Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's Friday, and as you know, I normally post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so in the interest of staying on schedule, here are a few things that I feel need to be brought out of my mind and onto the internet for the world to see (well, for all three of my readers to see).........My randomness has been known to cause even the most desperate of insomniacs to fall asleep, so read at your own risk.

*As many of you are aware, I have recently joined the ranks of those who spend countless hours stalking people I 'used to know' on Facebook. I have been noticing that every time I am on Facebook there are ads on the side of my screen requesting that I purchase weight loss products. As a matter of fact, if I see "Acai berry" written on my screen one more time, I might actually give in and purchase some for my very own. Do you really think I could lose 15 lbs in 15 days? (I mean without having to be hospitalized)? Cause I'm totally open to that (the losing not the hospitalizing).

*So, I mentioned in this post that my husband referees high school football. It never ceases to amaze me how grown adults turn into complete idiots over a high school ballgame. The referee can never please everyone - if a call goes one way, the other team is mad and vice verse. As you can imagine, over the years that we have been married I have heard people call my husband everything in the book. People have suggested that he needs to wear glasses, they have suggested that he is in love with one of the coaches, he has been called a zebra countless times, and some people have even questioned whether his mom and dad are actually married (you'll get it in a minute). You get my point, I have heard it all. Or so I thought until last Friday night.

*At the ballgame last Friday there were two grown men sitting behind me who apparently were not happy with the calls my husband and his crew were making (these men were pulling for the losing team). One of them actually stood up and yelled in his loudest redneck voice "Whatsa matter Ref, you forget to take your Metamucil"? And a few minutes later, the other one said "Hey Ref, you didn't take your Viagra today did ya"? Okay, we can all see the obvious stupidity in both of those comments and their irrelevance to a ballgame. But really, should people be mentioning Laxatives and Viagra in public? I mean it's one thing to question a man's regularity, but Viagra????............Besides, does constipation really blur one's vision? I think not. Ya gotta love rednecks. (For those of you who live here, all I can say is beware of the Patriot fans).

*I have recently realized I am now at the age my parents were when I thought they were old.

*Call me crazy, but when a person pays their taxes, both city AND county, I believe that they have done their duty in donating to the public school system. Apparently no one cares what I believe, because yet again, my son's school is asking that we peddle cookies, candy, and for an added touch this year -- cheap jewelry.

The scam that IS school fundraisers works like this: The school sends home catalogs filled with stuff no one wants or needs, they tell our kids that if they don't sell a certain amount of said stuff that they will not be allowed to come to a cheesy program put on by the fundraiser company, thus pressuring my 7 year old to sell this stuff to 'fit in'. They also mention to these small children the possibility of winning great prizes such as a Wii or something equally as cool, but what they don't mention is that the child must sell 7,986 items in order to win the Wii.

Since my husband and I hate to ask people to purchase fundraiser items (other than grand parents and aunts - we do not hesitate to pressure family members into large purchases), we usually find the cheapest things in the catalogs and buy several in order to obtain the # of items it takes to go to the cheesy program so our son will not be a social outcast. I wish the school would just send home a letter that says it is mandatory that we send a $100 check - --- it would be better than begging people to buy cookie dough.

*Is anyone else sick of seeing Geraldine Ferraro on every news channel talking about the plight of women and her failed run for VP? Why do women's lib people have such a chip on their shoulder? Have I told you how much I love that Sarah Palin? Yeah, she rocks.

*Yesterday on the way to school, I was telling my boys about September 11th and what happened on that day. It seems like it was last week instead of seven years ago. I was thinking how history has changed so much since Lake was born 7 years ago. His history books will look nothing like the ones I read. Since he was born in June of 2001, we have seen Americans killed on 9-11, earthquakes and a tsunami that took thousands of lives, a war against terrorists, a black man finally running for president, a mom of 5 running for vice president....and those are just a few major things. It is amazing the changes that the past 7 years have brought - makes me wonder about the next 7 years --- I wonder if we will even be here on earth in 7 years...........

*Is macaroni and cheese considered a meal? And is 'corn dog' a food group? Just askin'......

*For those of you who have flat stove tops, I would highly suggest that you ASSUME the stove top is hot --- sometimes those things can fool the untrained cook even after 9 years of owning one. Just wanted to throw that out there as kind of a public service announcement.

I am on my way to take Lake to school and then go to the Wal-Mart - gas will be going up today because of Ike, so like everyone else and their mother, I will be standing in line at the pumps. I am sure that I will see something, hear something or my kid will do something strange while I am there (it always looks like they are filming a remake of "Deliverance" at our WalMart) so I might add to this boring post if need be. If I don't --- ya'll have a good weekend.


Eddie said...

I can really tell when your having a boring life. You have little to nothing to say. Just thought I would encourage you a tid bit. If macaroni and cheese is not a meal and if corn dogs a food group, the people who decide that should come to your house and I'm certain it would then be both. Loving you sweetie. Dad

Fran said...

