Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Delayed Randomness

So, today started off pretty well. It was 17 degrees this morning so our school system decided to let the kids go to school 2 hours late (another reason why I love our school system). I know you Northerners are laughing right now, but we are Southerners and are not used to cold temperatures. Most of us don't even own heavy coats, much less the parkas our friends to the North love so much. My child doesn't ride the bus, but some of those kids have to catch the bus at or before 7 am in 17 degree weather...........well, I think the 2 hour delay thing is a wonderful idea. It allowed me to sleep an hour longer, I made breakfast, and the boys got to play before Lake had to go to school. I personally wish school never started before 10 am, but then again I live in a dream world most of the time.
Here are a couple of pics I took this morning before school. I am thankful that they still dont mind me dressing them alike. (And yes I know they will hate me for it one day, but I cant help it). Next year, when Kaden goes to school, I will have to stop (well except on Sundays ;-).

I told you in my last post that I would be back with some random thoughts so here I am and here they are:

Many of you probably have no idea about such indelicate things, but let me tell you that hardwood flooring is extremely heavy. How do I know???? Well, the same way I know how to tie steel re bar to pour concrete, the same way I know how to use a shop-vac (expertly I might add), and the same way I know how to moisture seal a home's foundation, and the same way I know how to do all the many chores that should be left to (male) building contractors........my husband allows me the privilege of creating pride of ownership in our new home (his words not mine......aka. we are too cheap to hire someone to carry our flooring). The hubs has graciously allowed me to share in the joy of hauling 216 large bundles and placing them in every room of our new house (approximately 170 lbs each - which I would like to add is more than I weigh! A lot more!).

In case you were wondering, Twizzlers??? Yeah they actually DO make your mouth happy.

Can someone tell me what in the world are table water crackers??? The name puts strange pictures in my mind and quite frankly grosses me out for some reason (kind of like goat cheese - gives me chills to think about it). What is table water anyway and why are they making crackers out of it? Someone tell me so that I don't embarrass myself (any more than usual) while standing around the cheese ball at Christmas parties over the next few weeks............

Someone sent me a quiz on Facebook the other day. It was called the American accent quiz. I took it and the results are in. I have a Northern accent. Seriously, that is what it said. The girl whose husband thinks "you-uns" is a word has a Northern accent? And all this time ya'll thought I a was a hillbilly......

My kids have children's choir on Sunday nights while we are in the worship service. When we got in the car after church on Sunday night, Kaden announced that a kid in his choir class punched him in the stomach that night. Our conversation went like this:

Kaden: A kid in my choir punched me in the stomach tonight.

Me: Who was it?

Kaden: I don't know his name - he's new.

Me: Oh. Did he get in trouble?

Kaden: No, he had little hands so it didn't really hurt.

I guess the kids with big hands are the only ones who get in trouble......hahahaha .......have I mentioned that Kaden is hilarious???

We took the kids to see Madagascar 2 Saturday night. Most of you know that we are not a fan of the movies, but Madagascar is our favorite movie, so we had to take the kids to see the sequel. As we paid for the movie and popcorn I remembered one of the reasons why we don't go to the movies very often:

Movie tickets: $30

Popcorn: $8

Large Sprite: $4.50

The look on my husbands face when he saw how much a night at the movies costs: Priceless

I have to wonder.....if we bailout the auto makers, how long will it be before we are having to bailout the rest of the businesses in the country? When does the bailing out stop and the paying back begin? I know that if the auto industry fails, America will be in big trouble, but where do we draw the line? And what kind of message are we sending to our kids? Dependence on the government is not what we need to teach our kids.....I believe it will instill in them a sense of entitlement. It seems that there are no consequences for anything anymore. Don't get me wrong, I don't have the answers, but I just wonder where all this financial woe will take us (both individually and as a country). I am guessing it is leading us kicking and screaming into dangerous territory......thankfully, as Christians we are not dependent upon the government.

I heard the other day that in a tough economy almost all purchases go down except LIPSTICK. In tough economic times, the sales of lipstick actually go up. Well, duh! When you don't have any extra money, you may not be able to afford to buy new clothes, but you can certainly afford a new tube of lipstick. A girl may be on her way to the poorhouse, but she doesn't have to look washed out on her way there!

The painters are working frantically at our new house. I love the smell of paint (and gas, but that is another issue for which I need help;-). It is nice seeing some actual color on the otherwise white walls. I just hope the colors I have picked out are the right ones. It occurred to me that I could really mess this house up, which is causing me to feel a little pressured.....ummmm a lot pressured. The painters told me that they loved the colors I chose and that they are the prettiest colors they have used in a long time. They said that I had matched and blended my colors very well from room to room. But then again, we are paying them and they want to finish the job, so can I really trust them? Probably not.

I was going to post a pic of the new couch my MIL bought me for Christmas,but I cant find a pic online.......allow me to paint a mental picture for you. It is big and has big arms and big pillows and it's gold. See why I could totally mess my new house up? Yeah, I thought you would.

Enough boredom for you for today. More boredom to come so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I have to know...are you planning to call the parents of the small handed child in children's choir?!? ;-)

BethAnne said...

No Angela, we will not be calling the tiny-handed childs parents. We arent THAT kind of parents....but you alread knew that ;-) hahahaha

Greg P. said...

17 degrees??? Up north here, in the "Land of Obama", we still sunbathe on Lake Michigan when it's 17 degrees!

I love the picture of Kaden hugging Lake. What great kids you have! God bless 'em.

