Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who ARE Oprah's Friends Anyway????

Before I begin this post, I want to thank Jenny for an award (see my side bar). I posted a thank you last week, but apparently it didnt stick. Not sure why (apparently my mad computer skillz arent so mad, huh?). Anyway, Jenny loves the Lord so much and I really appreciate her encouragement (even if the thank you is coming a little late). Thanks, Jenny!

I'll talk about Oprah in a minute, but first I want to catch you up from ourweekend. Our President's Day was spent in Hickory and Lenoir, NorthCarolina looking for furniture. It is so much cheaper there. We found a leather family room suite here in one of our local stores here and itwas over $5,000........the same suite in NC? $3,000. See what I mean? We would be crazy to shop around here! I have looked at literally thousands of fabrics and I am still not sure what I want. I guess this is where a good interior decorator would be helpful, but unfortunately at our house I AM THE INTERIOR DECORATOR! (and the maid and the cook, etc.,etc,). So, the burden rests on me. You can see the sofa that I love here - the only question is what fabric to use on said sofa. When we actually move in (like in 2014?),I will definitely post pics of the finished product at which time you allwill ooh and ahh over what I have done while thinking "She should have hired someone". In any case, in light of eternity, my furniture doesn't mean 'a hill of beans'. (Another TN saying - you can pay me later for the Appalachian education you receive here on my blog). I figure Jesus will come back before we move in anyway, so someone else will be left to decorate the house anyway.

On to Oprah.........If you have read this blog for any length of time, youwill know that I am not an Oprah fan (although I do enjoy Dr. Oz who is on her show on Mondays). I feel like Oprah is the epitomy of a falseprophet. She tells of growing up in church- she talks about God andnew age ideas in the same breath. She is a noted philanthropist, she worksto end the plight of the oppressed, she builds schools in Africa and loves toreward teachers because her own teachers influenced her life sogreatly.To the unsaved person she is a Christian doing God's work. Oprah is an American icon who women and men revere as a hero. The truth is that Oprah is an advocate for gay rights. She is a huge fan ofMarianne Williamson, who is a well known new-ager. She has promoted new age books and conferences on her show. Oprah uses her platform to promote a new pop-culture type of religion where one relies solely on himself, where anything is fine as long as it feels good to you, where everything and everyone should be tolerated (and tolerance has proven to be the downfall of America so far, but don't get me started on that!). In America, Oprah is well-respected and people take her word as law (which is why I fear the Barak Obamanation might be our next Pres).

I think we underestimate the effect that the Oprah's of our world have on lost people. Our world is full of atheists and agnostics who are preaching that we humans are god. People like Oprah do more for the cause of satan that someone who is a self-procalimed satanist because she is seen as someone who does good for others. She is respected and people want to imitate her.

The following article is just another example of why we as Christians must be ready to contend for our faith. If this article is correct, we need to be praying up and studying up preparing to refute any arguments from people who listen to Oprah and her misguided friends.........

