Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Thank Thee Lord for Outlet Malls AND A Meme

As I mentioned in an earlier post, hubby and I will be shopping our little selves to death this weekend in Knoxville and Pigeon Forge. The problem is that UT plays at home this weekend and our shopping bliss might be hindered by 200,000 extra people in that area. Pray I don't lose my Christian witness at any time during our trip. We will be back LATE on Saturday night. I am not good at leaving my children and I tend to make the first couple of hours kind of miserable for my husband. Anyway, it always turns out to be a fun time and I am sure this weekend will be no different.

On to further meme business.......I am such a blogging nerd that I dont know muchmuch about meme's, but Stephanie and Janel have both tagged me for this 7 random things about me meme. Ya'll, I am going to type 7 random facts about myself, but as far as meme etiquette goes, I have no idea. So, Stephanie and Janel, thank you for thinking of me, but please forgive me if I mess this thing up in some way (keep in mind my lack of blogging knowledge). Here goes:

7 Random Things About Me

1. When I was 8, I won a Little Orphan Annie contest at our local mall. It has been a real source of embarrassment for me over the years, but I feel that I can share this sad piece of history with all my bloggy friends. My parents entered me in this contest because I looked just like Orphan Annie. My hair was flaming red, I had the freckles, and my parents even bought me that crazy red dress. It was when the Annie movie first came out. My mother still has my picture with our local version of Daddy Warbucks. Please don't judge me because of this embarrassing fact.

2. I went to Europe for a month when I graduated from high school. My hair was still bright red at the time and when we visited Barcelona, the kids would come up to me and touch my hair because it was so foreign for them to see a true redhead.

3. When I was 9 months pregnant with Lake, I spent a weekend at a baseball tournament in Chattanooga TN. My husband was a college umpire and he wouldn't let me stay here in case I went into labor so he made me go with him. Thankfully, I made it home without delivering. Oh yeah, another fact about my hubs and I is that we started dating on January 7th 1999 and we got married on June 26th that same year. I came home from the hospital with my 1st child on June 26st 2001 on our 2nd anniversary. Oh yeah and my hubs is 6 yrs older than me. I just turned 35 - do the math and you will see that he robbed the cradle (only I was 26 when we got married so maybe robbing the cradle is a little harsh, but whatever............).

4. I am somehow related to the late June Carter Cash (like 3rd cousins)

5. The Schwan's man visits my house every other week and I always buy something from him because I feel guilty if I dont. I also buy things at Pampered Chef parties, jewelry parties, Tupperware parties ------all because I feel guilty.

6. My dad's side of the family is huge. Counting aunts uncles cousins spouses etc, etc......there are over 75 of us.

7. I used to think that it was 'chester drawers' instead of 'chest of drawers'. Hey, I am from way down south, give a girl a break :-).

Okay those might be the most lame and boring facts EVER! I will try to think of something more fun than these and replace the terrible ones I listed here.

I think most of my blogging friends have already been tagged for this, so I am tagging EVERYONE who has read this lame, embarrassing meme to try to come up with some little know/ weird facts about yourselves. I look forward to reading all of your random facts --- and I KNOW WHO VISITS THIS SITE, SO DONT TRY TO GET OUT OF IT!!! :-)

Thank you Stephanie and Janel for thinking of me - sorry I am such a bore!


I'm Tara. said...

BethAnne!!! My husband used to call it Chester Drawers, too!! He is gonna DIE laughing when I tell him he's not alone. Ha ha ha ha!!! Sounds like there are a lot of happy ladies banking on you and your guilt...I don't play that game, but I usually end up buying something only because I end up loving it all.

I loved your little Meme and I will do a Friday Meme with my Mini-Me tomorrow, JUST FOR YOU!!

Good luck shopping, and don't forget -- iron those church clothes tonight, girlfriend.

Oh, and it WAS Otis today!! Oh, my!! Cookie dough overload!!!

p.s. - PLEASE??? Can we see the Annie pic??? Btw - if it makes you feel any better -- I got a HORRIBLE perm in 5th grade (we're the same age) and got called Annie all year.

Alana said...

You did a great job with the Meme! My favorite was the guilty home party purchases. I do the SAME thing! It is bad, bad, bad! Thankfully the Schwan man doesn't come here ;-)

Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Earen said...

I love these fun facts about people! Thanks for sharing more of your life! I will try & do this soon too!

jennyhope said...

oh my gosh! number 7 I thought was chester to!! LOL!!

Fran said...

Let us know how the shopping was!!
Can't wait to hear. I loved your list of 7 random things!