Friday, February 1, 2008


Hey! Long time - no type. I have been in constant rush for the past several days now. You know the kind of rushing around where you can't think about what you are doing right now because you are thinking about what you have to do next? That has been me this week. What I really need is a vacation, but aside from a week in Nashville coming in March, vacation will not happen until late May. In my life it has always 'feast or famine'. By that I mean that I either have a thousand things to do at once or very little to do at all. I miss the days of having very little to do (I can't even remember what they were like). Hopefully, other than laundry and grocery shopping today will be a little more relaxed.

So, since I have been absent from the blog all week, I thought a random post might be in order, so here goes.........

*In my class this past Wednesday, a woman prayed to receive Christ. The subject matter of that particular week was really convicting and I noticed she had tears in her eyes during the class. Afterward, she voiced concerns about salvation to her friend who was sitting beside her and her friend prayed with her right there in the classroom. I love it!!!!

On a lighter note.....

* Have you been to the mall lately? I mean have you really shopped for clothes in the past month or so? My mom and I went to the mall for a couple of hours on Wednesday. I really need some 'church clothes'. I wear the same 5 or 6 outfits over and over and I am even getting sick of seeing myself in them (so I know everyone else is sick of looking at them! Just kidding, I know people could really care less about my wardrobe). Anyway, I had an amount in mind to spend on some dress clothes (that's what we hillbillies call them 'dress clothes' - hey, it's better than 'Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes'). I went to our local Belk store and had grand ideas of some wonderful new tailored pieces to add to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I felt like I had taken a step back in time-- to the 1960's. No, I wasn't alive in the 60's, but I have seen the pictures and they aren't pretty. I am telling you, if I had a pair of white go-go boots, they would have matched any of the outfits I saw fabulously. The dresses are huge wild prints and they are short - very short. They remind me of sacks (not Sak's as in 5th Avenue, but sacks as in potato sacks). They are mostly made out of some sort of polyester (yes, polyester is apparently making a comeback even though it feels like wearing plastic). Some were made out of rayon (I thought we completely stopped making rayon back in the 80's, but whatever). Some of the wild print things were shaped like 'bubbles' - I kid you not! I tried on a top that was black and white print - it had a little puffy 3/4 length sleeve and it tied at the bottom to make you look like you are wearing a sandwich bag or like you are in a bubble. I could go on about this for DAYS and DAYS, but let's just leave it at this........some things are better left in the past.

*My son's team has played 5 basketball games in the last 2 weeks and they have won 3 of them. Our team is the Road Runners (our sponsor is Summers-Taylor, a local paving company). Lake is not really a great shooter, but he can guard the best of them, and you know DEFENSE wins the game! My husband is one of the coaches of the team and you would think that he is back in high school playing basketball again. He is constantly making up plays and thinking of different defenses to use against certain teams. He is having at least as much fun as Lake is.

*Our house is still under construction. We have no sheet rock yet! We may not get to move in until 2012 (okay maybe that is an exaggeration). I am thankful that we are not having to rent until we move or that we arent trying to sell our house (we are probably going to rent it out after we move to the new one). I just wish it were farther along. There are so many decisions to make and I am not very decisive. I will post pictures soon.

*My youngest son, Kaden, might be watching too much tv. He is 4 and every time he looks in the mirror he smiles and says "Lookin' good". He says it in a manly voice too. I am kind of worried. At his birthday party a couple of weeks ago, he made the announcement that "This party's off the hook!" (a line from Madagascar I believe). There are so many more little quotes I could tell you, but there really isnt time to type them all. I think its time to unplug the tv.

*About a week ago Jennifer (notice the linky - mad skillz I tell ya) tagged me to do do a meme where I am supposed to disclose 7 things about myself. As much as this might bore you, here goes.......