Oprah Winfrey will be letting out all the stops on her XM Satellite Radio
program this coming year. Beginning January 1, 2008, “Oprah & Friends” will
offer a year-long course on the New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles.1 A lesson a
day throughout the year will completely cover the 365 lessons from the Course in
Miracles “Workbook.”
For example, Lesson #29 asks you to go through your day
affirming that “God is in everything I see.”2 Lesson #61 tells each person to
repeat the affirmation “I am the light of the world.”3 Lesson #70 teaches the
student to say and believe “My salvation comes from me.”4 By the end of the
year, “Oprah & Friends” listeners will have completed all of the lessons
laid out in the Course in Miracles Workbook. Those who finish the Course will
have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset—a New Age worldview that includes the
belief that there is no sin, no evil, no devil, and that God is “in” everyone
and everything. A Course in Miracles teaches its students to rethink everything they believe
about God and life. The Course Workbook bluntly states: “This is a course in
mind training”5 and is dedicated to “thought reversal.”6Teaching A Course in
Miracles will be Oprah’s longtime friend and special XM Satellite Radio reporter Marianne
—who also happens to be one of today’s premier New Age leaders.
She and Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch
co-founded the American Renaissance Alliance in 1997, that later became the Global
Renaissance Alliance
of New Age leaders, that changed its name again in 2005
to the Peace Alliance. This Peace
Alliance seeks to usher in an era of global peace founded on the principles of a
New Age/New Spirituality that they are now referring to as a “civil rights
movement for the soul.”7 They all agree that the principles of this New Age/New
Spirituality are clearly articulated in A Course in Miracles—which is fast
becoming the New Age Bible. So what is A Course in Miracles and what does it
teach?A Course in Miracles is allegedly “new revelation” from “Jesus” to help
humanity work through these troubled times. This “Jesus”—who bears no doctrinal
resemblance to the Bible’s Jesus Christ—began delivering his channeled teachings
in 1965 to a Columbia University Professor of Medical Psychology by the name of
Helen Schucman.
One day Schucman heard an “inner voice” stating, “This is a
course in miracles. Please take notes.”8 For seven years she diligently took
spiritual dictation from this inner voice that described himself as “Jesus.” A
Course in Miracles was quietly published in 1975 by the Foundation for Inner
Peace. For many years “the Course” was an underground cult classic for New Age
seekers who studied “the Course” individually, with friends, or in small study
groups.As a former
New Age follower
and devoted student of A Course in Miracles, I eventually
discovered that the Course in Miracles was—in reality—the truth of the Bible
turned upside down. Not having a true understanding of the Bible at the time of
my involvement, I was led to believe that A Course in Miracles was “a gift from
God” to help everyone understand the “real” meaning of the Bible and to help
bring peace to the world. Little did I know that the New Age “Christ” and the
New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles were everything the real Jesus Christ
warned us to watch out for. In Matthew 24 Jesus warned about false teachers,
false teachings and the false “Christs” who would pretend to be Him. When I left
the New Age “Christ” to follow the Bible’s Jesus Christ, I had come to
understand that the “Jesus” of A Course in Miracles was a false “Christ,” and
that his Course in Miracles was dangerously deceptive. Here are some quotes from
the “Jesus” of A Course in Miracles:
“There is no sin. . . " 9 [See note]
A “slain Christ has no meaning.”10
“The journey to the cross
should be the last ‘useless journey.”11
“Do not make the pathetic error of
‘clinging to the old rugged cross.’”12
“The Name of Jesus Christ as such is
but a symbol... It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many
names of all the gods to which you pray.”13
“God is in everything I see.”14
“The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.”15
“The oneness
of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your
limitless power.”16
“The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn,
for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.”17
Most Christians recognize that these teachings are the opposite of what the
Bible teaches. In the Bible, Jesus Christ’s atoning death on the cross of
Calvary was hardly a “useless journey.” His triumph on the cross provides
salvation to all those who confess their sin, accept Him and follow Him as their
Lord and Saviour. His victory on the cross rings throughout the New Testament.
It has been gloriously sung about in beloved hymns through the ages and is at
the heart of our Christian testimony.

Read the rest here.....

"Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints."
Jude 1:3


Alana said...

Yikes that is some SCARY stuff in that article. Thanks for making us aware, Bethanne. May Truth prevail!

Love the sofa by the way. Good luck with your interior decorating choices. I would be no help in this area.

Kelly S. said...

I am not believing you posted on Oprah today, because we just had this discussion last night in bible study. There was a lady in the audience yesterday (who asked a question on air) that used to live in Rogersville, so alot of people watched. (I tried but even then could not force myself to endure). False prophet were my exact words. SO many people rush out and buy, read, or practice anything she suggests. I looked up the Course in Miracles yesterday.......crazy stuff.....all in the name of "God".....but never the word Jesus.
2 Peter 2:1-2
But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves.2Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute.

whew....this whole thing burns me up!!

BethAnne said...

burns me up too kelly - it makes me so mad i went to reply to you on your blog, but there wasnt one! :-) it just takes a minute to set it up and you dont have to post on it everyday ya know?

Anonymous said...
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Fran said...

Oh my gosh bethanne....Im filled with 100 emotions right now. So....just like you said, we must be bold in our Christian ways and be filled with Him and give Him all glory and credit. May He and His Truth be shown for what it is and nothing else.

I'm so proud of you for posting this. Whew....I'm gonna read this whole thing now.....

Blessings friend!

Dionna said...

I enjoyed finding your blog today!

Rochelle said...

Wow... I didn't know all that. I agree with Alana... scary stuff.

Joanne said...

Thanks for that...I am a non-fan of Oprah myself. The only times you will catch me watching her is when Dr. Oz is on.