HATE fundraisers...the pressure will kill us and then the guilt kills me again.

Haven't seen much Geraldine on news so I can't be sick of it, but if I had been watching, I'd be so sick of it.

Yes the above mentioned foods are part of some food group.

Got gas 2 days ago...this oil thing has got to change. Like I know how.

And, I'm thrilled you are on facebook. BC when my mom turned 40 I considered her near the grave and I'm almost 40 AND on facebook!
Who woulda thunk???


Mari said...

I am amazed by the way adults act at sports events too - especially when their child is involved. It can be a pretty pitiful example to their kids.
I love Sarah Palin too!
School fundraisers - I'm glad my kids are done. I always said I'd rather donate than going around and asking people to buy things. They do get the kids are excited about it - emotional blackmail I think!

Shelley Hendrix said...

Ditto...ditto....yep, ditto again...ditto...ditto...

Love your posts girl--your sense of humor and ability to have your personality come through your writing is priceless.

Tell our dad you want to go on the Cruise 4 Chicks with me in January--I know he's good for it.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, I hate it when people yell at ball games, especially stuff like that.

I, too, always hated the school fund raisers! WHY!? Now that my kids are all grown, I'm being pressured by the neighborhood kids. Does it ever end?

And the line for gas......I just got home and lets just say I'm a little shaky from the wait and the panicked look on everyone's faces! I also think a little price gouging is going on!

ocean mommy said...

I would love to able to say that I was shocked by those parent's comments, but I'm not!!! You will probably run into them in the Wal-Mart!!

Have a great weekend!!

Mommyluann said...

Mac and cheese and corn dog...yep..
a food group of their own.

ha ha ha...on the comments...not that they were about Steve....that stinks...but the fact you were right there..knowing you I'm surprised you didn't have a comment ready for a Christ like way of course....

David and I sat in Ruby Tuesday's near the bar....only table left....and I was amused then quickly saddened at how fast a few beers can make seemingly normal people obnoxious. ugh

Yep..I'm way past the "old age" I thought my parents were.

loved the post...

alliekat said...

I was witness to the comments made at my poor little brother-in-law in his little black and white uniform....he didn't seem to mind!

I don't know about corn dogs (not real fond of them) but I can assure you that macaroni and cheese is a meal all in itself. It tends to be one of my favorites when I am home by myself. Velveeta shells and cheese is the best!

Love Sarah Palin!

LynnSC said...

I just love your randsom posts. I think they are awesome.

I loved that while we homeschooled we missed out on the fundraising... but since my girls are in public school this year, my little one brought home that crazy thing on the second day of school. She was totally pumped about the prizes (junk) that she could get for selling. UGHHH!

Have a great weekend.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Okay.....totally laughing here.....and about the acai berry? Forget it. It's a scam. Doesn't work. I mean, that's what I HEARD anyways...not that I was stupid enough to buy the stuff.....:-) Okay okay....SOMEHOW I got my hands on some.........I'm not telling how......oooooohhhh no.
OKAY OKAY.....I BOUGHT SOME!! There you have it, now leave me alone!!!!! should be a lawyer or a confessionary priest or something! I'm never looking you in the eye....EVER....I might end up confessing to the pint of ice cream I ate on my diet........GEEEEEEZZZZZZ.....see? I did it again! You're GOOOOOD. REAL good.
I'm outta here.

Kelly S. said...

I have realized I am not only at the age when I thought my parents were old, but that my kids think that I am old......(if the shoe fits)....naa I'm not old. OK here's an interesting post you could do: the difference between rednecks and GOB's or Good Ol' Boys. You could even do reasearch and take a pole or something? We certainly have plenty of both in ETN, and that's not always a bad thing. I tend to think my family falls more into the hillbilly category.
I love Sarah Palin and Charles Gibson makes me want to act like a redneck.

Carol said...

Charming, as ususal. I can't stand the fundraisers either. It's really sad in the lower income school (like where I used to teach). The people in charge would come in and do a really loud pep rally to get the kids excited about selling and winning the fabulous grand prize or ride in a limo with the principal. And these poor kids couldn't even afford to buy one item from these books. Ugh!!!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Yes I AM in Destin....if you would stop being nosy and seeing WHO visists your blog, you wouldn't have had to know this small fact. I was trying to spare you the pain.........Now, go take your meds and try to have a good day at church.......................and MOST of all, try not to think of me.....on the beach......feet in sand......without a care in the world...........

Staceystace said...

While I was reading your post, and getting ready to agree with you on the fundraising thing, I was interrupted by the door bell. A little cub scout was selling popcorn. He was so cute I just exclaimed, "I just LOVE popcorn! Let me buy some!" He looked at me like I had lost my mind.

I offered big prizes from me to Sara this week to keep her from bugging our neighbors with fundraising for their Fun Run. She got the exact same speech from me with the reasons you mentioned.