Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rockin' the Reindeer

First, I would like to thank everyone (Jennifer and Steve) for giving me much needed advice in the link department. I hope to try out my new mad skillz as soon as time permits (which might be 2012 by the looks of things).

So, my son's first grade class made reindeer sweatshirts (the ones using footprints and handprints). Today was their Christmas party and fun was had by all. The kids bought gifts for each other and my son ended up with some 'Dorky Glasses" (yes, that is really what they are called and yes, I do believe they are the same type worn by Beth Moore in her blog-aversary video). After many requests I have decided to post some pictures of mom and son rockin' our reindeer shirts. The previous statement is only partially true-- I am posting pics, but no one requested pictures. It just sounds better if I make it seem like someone really wants to see them.

You know, when I had my first child, I said I would love my children unconditionally, but would never be one of those 'cheesy' moms. I guess one out of two ain't bad!

The above picture was taken by my 3 yr old. I wish I had a picture of him taking my picture - that Dash is the cutest thing.

Now for my personal fav.......

And, no we don't watch Harry Potter.
Enough fun for now. Hubs took Lake to basketball practice and I have to make hay while the sun shines......told ya I was going to share some Southern sayings with you. That means I have to get to work while I have the opportunity. See y'all!


Fran said...

Y'all are hilarious! Rockin Reindeer never looked so cool! And, I do believe I recognize those dorky glasses.

I'm with ya on the mad skillz for linkin.....don't you know we will both just grin so proudly when we are able to insert that beautiful link?! Oh, what a day.

See ya.

Sarah Markley said...

So cute, Bethanne! And... I love the reindeer shirt! Every mom has to do that sort of thing once in awhile and it doesn't mean you are "cheesy". =)

Alana said...

Those sweatshirts are the CUTEST!!! What a treasure...really.

Steve said...

Great Pictures!!

Renee said...

Too funny!! Those glasses are hilarious. And the look on his face makes it just perfect. :)

'Cheesy' or not, you're a great mom, and your kids will treasure the pic of you wearing their self-made sweatshirt someday!! Does that say 'love', or what??


Anonymous said...

I am "cheesy" all the way!

I love the shirt! Cute idea---I've never seen it. Gonna copy it on paper---no need for 6 reindeer sweatshirts you know.

I forgot to go to Amazon for you----I was stuffing 70 stockings for Swim Team. Give me until morning---I'm behind on reading posts too. I may need your mail (home) address to send the gift card though----I'll check online and get with you.

Kelly S. said...

Love the shirts!! When my girls were in preschool, I made everyone snowman sweat shirts for Christmas, (using thier feet). Anyway they were a big hit, but unfortunatley I haven't made a thing since!!
Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your playlist. I knew most all of those songs, but didn't have all of them. I listened to your list for 2 hours while I did my Christmas cards,(Owen was asleep) then went straight to iTunes and downloaded the ones I didn't have. I love music and God often uses it to speak to me. This morning during my quite time, I studied something with direct quotes of scripture out of two of those songs....blew me away!!

Anonymous said...

Sent the $50 gift card to you. I was finally able to sit down and do it. :) thanks for being patient. Let me know when you get the e-mail confirmation, okay? Congratulations.

He Knows My Name said...

bethanne, cute pictures pictures. Hey dash has quite a steady hand. good job dash. i had to take a second look at your sweatshirts...i got the 2 hands right away...then the oh moment occurred...the head is a foot. these are just so cute. you did a very good job on yours. i give you an A.

does your son have something going with beth moore? did you see her blogaversary post? he looks like one cute little guy.

take care. ~janel

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I've got to get some of the glasses!! They would be great to wear in my first night of children's choir! And those sweatshirts are precious! Too cute.

Have a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Earen said...

How fun! Those glasses are just too funny. Merry Christmas friend!

Abby said...

you are too great...good paint skills ;)

hope you have an awesome christmas...you bless me every time i come to your site or read a comment...you have a beautiful heart!! :)


ps...we are totally not weighing in for weight watchers...one of my roommates has the stuff already (books n all) so we're just doing it on our own...heck no i'm not getting on a scale with 20 other people in the room...

jennyhope said...

you are so hilarious! Thanks!!