Oprah is becoming an American religion. I will be glad when she is off the air. I have family who watch her RELIGIOUSLY.

I find it interesting that she was named after 'Orpah' the daughter in law of Naomi in the Bible who went back to her own family after her husband died, unlike Ruth who stayed with her mother in law and made the bold statement,"Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God."

Orpah never said that...and neither has OPRAH.

Great post, Joanne

Mama P said...
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Mama P said...

Wow, thanks for deleting that first comment. Must be nice to feel so 100% confident. I'll make sure I send people from my blog to your blog. What a wonderful way to show God's love.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Amen sister! The last time I watched her show, I could feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit that this was not something I needed to have on in my home. Ever. I don't want those ideas and words floating around in my house!!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

And I forgot to say I LOVE THAT SOFA!!!!! Love those lines and the curve at the seat cusion. Very nice.

Fabric depends on how this piece is used. If it's in your family room (high traffic!) then I would go with a durable fabric that will hide accidents. For me, I like to cover those pieces in an almost neutral color (not a lot of pattern) and accent with pillows and throws. You can change those out as the seasons change for a new look without spending a ton of money. And neutral color doesn't just mean tan. In our house neutral just means I have lots color options. In my mom's house her "apple green" is her neutral color in her kitchen and she accents as the season/holidays change.

If this is piece in a sitting or formal area, then I would go bold and pick a fabulous fabric out. Make it THE piece in the room.

Girl if my parents internet was working, I would send my Dad over to look and give you some fabric suggestions. He's got the best eye ever.

Okay, I REALLY get into this sort of thing and seeing as I've been awake since 4:00 this morning, I'm probably rambling and making NO sense whatsoever. Sorry for the book!!!


love you girl

Mama P said...

I was being sarcastic about deleting that last comment, obviously, at it was mine that you deleted. My point is this, and then I'll let it be: I get that you have a different viewpoint than I do. But I wasn't putting you down, I was expressing myself. I just don't get how deleting other viewpoints is going to help your cause in an honest way. It doesn't seem right.

This all said, if you want to delete this and my prior comment, that's fine. But please delete all of them, as I don't want my name being associated with yours as we obviously have different views of the world.

Thank you, and with all my heart, I do mean God Bless. I wish you well.

Mama P said...

Hey Bethanne - I guess there was confusion. No problem. Again, I love learning about different opinions. If you're cool with me not having the same ideas as you, I'm cool with you not having the same as me! I'm on my Christian journey the best way I can, so thanks for listening.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

BethAnne said...

Mama P.
I just figured out the comment that you are referring to being deleted. It was mine. I wrote a comment to someone and I didnt like the way it was worded so I deleted it.
I welcome anyone (that isnt crazy or scary or deranged) to read and comment on my blog. You and I may have different beliefs, but that doesnt mean we cant find common ground in some areas. I hope you will visit again!

Mama P said...

Bethanne - I will definitely be back! Thank you. I sooooo appreciate your not only following up, but your grace with the way you present yourself. My thing in life - we all have different beliefs, but it's how you handle it that makes the difference. I think as a Christian, too, though I have much learning ahead of me, my goal is to show by example: by not putting others down for having a different opinion. But to simply share mine.

I suppose with the recent BabyCenter uproar - some people calling me a "callous mother" no joke for not breasfeeding or doing attachment parenting the way they do, I have HAD IT with extreme views.

I know this isn't the case with you. I mean, your views on, say, the influx of gays on tv might be extreme to someone like me who is more open to that, but your openness to other points of view is what matters. To me, anyway.

My point with this rambling - thank you. I do appreciate your follow up.

jennyhope said...

I just think this is more proof that we are to test and approve as Christians. I guess I was turned off personally (I have never really watched much oprah) but when she said Jesus wasn't the only way so I am sure not going to be getting my advice there. I will pray for her.

NYC said...

Bethanne, thankfully you beat me to this post! I have been so crazy busy with work and school that I haven't been able to post much this week. Oprah is the epitome of a false teacher!!!! The stuff she is peddling nowadays is straight from teh deepest pits of Hades. Exhibit 1, "A Course in Miracles." This "Course in Miracles" is the most anti- Christian dribble to come out in a long time. It is truly blasphemous!!!! She peddles the type of junk that the bible says sneks into the homes of woman. It burns me up too!

