Monday, December 3, 2007


I don't know about you guys, but I love me some good old fashioned preaching! I love to hear a Godly man tell it like it is and not water down the Word of God. I am thankful that my pastor is that kind of man. Our church is a happy, clappy, Holy Gost believing church and my pastor brings the Word of God to us each week in Spirit and in Truth! When I leave church, my toes hurt sometimes from getting them stepped on (if you know what I mean). Praise God for all the pastors out there who aren't afraid to speak out against homosexuality, immorality, abortion, and all the other atrocities we see in our world today.
The past several weeks, our pastor has been preaching a series called "Revival Time". (I also love a good revival - I get excited when he announces that we will be having revival services - yeehaaa! I love church!). His sermons have been a God-send for me, because I truly am in need of revival everyday. Yes, everyday. So, since today is a busy day for me (lots of errands and chores) I thought I would share my notes from yesterdays sermon on revival with you guys. (If any of you have some great truths you have learned from your pastor, I would love to read them as well!)

Here goes:

Revival is only for God's people - you can't be revived if you never had Life in the first place.

You need revival if there has ever been a time in your life when you loved Jesus more than you do today.

You need revival if you sense yourself moving away from the Lord toward the world.

Only when your repentance is real and true, is there room for revival in your life.

There is a difference in confession and repentance. Confession without repentance is simply telling God what you have done and plan to continue doing. Confession with true repentance brings complete change. If you confess and repent, then you don't go back to that sin without conviction.

When we don't hear or heed the Word of God, He will go to any measure to get our attention.

Faith looks back and sees Jesus hanging on a blood stained cross, hope looks forward and sees Jesus in heaven holding out His hands to welcome us in, love caused Him to die and love caused Him to want us to be with Him forever.

We cannot get to God---He has to come to us. We are not spiritually or physically capable of getting to God. He has to come down to us in order for us to be saved. No man is ever saved without the Holy Spirit coming to him.

We can water down the Word if it makes us feel better, but the Word will not change. If God says something is sin, it is sin - no amount of wishing will change that and we are fools if we try. There is no gray area with God - He means business when it comes to sin - so much so that He sent His son to die for our sins - we are foolish to test Him.

Salvation was in the heart of God before sin was in the heart of man.

If you believe you are saved, but there was no change in your life, then you are only fooling yourself.

I take notes every week in church and it occurred to me that I file those away and rarely bring them out to review them. So, I thought what better way to remember than to post them on my blog! You might see some more notes posted here from time to time - hope they encourage you!

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have time to tell you about taking my son to swimming lessons last weekend. (It wasnt pretty - that is all I have to say about that for now).


Mari Fontana said...

I stop by your blog often, and am encouraged. Thank you...I needed to hear it. I am in a weird place and I needed to hear true repentance brings change....
Anyway...thanks again.
Your sister in Christ,
p.s. I found you through emily.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

That is a good word!!! I love seeing other people's notes! :) Sounds like you had a serious come to Jesus sermon yesterday! I love those and totally agree with all these points. WOW. I will probably come back to ponder them again.


Fran said...

"When we don't hear or heed the Word of God, He will go to any measure to get our attention"

Oh how true is this?! I love a good sharing of the Word from someone else. Thank you!!

I shared a word from a conversation, also in the sermon, and also in my heart, on my blog if you want to come check it out!!

Thank you for building me up! I'm a revival kind of girl too. Need one every day!


Alana said...

What a great idea to post your notes on your blog. I often forget them once I've written them down.

Renee said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Earen said...

Sounds so much like the churches I grew up in when I was know, the churches in the "south"...the Bible Belt. Sometimes I miss that, eventhough I love our Bible teaching church. What great thoughts on revival & some that are very convicting to me. Thank you for sharing. I'm with you too in the fact that I write things down & then never seem to reference them again. That's why I started taking notes in my Bible. Then when I'm reading it I stumble across it again. Of course I love writing in my Bible.

He Knows My Name said...

this good preaching reminds me of adrian rogers. i love to hear adrian rogers preach. just plane good preaching. nothing flowery.

does your church post its sunday services on the internet. if so i would love to hear last weeks. excellent.


BethAnne said...

I dont think our church posts their services online. The address is

My dad is on staff at First Baptist Church Woodstock Georgia. The pastor is Johnny Hunt and he is awesome! That man is a fireball! They do post their sermons online each week and you will be blessed.
Check it out sometime!

Anonymous said...

Don't we all need revival each and every day!?

I really like the idea of posting sermon notes on our Blog. Maybe that would be a good Monday post. Then we could read what others are learning too? Great idea Bethanne!