Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday (A Random Post About Nothing)

So, everything went well yesterday. Lots of people, lots of food, and lots of stress for me. I tried to be a Mary, but that Martha just keeps rearing her ugly head (dang her!). Thankfully, at around 5 pm last night everything was cleaned up and my sister, her husband and her kids (ages 21, 19, and 16 - my sister is 6 yrs older than me - so is my husband by the way) and I played Texas Hold 'em for about 3 hours. (Not for money of course - just with chips.) We always have a great time playing games - we are all extremely comptetitive so it is really fun. I was so worn out that I could hardly hold my head up after everyone left.

The older I get the more I appreciate my mother. My mother went to work full time when I was 5. She worked all day, cooked supper every night, and got us to our practices and ballgames on time, too. She spent every Saturday cleaning the house top to bottom. She is OCD about cleanliness. I am sure I was the only kid in my whole school who had to clean the toilet with Comet every morning before school (I suppose it was a character builder to go to school smelling like toilet cleaner, but I can't really be sure). Needless to say our house was spotless ALWAYS! How on earth did she do it all? I don't even have a job (well, you know what I mean - two small kids IS a job, but not one I leave the house for) and I just can't seem to do all the things she did.

We had a debate at my house yesterday (well, actually it was me and my dad talking). My dad's side of the family is beyond huge. There are over 75 people - that is kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. We all grew up around each other and spent alot of time at my grandparent's house. It was fun to have so many cousins (it still is fun). Anyway, when we had a get together, the adults always got in line first to eat and then the kids ate last. Moms with little ones (preschoolers) fixed their kid's plates, but school age kids and teenagers were always last in line. It is sort of a respect thing. I grew up in a pretty strict household - much more strict than most today. We would have never thought (still to this day wouldnt think) of speaking to an adult without saying ma'am or sir (that might be a southern thing). Typical teenage talk today would have gotten my tail whipped back then (and I mean a whippin' with the belt!). We knew better than to ask for something when we went into a store. In church, if I would say something during preaching, my mom would pinch my leg and wring it then my dad would take me out and spank me for yelping. We would never go to someone's house and ask for something to eat or drink - we were to wait until we were asked. It sounds very strict, but my home was very loving and those rules (there are many that I didnt mention - not enough room) have helped me become who I am today. I consider myself a person who respects authority and those who are older than I. ANYWAY, Yesterday, my sister's kids got in line to eat first and later my dad mentioned that he thought it was disrespectful since my husbands parents were there and they are both 80. I sort of agree, but I wonder what you guys think about that. I also wonder what kind of traditions / expectations you guys grew up with. If you want to share some, I would love to hear them.

So, now my house is pretty quiet (unless you count the sound of the Playstation in the background). The rush to Christmas is on and I am already feeling the stress even though my shopping is done. I have to plan (and purchase everything) for our church preschool party. I do it every year and every year there are more children to plan for. I feel like it has to be something special and that I have to come up with something even more fun than last year. I am homeroom mother for my son's class and I have to organize the Christmas activities for his class (which includes contacting all the parents and asking for money - I am not good at asking people for money unless I am married to them). My husband will be out of town for a week the middle of December and I will be in charge of getting the builders and other people working on our house paid (right now I write the checks, but only when I am told). I have to get my kids to the mall to have their picture made with Santa - I hate that! (I really hate Santa - dont tell anyone - my husband says it would be cruel to deny our kids of the joy of Santa, but if he werent the head of our house I would so deny them, but that is a whole other blog). I have to get our 2008 calendars with the kids pics made and I have to address 150 Christmas cards. I begin leading a new Bible Study the first week of January and I have some studying to do for that I need to do it SOON! Do ya smell what I am cooking here? I have made so many "to do's" for myself that I have actually STRESSED MYSELF OUT! What is wrong with me? I could go on, but it would bore you and depress me.

I decided to stay home today. There were lots of sales that I could have taken advantage of (Target had kids movies for $4.98 and several other things I would have liked to have gotten) , but I decided it wasnt worth it. I usually go every year to certain stores with all the other nuts and try to get the great deals, but not this year. Last year I was at Wal-Mart at 4 am, the year before I was at Toys' R Us (does it bother anyone else that the r is backwards? Just asking) at 4 am and I lost my Christian attitude by 5 am. There were about 5 women (who were serious shoppers) jump right in front of me like I wasnt even there! - I was maaaaaaddddd!. They looked over me. Now I know I am short, but come on! These women were dressed in their fancy clothes and I had on my sweats - who gets up that early and dresses to impress? NOT ME! So, I think it is better that I stay home and away from temptation to become just like those women. You all will know I have lost it when I get up at 3 am and dress like I am going to the prom to go and buy my kids some toys.

Well, I am sure that I could totally bore you with many other completely random thougths, but I like you guys too much for that. I am off to play Chutes and Ladders with my two best boys! Have a great day and if you have been out shopping - I hope you kept your Christian witness in tact --- it ain't easy on a day like black Friday!


Kelly S. said...

Hi BethAnne,
Just read your comment on TCM and thought I would say hello. Your posts are great and I totally agree with the respect for our elders point. My family visited an amish family in Ohio this year, and boy did we learn from them! (children eat last)
Anyway just wanted to say that I love the Kenny and Dolly Christmas LP too! (hehe) just wish I still had a copy of it.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

BethAnne said...

Hey Kelly S. We are practically neighbors! I live in Johnson City! Glad you stopped by - hope you will visit often!!!

Earen said...

It's funny you mentioned that you have a whole new respect for your mom the older you get, because I was telling my mom the same thing yesterday. Asking her if she always does all the work she does with a happy heart. I agree with you on the respect thing too. I still call some people Mr or Mrs to this day...we didn't go as far as the ma'am & sir. I think that's a real southern thing too. We had lots of traditions & I grew up in a very loving Christian home. BUT, you never back talked mom or you got a good discipline from dad. We had dinner together every night, even when we got into athletics...oh, I could go on & on. I'm blessed to have grown up in the family I did & it sounds like you feel blessed in the same way. Glad everything went well yesterday.

Fran said...

Hey girl...
I think we could have "talks" for days about the whole lack of respect thing that can be seen all over the place. I'm like you....grew up in a strict family...but, at the time I didn't think it was was just who we were and what we did. Wouldn't trade it for anything now though.

I hope you had a great low key Friday. Enjoy your family!

Alana said...

I honestly don't remember whether we went first or last growing up. I know guest always went first.

I agree with the respect thing. That is something I think I need to be more mindful of.

We have a great program in our school that teaches character traits and respect (I believe) is the first one they teach. I love that.

I also feel the same way about my Mom and my Mother in law. How DID they do it? Last year was my first year hosting Thanksgiving (guests staying and everything) and I achieved a WHOLE NEW RESPECT for my Mama!