He Knows My Name said...

bethanne, excellent post. i only wish it could be on the front page of the new york times. she def has way too much power and influence that only her money has bought. if it weren't for her wealth i don't think anyone would give her the time of day. she is definitely worshiped and she is so wrong and leading so many women down the wrong path. again, excellent post. ~janel

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Oprah knows the real reason for her success yet. Her "go there" moments with her spirit guides are leading her down the "broad path" that Jesus warned us against.
About Dr.Oz....he is a very charasmatic and knowledgable Doctor and his wife Lisa is a Reiki Master and an Oprah show producer. Reiki is based on ancient mysticism and healing which has been brought to the forefront of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT.
I compare Oprah to a modern day pied piper. Her millions of lemmings will need to be deprogrammed after 365 days of THE COURSE!!!! It seems the majority of people are so spiritually bankrupt and this is the reason Oprah became their goddess.
We are living in very perilous times and the real battle has never lost it's focus........it has always been a battle for souls.
Oprah has gone worldwide with her radio show and she will do immense damage and it will be up to us to openly proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ. The true, biblical Jesus not the jesus who instructed Helen Suchman ( spelling ) to pen a course in miracles.

BethAnne said...

I completely agree with you Anonymous. It is a sad day when a talk show host is worshipped and revered. Just proves that people are searching for something (GOD) and are willing to settle for anything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethanne, My name is Pat.

I am happy to have stumbled on your website. I have done so much research on Oprah and her " friends".
I stopped regularly tunning into her show after yet another "favourite things" episode. Her "well-dressed" and affluent audience showed so much greed and avarice as madonna Oprah showered them with material goods.
It actually sickened me. This woman allies herself with friends like Travolta, Cruise, the Presleys et al, who ascribe to scientology.......and Madonna who espouses the kaballah....and all the new-age wonders she promotes on her shows.
The books make the authors instant millionaires as her " I can't think for myself" followers buy them and live their lives by them!
True Christians have the armour of the HOLY SPIRIT to protect them.
I tunned into one of her shows that promoted pole dancing exercise and erotic behaviour....Kids are watching!!! Does she care about those children?? She is an immoral hypocrit. She is so appealing to her followers because " she's been there, done that".....now look at me.
And yes Bethanne, I am very worried about Obama. He's a Christian? He attends a church that loves Farrekhan ( spelling ). What's with that?
We need to peel the layers away, we need to do our research. It truly is so simple for us.......no man gets to the FATHER but through Jesus.......The course says don't be PATHETIC and cling to the rugged cross. Oprah made the statement that Jesus must be the biggest egotist ever.
I am so fired up....I emailed her show a few times....no response, and I didn't expect one. I hope she read what I had to say.
I have become so passionate and protective of MY JESUS and HIS NAME.
I am an RN and have worked 30 years in critical care......I really don't think there are many dying atheists...there's always that " just in case GOD ".
The advent of the computer has been, I think, the most important criteria of our world. JESUS will return, but of course not to " every tom, dick and harry "......Satan is the master of Earth and the skies above, he is very subtle. OUR CREATOR let him reign. WHY?????
OUR GOD wants us to come willingly to HIM.........we are not pawns and our lives ( souls ) are not a chess game. HE gave us free-will and we do with it as we want. HE gave us the New and Old Testament........OUR BIBLE. HE gave us 10 simple rules to lead a good life....Moses was a REAL man!!!
JESUS CHRIST was a real man. Too bad Oprah wasn't there as Jesus was bearing the cross, with a crown of thorns on HIS head, on HIS way to Calvary. I don't think she would have proclaimed Jesus to be the biggest egotist. Oprah is a megalomaniac......the real I AM is watching every soul.
I won't let Oprah off my radar....the lady in the audience was so shut down when she stood up and said JESUS is the only way. I hope this woman finds your website.
I am a Canadian.........The world has women like us.......we are not imtimidated by Oprah. Oprah will have a problem with our message. That's why we will never be given a shot on her show. Maybe we should try Larry King. What do you think?


He Knows My Name said...

i wanted to come back and say that couch is the cat's meow. i love the unique curves. you will have fun picking out a fabric. it's just a beautiful piece.

i was in borders today and next to the cash register was opra's latest book for her online class. i remarked i was surprised he had any left. he stated he just received another shipment. i should have asked how many he sold. he remarked "you know anything oprah" and i said "ya her power scares me, the power of oprah just scares me". he chuckled. i'm going to let my husband read the whole thing. by the way he loves rapture ready too. he always reads their articles. ~janel

BethAnne said...