~One time I went to a place where you pay money and they wrap you in these cloths that are supposed to make you lose up to 12 inches of fat in one hour. I was desperate, people, desperation causes us to do STUPID things! They measured me after it was over and I had lost a total of 7 inches off my whole body. Sounds good, huh? Well, that meant I lost 1/4 inch off each arm, 1/4 inch off each leg, 1/4 inch off my waist ----do ya smell what I'm cookin' here? Money wasted - lesson learned - whatever.
~My husband and I love the beach and we love Disney World, but two of our other favorite places to visit are: Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland - we had so much fun in both places we always tell people to visit them. (I told you I was boring).
~I went to France and Spain when I got out of high school. One night at a restaraunt in France, they served rabbit. My choices were fish with the bones still in it and eyes or rabbit - I knew I wasnt going to eat either of those things - I was interested in the bread and potatoes - so I figured I would go with the one that smelled least disgusting so I picked rabbit. When they brought it out and sat it in front of me, I nearly died right there on the spot! When I say they served rabbit, I mean it still looked like the rabbit! It was in the shape of a bunny, it still had the eyes. Within three seconds of looking at it, I went to the bathroom and threw up. The only things I ate for the rest of the trip were bread, M&M's and McDonalds fries.
~Hubs and I went on a Disney cruise a few years ago. We met an older couple (in their 70's) from PA. We still keep in touch with them.
~When my husband and I went to get our marriage license, I was so nervous when the woman asked me to raise my right hand to swear to the information, I raised my left. (He will never let me live it down - he tells everyone). I used to have a problem with left/right (judge lest not ye be judged). My first grade teacher had arrows on the wall that said left/right on them. The problem was that I was facing them so it was backwards to me. It took me years (I mean years) to get it straight in my mind.......go ahead and make fun of me at this time when you read the next item, you wont be laughing! Whatever.....
~I graduated from a private college Summa Cum Laude with a 3.98 gpa. HA!
~My first job was at Lenscrafters (I was 16). I worked there all through high school and 2 years of college. I had to wear dresses and shoes with heels. I made really good money because I made commission on glasses that I sold and I spent all my money on clothes, shoes, eating out, gas, and makeup. I really liked working there. My second job was working at Sears Telecatalog - I hated it! I wore a headset and sat in front of a computer ---when you hear a ringing in your ear you say "Thank you for calling Sears Telecatalog, this is Beth, how may I help you today?" Most boring, worst job ever! I might be the reason that Sears does not have a catalog department today.

~ Heres a bonus for ya....I hate to drink after people (yes even family), I drink oolong and green tea everyday - antioxidants ya know, I use Principal Secret skin care stuff that I ordered off TV when I was pregnant with Lake 7 years ago - love it, I shop at Wal-Mart way too much (and I sometimes buy clothes there even though my husband hates it).........

Okay, Jennifer, there you have it.....Jennifer? Jennifer? Wake up! You said you wanted to hear 7 things about me! :-)

*I watched the Obama/Clinton debate last night and laughed my head off. Day before yesterday they were biting wach other's heads off and last night they were almost in love with each other. Funny what a difference a day makes........The Republicans are now cutting each other to the be honest, I am really not that impressed with any of them. (Although I do kind of like Huck).

*Have you noticed that people are trying their best to name their kids weird names? We know some people.....well, better shut up on that one. Look up celebrity baby names and you will see what I mean. I am all for different names, but should you really name a little girl Scout? Whatever.

~Have you noticed that people use the word 'whatever' way too much?

~This morning hubs forgot to take the garbage can to the end of the driveway (Friday is garbage day here - told you this would bore you) so when I saw the truck coming, I put on my tennis shoes with my pajamas and ran the garbage out to the road in the rain. I have no makeup on and my hair is a mess. As I was turning the can around and heading back to the house, I noticed hub's old girlfriend driving by (she lives up the road from us - she is really nice). I bet she thinks he got a real prize when he married me, huh?

Well, for the two of you who have read to this point I have to say, "I am truly sorry that you are still awake".


Jennifer Partin said...

And see, I didn't need any coffee to get to the comment section! :)

Talkin' about PJ's.....
Yesterday I decided to stay in my PJ's and I had to drive to pick up Megan and Madden from Swim Team practice. I waited in the car, Megan said that Mr. Arnold needed me to come in the building to give me the Team's financial report and some cash. Figures on this day of all days when I am there 5 days a week---this would be the day someone asks for me! I had to humbly tell Megan I could NOT get out of the car b/c I had PJ's on. Lesson learned---never go outside in PJ's, even if it's only a short trip----like running out to the end of the driveway! :)

Thanks for the laugh! I really needed it. You're a hoot.

jennyhope said...

LOL on so much of this. I would have died with the old girlfriend! That is too much.
Also, on the too much tv i think morgan is the same way. that is all she thinks about is what show she is going to watch. She screams about Veggie tales and Thomas constantly.

i loved that a lady came to the Lord in your study! PRAISE GOD! That is so awesome!

Also, I loved your comments on Samuel. I feel the same way so often like I dont make the cut and I am so thankful that He speaks to me. You are so precious!! I love your heart for the Lord. Keep in that word girl! We so need Him! love jen

Super B's Mom said...

