallelujah? When you read the ingredients you are going to say 'gross', but trust me this stuff is off the hook! I will be getting the "Betty Crocker" award after you make this stuff! Here it is:

Strawberry Carter

1 lb. extra sharp shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 scant c. mayonnaise
1 c. minced green onions
1 c. chopped pecans
Cayenne Pepper
Strawberry Jam or Preserves

Place ingredients in mixing bowl and mix well. Sprinkle cayenne pepper (I use ground although the recipe says flakes can be used as well) on top until mixture is solid red (or to your liking). Mix well. Put mixture in spring form pan and allow to set. Refrigerate until time to serve. Remove from pan and cover with strawberry jam. Serve with crackers.

And no I don't know why the stuff is called Strawberry Carter. Dumb name for some good stuff. Did I mention it is good? Yeah, well.......moving right along.

The title also says "It's Official I'm Blind". That may be a slight exaggeration, but I did have to get glasses yesterday. I have noticed for some time that when I read the words seem to jump around on the page resulting in headaches and frustration. So, I made the dreaded appointment. I have had glasses for about 10 years, but have never worn them because I look like Harry Pothead, I mean Harry Potter (I really don't like Harry Potter - go ahead and call me a party pooper, but I just don't like the whole Potter thing). I sat in the waiting room for about an hour and finally got back to the pre-exam room. This lady made me sit with my head in this contraption and then she proceeded to blow puffs of air in my eyes. What in the world?! I forgot that part. So, after I finished with Puff the Magic Dragon Lady I go back and wait another 30 minutes on the Dr. who is removing a piece of steel from a man's eye. Oh goodness gracious! I get weak when it comes to all things doctor-y. While I waited I saw pictures of nasty eyeball diseases on the wall. What would possess any Dr. in their right mind to put that junk out for people to look at while they wait? I thought I might pass out - no really. Did y'all know people can get Herpes in their eyes? Oh just the thought of it makes me want to vomit! And how would one get herpes in their eyes anyway? My guess is you get it from looking at things you ought not be looking at - at least that's what I am gonna tell my boys when they get to be teenagers. I suppose some things should not be spoken of --eye herpes is one of those things.

ANYHOO, the doc came in and I proceeded to tell him that I will not wear glasses or contacts all the time. So, he prescribed some reading glasses. I will post pictures as my vanity permits. Just be prepared - it isn't as bad as the red swollen eyelids, but I am pretty dorky in glasses. What's a 35 year old 1/2 blind woman to do? I cant read Braille, although that day may be coming soon.

I think it is important to note that while I have been typing this post the TENNESSEE VOLUNTEER BASKETBALL TEAM has become the #1 TEAM IN THE NATION!

So, tomorrow is the big day for Lake. He is going to walk that aisle during the invitation - I hope we are singing Just As I Am........although it will probably be Come Just As You Are. I bought him a Bible and a devotional book yesterday to give him tomorrow. He told me today "I hope they let me get baptized tomorrow night". He has been so excited and has told everyone (unsolicited) about his decision - I would say that is a good sign that He means it. I pray that tomorrow is the only time he walks that aisle for that I mean I pray that He never doubts and needs to make sure his Baptism is on the right side of his salvation......I pray that his teenage years don't bring guilt and doubt about the decision he made in the car on February 20th, 2008. I pray that all is settled tomorrow for him FOREVER. Amen.


Fran said...

I will pray for that sweet boy this morning. I know it will be a glorious day for everyone!

And...I need glasses too. I can't see far away. Thats not bad is it? Memphis Tigers screamed for joy and I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Enjoy the day~

Mari said...

I've been wearing glasses since 2nd grade. Welcome to the club. I'll have to try that recipe - I love strawberries and the mix of fruit with the cheese and crackers sounds interesting. Congrats on the award!

Kelly S. said...

Totally agree with you on the bloggers! I found this community by accident about a year ago and it has been such a blessing! I have learned alot too.

Sorry about the glasses. I have never worn glasses or contacts (yet), but my two year old has glasses and they have about driven me nuts. I wish I had a penny for everytime I picked thim up off the floor or washed them! He likes to take them off and stretch them out into a straight line!! (thank goodnes they are flexible)

I will pray for your family. My oldest daughter was saved at 5 yrs, and we have had some issues of doubt (she is 9 now). I continually pray Romans 8:16 for her. I will pray all is settled for you guys tomorrow...forever!


Earen said...

Hey, congrats on the award. You definitely deserve it as I so enjoy your deep thoughts in the Lord! How wonderful about your son...what an exciting time!

Linda said...

Hey BethAnne--Thanks so much for your kind words at 2nd cup. BTW, my mom almost named me Beth Ann, but as much as I like that name, it did NOT go with my maiden name. I would have been Beth Ann Batt. Yikes! Of course, nothing sounds pretty with “Batt” attached to it, so I changed all that when I got married—went from “Batt” to “Crow.” Yes, God has a sense of humor. I enjoyed this post a lot. Yes, I knew that someone could get Herpes in their eye. I am so happy for you about your child making official, loud and proud! Have a great day with your fam.

jennifer said...

The ROLL TIDE gal in me is ignoring the reference to the VOLS! (ok, grudging congratulations)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting me know of the connection you have to Erin. Could you please keep me updated, even if it is to say things are the same? As often as you are able....

I am so proud of your award. I hope all is well with your family. God is good! Jennifer

jennifer said...

You have gone above and beyond with the information that you shared today. Thank you so much. Jennifer

Brandy said...

Have you heard anything else about Erin? I just got the email and have heard people talking about her. I don't know her personally, but when someone is in need of prayer, I think that we need to pray. If you hear anything let me and I will do the same!

He Knows My Name said...

welcome to the "where did i put my glasses" club. the recipe sounds um...i'd have to taste it to believe it but i do believe you. let us know how lake did. his picture is so cute. ~janel

NYC said...

I just saw this post. I hope you share what happened.. what a great blessing!

Fran said...

Hey...thanks for the comment on my privacy post. I cannot wait to hear about the baptism!! PLEASE SHARE!! And...hope your sinus drugs are kicking in and healing you! You made perfect sense to me when you commented! :)


Shelley said...

I love reading your blogs--what I was living without for so long now seems so unimagineable! ;-) And, I'm thrilled to see that "our" Dad finally got a blog--he just needs to liven it up a bit. We'll work on him! See you soon!

Renee said...

Yay!!! That is SO exciting about Lake!! Woo-hoo!!

How did it go yesterday??

I love reading your posts. Have I told you that lately?

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure about that recipe----you are right, the ingredients don't seem to go together. I dunno....

I have reading glasses too. :)

I wish we could be there and rejoice in seeing Lake profess his faith to the church! Woo-hoo.

Carol said...

GO VOLS!!! I'm a UT grad!