Hey Pat I am glad you stumbled on my little blog too! I like the way you preach! I totally agree with you on Oprah (and Obama) - scary people on a scary course - they have way too much power over people.
I hope you will come back often and always feel free to comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethanne,
I am going to make a point to tune into Miz Oprah a little more frequently.....I think I heard her say that Harpo studios bought the cable TV channel ? Discovery Health...am I right?
Just think about.....Dr. OZ, Lisa Oz and reiki. Satan is a superb being in his subtleness, doncha think?
I was raised Catholic, went to a private Convent girl's school.....I could tell you a lot. I haven't been able to practice my faith for a long time......I am a Christian first and foremost in my life. I have emailed the vatican ( this Pope especially )...like Oprah I know I will never get a response. Pope Paul vi told us the Smoke of Satan has entered the Vatican ( 1976, I think ).
Pedophilia is satan's calling card...Their financial resourses must be huge...as their silence payouts keeps mouths shut. They just re-circulate priests, Bishops and probably Cardinals so they can re-offend and abuse little innocents. One of the Beatitudes....Suffer the little children. Babies all over our planet are suffering immensely.
Satan is in his glory........I think OUR CREATOR has had enough.
I am one little person in this world, I have been a foster parent to one little Muslim girl in Gyana, Africa for the past 8 years. I hope she survives her life's perils.
I once had a thought about a book that I thought only Stephen King could write....what if......the Shroud of Turin produced enough DNA. What if it was cloned.......we would have a perfect jesus clone......he would be in every way like the son of god...........HE WOULD HAVE NO SOUL.......what would that make him....duh, SATAN. Wouldn't the world be in awe of him!!!
I never sent that thought to King.
There is no question in my mind that privately funded labs have not cloned a human being. C'mon!
Is the UFO phenomenom real........ABSOLUTELY. They definitely are not the benevolent beings we are being bombarded with on TV. I will tell you why I know this, firsthand, another time.
It has taken so very long to get here, to find out and to really know. Who would ever believe this stuff?? I have said nothing, and now I think I know something.
Satan is doing his best, he knows the time is NEAR.
I have such fear for my 2 beautiful grandchildren.........Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son....he was prepared to do so.........he must have been in absolute agony to do GOD'S will. WE will never be asked to do that again because Abraham was willing to do so for his love of our CREATOR.
I have researched the "Rapture" and it's not a concept I can ascribe to....A British protestant or Evangical put the rapture out there....I wanted that so much, BUT I don't think it will happen. JESUS will return and all the buried, Christian or not will rise from there graves.
WE are going to go through very scary times.......666, don't know what that means, but all indivuals will for forego paper currency. I think we will abandon plastic. A fingerprint or optic scan are on the horizon. Our pets have implant chips..........one day we will have them also. Every auto we buy will have "ON STAR".......I believe we will be Tracked.
BIG BROTHER.........ABSOLUTELY, but not ORSON WELLES.........LUCIFER. This is a BATTLE FOR SOULS..........sounds ridiculous doesn't it???
Think about it...........refuse the implant.............you can't even buy a quart of milk for your babies.........satan is ready to pounce, he will control. That is his plan.............NOW, my JESUS must come.
The personal computer is the most defining advancement. We need to pay attention. JESUS CHRIST is my personal SAVIOUR.
It's coming.........it will be as in the days of NOAH.......everyone will be going about their daily activies..........we've been told and warned..........BE VIGILANT AND TEST THE FALSE PROPHETS.
Bethanne, that's why Oprah will never be off my radar...............

or a cash/money

BethAnne said...

I am assuming that you left the last comment as 'anonymous'. I agree with you that satan uses even the strangest things to distract us from the things of God. I agree that the last days (which we are in I believe)will bring all manner of Stephen King-like scenarios. I cant agree with you on one thing - the Rapture. In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 we can read about the Rapture of the Church. If you go to this site http://www.raptureready.com/faq/rap23.html#RAPTURE and click on the links under "rapture" you can read what the Bible says about the rapture. Let me know what you think! Have a blessed day.

jennifer said...

