Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For AND Some Kaden Funnies

Have you ever heard the phrase "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it"? Yeah, well, I am learning the meaning of that phrase. Lately, I have been asking God for some very specific things. Some of which are very personal, others that I feel comfortable in sharing here for the world to see (well, for all 20 of my regular readers to see). One of the things I have been asking Him (actually beggin Him might be more appropriate) is to teach me HOW to TRULY walk in the Spirit. We hear that term a lot, but what does it really mean to completely surrender my will and bend EVERY area of my life to HIS will? Is it even possible for ME to surrender every thought, word, and action to the Holy Spirit's leading?
I hear people say that they are led by the Spirit, but let's be honest, how many of us can say that we do NOTHING, without a go-ahead from God. I hope you hear what I am saying, I am not talking about huge decisions or even attitudes or other things we NORMALLY take to the Lord, I am sure that most of us who are Christians pray earnestly over life changing decisions, our attitudes, and daily problems. What I am talking about is the everyday little things. I am talking about walking in the Spirit which means someone is so in tune with the Holy Spirit that they can sense His leadership in even the SMALLEST of things. Seems like a lofty goal, but because my greatest desire is to KNOW GOD and be used by Him, I am serious about developing a relationship like this with God.
If I am so busy walking in the flesh, I will never hear when God whispers in my ear "Go and show kindness to that lady" or "Ask that man if you can pray for him" or "That young girl needs to know ME, introduce her to ME". The flesh is a great sound barrier!!!! When we are walking according to what WE want to do and listening to our own loud voice, we tend to drown out the soft and tender voice of God.
So, getting back to being careful what you ask for.....God has honored my request....although not exactly how I would have liked. Isn't that usually the way it is....guess that's why the Bible tells us "His ways are much higher than ours". Over the past few weeks of sincerely seeking Him to help me in this area, He has allowed me to be in situations that require my Spirit-filled response. It seems as though every person I have spoken with on the phone has been ready for confrontation. Every store clerk I have come in contact with has been in a terrible mood. My son has had a bad attitude. I have had one opportunity after another to bite back, discourage, join a pity party, and be rude. I asked God to help me walk in the Spirit in EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE and you know what? He is granting my request by giving me plenty of practice. Ask and ye shall receive, right?
Ya'll, nothing I do in the flesh is pretty or pleasing. Nothing. It is in my very nature to walk in the flesh - if you are human it is in your nature too. But I am learning that when He takes away the flesh and replaces it with His Spirit, what was so ugly becomes something beautiful. Something HE can work with. Someone He can work through. And that, my friends, is exactly what I desire.

Now for some Kaden Funnies :

I usually do my Bible study outside while the kids are playing. Yesterday, Kaden was talking non-stop and so in an effort to quieten him down, I started reading him Bible verses. One of the verses in my study was 1 John 4:21, so I said,
"Hey Kaden, did you know that the Bible says 'Whoever loves God must also love his brother'"???
He stopped and looked at me with a very confused face and said "Who is God's brother anyway?"

This Sunday will be the first Sunday that Kaden has to come into the worship service with us. Our pastor believes that it is important for children to see their parents worshipping, hearing the Word, giving, and praying in church. Kaden has come into worship services before occasionally, but this time, it is for good. Every week. Me saying "Ssshhh!" and Steve raising his eyebrow as if to threaten bodily harm if any noise is made. So, today, I thought I would go ahead and warn Kaden (again) about the protocol of being a big boy who worships Jesus in "Big Church". Here is how our conversation went:

Me: Kaden, you know that this Sunday you will start coming into Big Church every week, Right?

Kaden: I know.

Me: You know what that means, right?

Kaden: (somewhat bored with the subject) I know, I know it means I sing when everybody sings, I pray when everybody prays, I listen when the preacher talks, I don't get to play, I don't get to talk, I don't get to have any fun, I don't get to do nothin'....right?.....

Me: Ummmm, ........well........

Sometimes a mom just doesn't know where to begin...........

Now I am off to semi- clean my house (stye) before my dad comes to visit for a few days..........


Cherdecor said...