Anyone that decorates for Christmas a month before Thanksgiving MUST be good at matching colors. I think the painters meant it this time.

I'm impressed with your home construction knowledge. Maybe you should get a union card.

Eddie said...

Well, I'm about tired of hearing about this house. My question is "When are you moving in and when can I move into my room"? Hope I don't have to make a path in the new house or better still hope you don't have to make that path for me. I like the elevator thingy. As I get older, I will not be able to climb the steps, so there ya go. Now this thing about wood floors. I know that you are not picking up and carrying 170lbs of wood. I can't even carry that much. As far as the boys dressing like each other, you will have to stop that soon or they will get a complex. Have one of them dress like me and the other dress like Steve and obviously the one dressing like me will be the coolest. I just wonder if your MIL would adopt me and buy me a new couch? Just a thought! Yes your right, the painters are just "sucking up" and they wouldn't know one color from another probably. Just pay them, that's all they really want. Think I have covered it all now, so call your dad occassionally OKAY?

Cheryl said...

I took that same quiz and it told me I had a northern accent too! I think someone mixed up their accents cause I sure don't tawlk like no yankeeee!

The Brady's said...

I just wanted to let you know..That I have never been a fan of chapstick..My lips we're chaped and I was Walmart in the isle..and seen Chapstick in the blue tub, Moistrizer..BETHANNE...That is by far the best stuff..Im addictied..it's like refresh, a renew...haven't tried any other one's but I LOVE THAT ONE..

Just thought I'd share..since I know you own stock in chapstick.

The Brady's said...

haha, totalling laughing @ your daddy...Don't hold anything back, Dad...he so sounds like mine!

Mommyluann said...

You are the Queen of Randomness by friend..oh me.

alliekat said...

Just to have a "one up" on our Dad....Daddy, I rode the elevator up and down, up and down, several times the other day. The freakishly strong sister left out the part about using the elevator to move the flooring from the basement up! A real freakishly strong woman would have carried 170 lbs up the steps!!! If I hadn't had my good clothes on, I would have shown her!

Do you think we can have NEXT Christmas in the new house?????

Fran said...

Yep...gonna be a long winter I'm afraid. I'm in a state of "frozen" right now and its really not that cold.

Your randomness is pure joy for me.
We expect to see pix of your killer arms after all this manual labor. Kelly Ripa ain't got nothin on you!!

Have a good day. Maybe it'll warm up and be a balmy 42.

Greg P. said...

I was curious about the American accent quiz, so I took it.

It said I have a Northern Inland accent, like Wisconsin or Chicago. You mentioned some of the southern people here also were told they have a northern accent.

It also mentioned that I probably refer to a carbonated soft drink as "pop". Well, shut my mouth! Yes, I do.

You guys probably call it soda. It's pop.

BethAnne said...

Nope, Greg......its all Coke here. No one I know calls it soda (except Yankees ;-). Everything is a Coke (even if it is a Pepsi)......I cant believe it said I have a northern accent....northern TN maybe, but northern???? Not so much.

Sandi Hixson said...

oh my word! "you-uns"...is straight from Pittsburgh! i know because my husband is from there!....and some of them cut it short and just say "yins".. and talk about ACCENTS......to them, tower, tar, and tire and all the SAME word......they pronounce all of them TAR......they are very lazy talkers..(sorry...but it is the truth).....instead of clearing the table they "red up" the table....instead of the ditch or the side of the road...it is the "burm"...on and on...
now, let me tell you....in all my days...there is definitely NO comparison to a southern accent...and a Pittsburgh accent!!!
and btw......i am born and bred a NORTHERNER! and yes...we drink POP...even here in the South ;-)

Denise said...

lipstick. my kids would starve before i was found naked! which equals being without my lipstick.

i've heard your accent, that is so southern! that is why i do not take those quizzes. they're wrong! i'm not a george lopez. i am the 80's movie "say anything," i'm really 18, though my age says i'm 35, and the disney princess i am most like is belle (i haven't taken any of the quizzes, i have just decided what i am when others take the f.b. quizzes).

Greg P. said...

I can't stop laughing after reading Sandi Hixson's comments! Everything is Pittsburgh is TAR!

My tire drove off the tar and into the tower. OR... My TAR drove off the TAR and into the TAR.

I am SO easily amused!!!

RefreshMom said...

I love that you dress your boys alike. I do too, when I can get away with it, which is less and less often because my little (strawberry blonde) one is picky about what he wears (at 3!).

Water crackers taste like really big, round communion crackers.

Have you posted the colors for your new house?

alliekat said...

Ok...I know my sister said it is all Coke here...there is truth in that statement however we do have "pop" here as well. My Uncle and his kids say pop all the time and I have even gotten in the habit of that. Said it today and my husand asked me if I was Uncle Lynn! The difference in our "pop" and northern "pop" is in the pronunciation. Southern = "pop" for soda and Northern = "pipe" for soda

Heidi Zawisza said...

Ha! LITTLE HANDS!!!! That is HILARIOUS!!! Oh, and "you uns" comes from PA.....I used to live there, my G-parents still do, and EVERYONE there says that!!!!

Anna said...

You are so freakin' funny...I swear, I laugh outloud when I read your blog :) btw..you have to post some new pics of the house! hope you are doing well!!

Hollie said...

The table water crackers caught my attention! We always have those around here. My husbands loves them! Why table water? I just don't get it either!

Alana said...

I'm so with you on school starting at 10am...should we start a revolution?

Love those pictures...those boys are cute!!