I hear that on XM radio and I think that is her test. See what she can get away with without tarnishing her Oprah-ness and then take it to the TV. The Soul Series on her radio show IS NOT Christian. That is her perogative, but I abhor the mingling of Christian principles with the New Age philosphy. I just dont think the two can mesh!! Great Post - Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethanne,
In think you and I would have to debate the word "rapture". I know the origin of the word and when the rapture concept first appeared in the 1800's. Yes, I believe Thessalonians. Maybe I assume wrongly but I am assuming that your belief is that Christians will be raptured before the Great Tribulation. The Bible mentions only one second coming of Jesus, so the belief in a pre-tribulation appearance means we will have 2 second comings of Christ.

As Catholics we are in the line of fire by not only other Christian denomiations but also by our own Church. It is a very difficult position given the circumstances in which we live.
I am not shy to speak out against sins of our leaders in the Church. As I have said, Satan has entered the vatican and I believe secret black masses are celebrated. So I must also believe that there are those in power that are fighting demonic forces.

I read Thessalonians as you requested and I would like you to read " Rapture when: an Exegsis of Matthew 24:29-31".
Christians are called upon to take affirmative action. We will be required to " walk the talk ".

How I would love to believe without doubt that we will have a pre-tribulation rapture...but I can't believe in 2 second comings of Christ.
He is coming back only once so that has to be post-tribulation.

In my opinion, this isn't going to be an easy journey and we must always take the high road when it comes to matters of the soul.
There will never be a " feel-good self-help " book on the market that will lead anyone on the right path, except, of course the Bible.

Thanks for reading, Pat

BethAnne said...

Hey Pat! I thought you might like to read why I believe in the pretrib rapture. Here is a link to an article that tells exactly what I believe about the rapture

Also, remember the rapture is not a second coming.....it is all saved people meeting Christ in the air.....there is only one second coming and that comes 7 yrs after the rapture. Just thought you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethanne,
I've read it.......who knows, who knows, not us. Our human minds cannot comprehend, but our souls are filled with The HOLY SPIRIT. He is our path He is our guidance. I ask for HIS guidance because I don't want to be on the OPRAH bandwagon, good or bad. I have seen the look of subtle distain on her face when Jesus or the Bible was mentioned.......I read an article yesterday and the person that wrote it said exactly what I said in my own mind.
There have been things that I never, ever talked about........It has taken 25 years of research to finally get to where I can put "this" where it should be. As I write to you, I am still alone in my thoughts. Absolutely no one in my life would ever EVER be able to understand.
I got through ?IT.......whatever IT was........I asked for Jesus to help me every ime.............NOW, I understand that satan can never reach a true Christian.........
Bethanne, we are being bombarded with UFO, et al. ET ( nice eh? )...Prime time TV.........many shows devoted to the occult and paranormal. We are under siege. It's coming fast and furious.
I know you will think I'm a kook.......I've never talked about this Bethanne......Ever. I spent years trying to figure it out. What ever was happening just stopped one day. Something let me know " THIS " is over. I just finished a day shift at Toronto Western Hospital.....I was selected to work in the newly formed HEART TRANSPLANT program ( a nice coup for me )........I felt so good but didn't know why.......go to one of Oprah's ah-ha moments.....I KNEW "IT " was over. To this day nothing has " terrorized " me. We are being programmed to accept ET, they are in the skies throughout our world. We are being programmed to accept their benevolency. Think about it..........the anti-christ will do wonders and miracles in the skies, and all be in AWE.
Where will a being come from to be able to do that.....and we will be seduced. WHO could possibly do this as a human....can you think of anyone? Who is THE FALSE PROPHET who will pave the way? We are being conditioned to accept...."What A great BEING ", so compassionate to the Human dengeration of the Cosmos.
That's where he will come from....the world is being programmed.
Step out of your comfort zone Bethanne.........do the research. I believe the BIBLE is pure in text...read about the urantia book........it is as satanically inspired as the Qu'ran.
Go on the internet and research mohammed/koran.......I was hoping to find something good......ain't gonna happen.
We are in a battle. JESUS is my armour and the HOLY SPIRIT knows my questions.....HE answers. I want my "babies" protected, Please Lord.
I will reseach " rapture "....you know I would love to believe. Trying to navigate through my Catholic faith has been difficult.......I can recite the Nicene Creed and the OUR FATHER. As I can say a Hail Mary, It's such an easy prayer......She was chosen to birth OUR LORD. Don't you think OUR CREATOR really gave thought to the Mother of His Son.
Anyway that's not the issue.
I'll check in again.......this has been a lot for me. Pat

BethAnne said...