I love your blog. I laughed the entire time I read today's post because I can relate. It's hilarious. I am horrible about rotating the same 5 or 6 outfits. Which means on a good week, I wear maybe one outfit that I didn't wear the week before. Sad but true.

I laughed so hard about your son's "Lookin' Good" comment. Just last night, my son (4 yrs) said, "I'm a Ladies Man." WHAT?!?!

The pictures of your boys are awesome. Sweet Batman & Robin.

I found you by way of Jennyhope. I thought it was really cool that you are studying Samuel too. Have a great day!

nancygrayce said...

That was so funny! Thanks for a good laugh! It is the best medicine you know!!! And I have taken the garbage out many times in that exact attire, minuse the tennis shoes....I just slid into my flip flops and ran.

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness.......I just came across your blog for the first time and I am laughing so hard at this post. Laughing with you not at you, honest!!! I think I'll come back and visit again!! I've run the garbage to the street in my pjs so many times, I can't even count!!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

You crack me up!

And I'm rejoicing over the new Siesta!!! That's just awesome!

Have a great weekend!

Steve said...

Great Post, Sis!!

Cheryl said...

Hey BethAnne,
I just got your comment! How cool! My hubbie was on staff at FBCW a few years back, so chances are he knows your dad. We met at FBCW and were married in 2005 by Pastor Johnny. It is a small world!! Nice to 'meet' you! Keep in touch!

Renee said...

You never fail to make me laugh, or spend the rest of the day in thought. Both wonderful gifts.

This was hilarious...I love reading these random things about you!!

Alana said...

Wow! You've been holding that in all week haven't you ;-)

I, too had issues with left and right. You are not alone. I eve blogged about it at one point. It may have been in a similar type posts. Maybe we should start a support group.

Mr. and Mrs. D said...

Hi! I found you from HisDaughter, and you found her from Beth Moore, and I am also a Beth Moore blog! Whew!

I loved your post. I am especially intrigued by your comments about Baltimore, MD and I have a question. My family and I will be traveling there soon and we only have one day and one night to spend in the area. Is there anything or any places you would suggest that are must-do's for us?

Secondly, I was thrilled to see that you kinda like Huck. My hubby and I had the honor of meeting him in person in NH and we were very impressed. I didn't want to just like him because he was a minister, so I was very cautious before giving him my support. However, after really looking into things deeply, I have really come to respect him and I think he would make a great Commander in Chief. And the fact that he is a minister is just icing on the cake--or lagniappe as my Cajun people would say! I am concerned that the media isn't giving him a fair shot, but God is in control and He can do anything!

So anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you a great weekend.


BethAnne said...

I hate to get political, but like you, I am afraid the media isnt painting a pretty picture of him. In my opinion, he is the best conservative candidate, but I honestly expect Romney to be the Rep. selection (which is sad for many reasons).
If you only have a short time in Baltimore you need to spend it at Inner Harbour. It is right in the center of Baltimore and it is beautiful. There are neat shops and the National Aquarium is there. You can watch the ships come and go. I definitely recommend it - you won't be sorry!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you will come back often.

Mr. and Mrs. D said...

Hi. Thanks for the tip on what to do in Baltimore. I will pass it along to my husband.

And you don't have to apologize to be for being political. I believe that christian who know the truth have an obligation to stand up for it. So I thank you for your comment.

May God bless you!

HIS daughter said...

I love your name!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a "note". I'm rushing out the door to go to "exit 7". Do you know what an "exit 7" is? If you do, then I know you are really near where we live..:-)

I want to respond to your blog because it's hilarious! I don't know how much of yourself you want to share but I'll share that I'm near Abingdon and I go to Highlands Fellowship there.
Does that sound like a familiar name?

Ok...I'll be back...glad to meet a nearby Siesta!


NYC said...

This post was funny :) Soemetimes the random posts are the best.

Praise God that the woman in your bible study was convicted by the Spirit and fled to the cross!

Fran said...

The whole part of Kaden watching too much tv made me laugh so hard.
Oh, that darling little Dash! :)

Have a wonderful weekned. It was so good to see you back. I missed ya!

Earen said...

Ok, so I just really enjoyed this post & laughed out loud at several bring joy to my heart. I will always wish we lived closer so we could have coffee & be "in person" friends. You're a riot!

He Knows My Name said...

great post bethanne. wonderful news about the ladies Praise the Lord whew! so great.

you cracked me up. ~janel

Linda said...

Hi,first time here. You've got a very cute blog here. Your voice is very authentic. I enjoyed your list. I was alive in the 60s, and let me tell you, I don't like the retro look, either!