Monday, November 10, 2008

A Few Birthday Thoughts

So, as many of you know, yesterday was my birthday. I was 36 (I guess I still am 36....for another year anyway ). It seems impossible that I am in my 30's, much less over half way through them!! Only 4 years until I am 40. I feel a mid-life crisis coming on, only I don't know what on earth a woman does in a mid-life crisis. I would get botox, but I'm afraid of it - it's poison for crying out loud. I could make myself a bleach blonde, but I don't look good with really blonde hair (don't ask me how I know that). I could lose 30 lbs, but that would require exercise and you all know how I feel about even the mildest of self-induced exertion. I guess I will just keep on keepin' on, but I'm afraid I don't age very gracefully.

Saturday, we went furniture shopping. I did find some living room furniture that I like, although I am not sure if I will get it or not. I always feel like I have to see EVERYTHING AVAILABLE before I make a decision.....I have shopped in NC, TN, FL, and GA. It would seem to some that I actually HAVE seen everything, but something in me says 'keep on lookin'. Yes, folks, I have a problem and my problem may just have my family sitting on the floor for years. My mother-in-law is buying us a couch for Christmas, so I guess I better decide pretty quickly, huh?

After furniture shopping on Saturday, we ended up at Chili's. I always eat way too much there and come away vowing to never eat another bite of food again. I always break that vow by the following morning. At least I am consistent in something.

Yesterday, after church, we went to lunch and then more furniture/house shopping. I had no idea we would be shopping after church as evidenced by the fact that I wore heels to church. My feet hurt so bad after a couple of hours shopping that I thought they might actually be bleeding. I didn't want to seem ungrateful to the hubs for taking me shopping, so I didn't mention anything much about the EXTREME, SHARP, CUTTING pain in my feet. I DID; however, sit down on every couch and chair we passed using the excuse that I wanted to see if they were comfortable or not. My feet were still hurting when I laid down to sleep last night....heels are of satan....straight from the pit.

Yesterday we were only home for about an hour before we had to leave for church last night. During that time, Lake and Kaden were playing 'swords' (no sissy play in this house). My favorite phrase around here is "It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye". Well, that almost happened here yesterday. Unfortunately, Kaden turned the wrong way and his eye met with Lake's sword. He has a bit of a black eye today and a little scratch under it (thankfully, it wasn't serious). This morning, before taking Lake to school, the boys were sitting closely on the couch reading and Lake moved his arm and accidentally elbowed Kaden in the other eye. Kaden immediately put his hand over his eye and said, "Why'd ya have to hit my good eye? Mommy, Lake hit me in the good eye". I was still laughing when we got to school.

Just so you know, the Christmas stuff is all up and it looks nice. I just keep the blinds closed when the lights are on so people don't know that freaks live here. I figure I only have to hide for a couple more weeks. The funny part is that I have seen several houses with their decorations up and I have actually said, "It's not even Thanksgiving yet, why do they have their Christmas stuff up?". Ever heard of overlooking the log in your own eye while seeing the speck in your brothers? Yeah, this is me, overlooking the log.


Mommyluann said...

I'm so excited for you and it's not even my house!!!!

ocean mommy said...

Furniture shopping is my absolute favorite thing to shop for!! I love it! I'm weird I know. :)


beyond this moment said...

Happy Birthday!!

Enjoy the furniture shopping!

Paulette said...

Happy belated birthday.

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my menu plan. I promise it's not as gourmet as it I'm a simple minded cook with simple ingredients. The rib sandwiches are just the premade ones you get from stouffers or banquet... The alfredo noodles are just flavored noodles in the bag. See I told you I'm no gourmet but now that my secrets are out do you still want to come for dinner? :)

Bright Blessings

Greg P. said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm not into furniture shopping, but, Kaden's comments are priceless. Boys will be boys.

Anna said...

You always make me laugh out loud. :) Happy Birthday again and enjoy your furniture shopping!!!!!!

Steve said...

Happy belated birthday, Dear.

Eddie said...

Was Steve talking to you when he said "Dear"?

Sandi Hixson said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!.........oh honey......when you are MY will LONG for those days when you were 36!!!...enjoy them! are darling....and only look 25!...;-)

Teresa said...

Happy "belated" birthday!!

Shopping and Chili' times!

36..oh yeah...I remember when...:)at 42 and really close to 43...I can say it only gets better...more wisdom, more gray hair, ..etc...

Celebrate all week!

Jackie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a few days late.

Good luck w/ the furniture shopping. We moved to our current house, 10 years ago & I have yet to find the "right" thing for our formal living room.

Glad you decided to put your tree up & not move before Christmas.

We moved to this house on Dec. 18...same day as all of the custom built cabinets were being delivered and needed to be installed. How fun !
Could not even put one kitchen item away & very few bathroom items, as there were also vanities to be installed.
We were in boxes from ceiling to floor.

Our son, bless his heart (age 15, at the time), managed to find his Christmas tree in all the jumble & put it up & decorated it all (un-beknownst to his father & I). He even strung lights on the stairway banisters. When his father & I came home, there it was ! We had Christmas on Christmas morning in his bedroom, sitting on his bed !!
It was not a fun time to be moving so close to Christmas & have the house all torn up, but now looking back, that year w/ Christmas in our son's room makes for a special memory.

Hopefully, your Christmas won't be as hectic as ours was that year.

Have a wonderful week.
Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

RefreshMom said...

Happy Birthday! And you're welcome to come join the 'exercise haters club' over at RefreshMoments (I mean really, how could exercise be refreshing anyway?).

From what I can see though, you don't have anything to worry about in the aging gracefully category!

maryanne420 said...

belated happy birthday! you and i are the same age. i can't believe we're close to the big 4-0 but you know what i feel 25 one day a week and (LOL).

you look amazing, no need for botox. a lot of the moms here get it and for some reason, they always look "surprised". I'M BEING MEAN!

enjoy furniture shopping. i hope you pick the perfect sofa.

by the way, i love chili's. my husband and i just had a date night there last friday. those dessert shots got me in so much trouble--i had to get all 3! cinnamon, double chocolate and red velvet.

Fran said...

When can I take you to birthday lunch?? Seriously?? Can I send you some virtual food or something?
I so would. And, then that would be weird. :)

Glad you had a great day. My 39th is in February. How creepy is that?

Denise said...

can i start calling you frank?
i admire your frankness with your words. you say it how it is.

well if you do move at christmas, you'll be all christmas'ed out. and will have no desire for trees and decorations (right?). and look you get one last christmas at your current home.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Happy Birthday again.....but, you THINK you MIGHT have a midlife crisis? Cause I thought it was already in full know Christmas decorations practically in the summer and all......I'm just sayin'....

Alana said...

Hope you had a truly wonderful birthday!!