Yes, I do believe that God really thought about who the mother of Jesus should be, but by the same token, HE commands that we worship ONLY Jesus. Mary was a great woman blessed by God to be chosen to bear His Son, but she is not to be worshipped or revered equally or above Jesus. She was flesh and blood just like us....Jesus is the Word made flesh. There is no comparison between the two.

Anonymous said...

Bethanne, I have never asked the Blessed Virgin for help. I have never asked my beautiful Mom to help me....ONE of the TRINITY has always been on my spiritual compass.
Happenstance is happening.........protect your babies. Through all of this, the HOLY SPIRIT is here to guide.
The Qu'ran cannot comprehend the TRINITY. The koran was penned by mohammed.........research it, find out.
Yes, Mary was a mere mortal........as we are.........would OUR LORD,CREATOR choose us to be the Mother of Jesus???
That lady was extremely special..are you or I that special?
Give this a little thought....what do you think Jesus thought about HIS Mom? What do your children think about you? Mary is not an important player in the Bible........she birthed OUR LORD. Are you important as a MOM with your sons??? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Don't give Mary such short shrift....JESUS is her SON...HE is the Human that came "here" to protect our souls.
Bethanne, you just can't take a bead on Oprah....she is an easy target. The puppet master is lucifer and the battle is ( as I think and said ) for SOULS.
The pre-tribulation "rapture" is so compelling.......Man, I want to believe it!!!
How wonderful that you believe you and yours will be "raptured".........never to go through trials and tribulations. Never to be really tested.............think about Hitler's aryan race. Hitler was ensconced in the occult.
Research Stonehenge and the Pyramids..........research Moses ( 1000 years BC ).......research Ramses. Blew my mind........Niagara Falls Museum....I went there many times as a young girl. WOW.........the mummy in the glass ( Ramses I ),case has been sent to Atlanta, Georgia. Egypt will have him returned to them. History, history!!!!

Noah's Ark on mount Ararat, the Arc of the Covenant bellow the Dome of the the Rock...........none of us know. The Jews repatriating Israel .... there is no question. 1947.........Israel became a STATE
and Country.
Do the research Bethanne. Don't just be in your comfortable home. Get on your computer and do the RESEARCH.
Find out what you need to know.

Bye Bethanne

Anonymous said...

Bethanne, I know you are upset. Type in " The Interview with God". That was sent to me by a friend a few years ago.
It is compelling in it's simplicity.

Anonymous said...

I read that article about how Oprah is promoting the Course In Miracles book. It's very scary that she has so much influence. But our society and generation is one that has been taught to believe that when someone has their own TV show and wears designer outfits, they must know what they're talking about.
I'm glad I have an Aunt that is intelligent, thinks for herself, and is proud of her faith in Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior!

-Your favorite niece-

Anonymous said...

Name: Phyllis
Oprah's 4 interviews with Jill Bolte Taylor were the first that Oprah did after Eckhart Tolle and they take everything Tolle talks about to another level. Oprah's copy of Jill's book, MY STROKE OF INSIGHT, was dog-eared and all marked up and kept reading from it the way she read from A New Earth and recommended it highly.

Oprah's recommendation was enough for me. I read My Stroke of Insight and I loved it too. This story is as inspiring as The Last Lecture or Tuesdays with Morrie - and even better, it has a Happy Ending!

I bought the book on Amazon because they have it for 40% off retail and they also had an amazing interview with Dr Taylor that I haven't seen anywhere else - Here is the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/My-Stroke-Insight-Scientists-Personal/dp/0670020745/ref=pd_bbs_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1211471755&sr=1-2

Anonymous said...

I read "My Stroke of Insight" in one sitting - I couldn't put it down. I laughed. I cried. It was a fantastic book (I heard it's a NYTimes Bestseller and I can see why!), but I also think it will be the start of a new, transformative Movement! No one wants to have a stroke as Jill Bolte Taylor did, but her experience can teach us all how to live better lives. Her TED.com speech was one of the most incredibly moving, stimulating, wonderful videos I've ever seen. Her Oprah Soul Series interviews were fascinating. They should make a movie of her life so everyone sees it. This is the Real Deal and gives me hope for humanity.