I loved your post today. I was looking for your email but couldn't find it. Anyway,

I have that same desire to have the Spirit of God control me. I realize that it happens in weakness (at least in my life.)

May God bless you. I love your blog!

Fran said...

Ph my goodness....walking in the SPirit in every area of daily life.
I always feel like God nudges me to say..."I'll pray for you" or something like that...to a complete stranger. But, guess what? I'll chicken out and not do it.

I need to sit in big church every day of the week. ;)

Greg P. said...

I like your message today.

In my post today I talked about how we can't ever learn anything if we're always speaking. Sometimes we say more by listening than speaking. But, today you reminded me that listening to another person, is not nearly as effective as listening for the voice of God whispering in your ear.

"Kaden's Kapers" can always bring a smile!!!

alliekat said...

I just love that little boy! I told Mitchell the other night when we left your house that he is hilarious and says the funniest stuff. I'm sure it will only get better as he gets older.

Mommyluann said...

I feel your pain..Sean comes with me Sunday too...oh joy oh rapture!

Carol said...

Kids are hilarious! Especially yours! Thanks for the chuckle.

ocean mommy said...

I'm about to POP out of my skin. Chloe and I had this conversation coming home on Monday about what it looks like to live "led by the Spirit". I'm trying to put a post together about it, but it just isn't coming yet.

And that Kaden!! How funny is that!!

Staceystace said...

Kaden is so funny! Who is God's brother...haha! I agree wholeheartedly with your pastor, although I sympathize with what you are about to undertake.

Being led by the Spirit. You are already making me cry this morning. I can just totally relate with this.

Anonymous said...

I will be in prayer for you Sunday. This too shall pass, but the memories will linger. I will never forget the first time we took Brooke into a service. We were trying to teach her to sit still in preparation for a wedding we would attending in a month or so. I took a couple of her favorite books. One was the Uh-oh Book. You guessed it. When the character dropped the toy, Brooke exclaimed very loudly, "Uh-oh!". You guys will be fine. Just watch the reading material you take along. Debbie

Kelly S. said...

Good post. The working of the Holy Spirit amazes me. What a worthwhile goal to submit in every area all the time. Something we should all think about...if not attempt every day. At the least ask to be filled with the HS daily, (well for me to combat the flesh...hourly).
Love your funnies! My daughter Emily looks alot like Piper Palin. Today everyone was calling me asking me if I saw her on TV. So I showed Emily a picture of Piper today and she said. "Yes she does look like me, but I'm 7 and she looks like she's 6".

Heidi Zawisza said...

Oh, now Kaden sounds like my kind of kid!! ha!ha! Too Too funny!
Great post as always Bethanne....You need to write a book or something, maybe a devotional for women!!

Amanda B. said...

Ahhh!! "Living Beyond Yourself"? I heard David Jeremiah a few weeks ago say that we should all day, every day, be praying, "Lord, fill me" We should confess "immediately" when we recognize an act of the flesh. He said that with time, you would do this less and less as the Spirit takes over. Let me tell you, it is almost an act of futility...I don't have much time for any other thoughts because so much of my mind is wrapped up in flesh. But, I can say that practicing this and the other things I have learned from Beth's studies has begun to change me. I am not often happy with what God shows me about myself, but in the end, I am grateful for the insight and can honestly "hear" Him speaking more clearly throughout the entire day.

I am praying He continues to show you "new" things about Himself and Yourself as you endeaver to figure out this "Holy Spirit" filled thing.

Anonymous said...

I always love how literal kids are; you can never know how they will take something you say or do every day and see it entirely in a different context---"who is GODS brother anyway" PRICELESS ;-)

I think it was Zachary(when he was little)that thought "drinking and driving" covered everything, including tea, soft drinks, etc..Lisa had to explain that one very carefully to him..anyway..love the blog..love you guys too...

Heidi Zawisza said...

Okay....Are you alive??? I'
m just checkin' on ya....or stalking whatever you want to call it!!
Seriously???? Where are you?????
I need a laugh!!

Alana said...

I'm feeling your pain on "the be careful what you ask for" thing. Having a few growing pains myself over here!