Friday, November 9, 2007

The Big 3-5

So, today is my 35th birthday. I don't know why, but I never pictured myself actually turning 35. I suppose I thought Jesus would have come back by now. Not sure why I never thought I would see this day. Can you sense my excitement here? Nah, didn't think so. I don't know why, but I am having a hard time with turning 35. Maybe it's because I remember when my mom was 35 and I thought she was old (of course I was only 9 years old, but whatever....). I remember when my husband turned 35 six years ago. Somehow, he didn't seem to be bothered by it. I think that I may feel strange about this birthday because in my mind 35 is the dividing line between being young and actually being an adult. I never aspired to be an adult. I always wanted to stay in my early twenties and here I am all the way to 35. I have so many friends who are in their 40's, 50's and 60's and they all seem so young to me - what's up with that?

I guess there is nothing I can do except choose to be thankful for my 35 years experience in this life. I have learned a lot-- most of it the hard way. I have 35 years worth of experiences to teach my children from. I pray they learn mostly from listening and not always from failure. I am thankful 35 years worth of undeserved blessings from God. My life is a true example of God's grace and mercy. Even though I was saved at 14, only in the past 10 years have I really experienced true growth in my walk with Jesus. I pray that the next 10 years (45? Hang on I need to take a deep breath) will be a time of unbelieveable growth in my relationship with the Lord.

Last night I was trying to think of some of the major lessons I have learned so far in my life and I decided that there are so many I could never type them all out. Here are just a few:

*God loves me even though I have offended Him terribly at times.

*There is no need trying to cover my sin - God will uncover it - and then cover it with the blood of His Son Jesus, so I may as well 'fess up immediately

*If you eat a whole bag of Hershey's Kisses you will gain approximately 1 1/2 pounds by morning

*When you hit 33 your metabolism does not slow down - it stops altogether

*Hating someone makes you their servant

*When I hold onto my sin (guilt) I am telling Jesus that what He did on the cross was not good enough

*When I ask God to forgive me He actually does it the first time I ask - when I continue to ask forgiveness for sins He has already forgiven I display a HUGE lack of faith and in turn sin yet again

*I don't look good in really short hair (learned the hard way)

*I shouldn't judge people who make bad choices or do wrong things - if given the opportunity, I may do the same - afterall we are all weak in our flesh

*When we go to the far country, we come back changed forever

*I am no better than anyone else in the eyes of the God who made us all

*Big shirts only make me look bigger - fitted is much more flattering

*Hang on loosely to 'stuff' in this life - in the end it means NOTHING

*Don't defend yourself against negative attacks - Jesus never defended Himself

*Keep short accounts of sin with God - if I don't confess my sins immediately I will forget them, but God can't forget them because His son died for them

*Be thankful for the valleys, that is where my faith has been built

*No matter where I am or where I go, I am a reflection of God to others - I can be a poor relflection sometimes

*Sin is sin - my sins are just as ugly and vile to God as the sins of those who are on death row

*Never wear mules with pants that are too short

*Jeans that are too tight might squeeze in the bottom, but you will look like the Michelin man up top -- better to have looser fitting jeans than to look like a muffin

*Vanity and pride go hand in hand --- oh how vain and prideful I can be! ;-(

*True friends are hard to come by - fake friends are easy to make

*A single word can crush a spirit - I have been the crusher and the crushed - no fun either way

*I am not good at having babies - c-sections both times - doctor says my body is not made for pushing out babies - --I thought big hips were a good thing when it came to giving birth?

*It is better to be happy than to be right

*Men truly ARE from Mars (or some equally strange place)- I dont know where women came from - jury is still out on us

*You can be happy no matter what your stage or position in life

*Don't expect your children to act like adults and adults should not continually act like children

*My past sins do not determine who I am today in Christ

*"Cast all your cares on Him for He careth for you"

*There is nothing I can do to gain or lose the love of God


Earen said...

Happy Birthday Bethanne! I love how you blogged about things you've learned in the past. You have such a great perspective on life & the Lord. Sounds like the Lord has given you this beautiful life and I don't think we are getting older, just more seasoned...a maturing. Have a wonderful day!!

I remember too when my mom turned 35. She was pregnant with my youngest brother. Seems strange to me too that I'm almost her age & I remember her being 35.

Fran said...

THAT WAS AWESOME!! I loved the list of things you've learned along the way! I "amen-ed" every single one!

Have a blessed day Bethanne. Remember, age is just a number. I'll be 38 in February and i swear i'm still 28 in my mind.....I don't know though, that can sound all wrong too! :)

Regardless, get you some cake and have a blast!!! You're blessed!

He Knows My Name said...

sorry for my early birthday declaration...i lost a day somewhere this week. i hate when that happens.

i enjoyed your list of lessons learned. some gave me a chuckle and some struck home and need to be placed on my frig/forehead :)

so today being your real birthday i wish you a very happy one. 35 is good, real good. you won't know till later but you'll see.

birthday blessings & hugs ~ janel

Alana said...

Happy Birthday, Bethanne! I think the best is yet to come! Or atleast that is what Oprah says ;-)

Loved your list.

What are you doing to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

35 isn't old!!! Although, I am not there yet. :)

Happy Birthday Bethanne!! Birthdays are a great time to reflect on things learned as you have.

Maybe Baby M will share this special day with you. Would you mind? :)

Again, Happy Birthday!

I'm Tara. said...

FYI - before I forget - -you know, because I'm 34 and a half and stuff...I think your new house is so exciting! Looks like it will be just gorgeous!!

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu...Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu...Happy Birrrrrttthday, Dear BethAnne...Happy Birthday TOOOOOOOOO, YOOOOOOOOUUUUUU.

Be SO very glad that was internet singing - the real thing is sorta scary. :) I loved your list and you are one smart cookie, woman. *cheers* to you on your big day -- I am so grateful to have "met" you and wish I could take you out for a sugar-free popsicle or something! Ha ha!!!


BethAnne said...

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes! I love you guys and have never even seen you! Isnt the internet a strange thing?

Steve said...

Happy Birthday, My Dearest Sister!!