Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the Random Swing of Things

So, at our house we are still enjoying the weekend. Lake is out of school which makes it a long weekend for us (well, for me and the boys since hubs is at work). Saturday seemed unusually long, which is always nice. We still wish we were at Disney..........Have I mentioned that I could live there? Yeah, okay, enough about Disney - I will keep my Disney thoughts to myself.

I saw the internet headlines last night that read "Ellen and Portia Wed". Okay, the law may ignorantly say you can marry whomever you please, but that DOES NOT make the parts fit. That's all I have to say about that (well, not really ALL I have to say about that, but all I will say here on the blog ;-).

So, what's the big deal about Facebook? If I have a blog, why do I need Facebook? And how do you even find your long lost high school pals on Facebook? I kind of wonder if I want to find them or if I want to be found. I also wonder how many times I can use the word "Facebook" in one paragraph?

Also, I have to ask all you people who Twitter: why do you Twitter? How do you remember to Twitter? I cant remember to do the things I am supposed to be doing much less text what I am doing to the world........You guys have it much more together than me.

Tony Nolan is preaching at our church tonight. I love it when we have Marvelous Mondays in August (no church on Sunday night - church with guest preachers on Monday night). We are not used to being home on Sunday nights - kind of weird, but fun since we sat around eating junk and watching the Olympics.

American Gymnast Alicia Sacramone (not sure of the spelling) was cheated out of the gold last night by a Chinese girl who actually fell to her knees on a landing from the vault. Alicia's landing was not smooth, but she did not fall to her knees. American Gymnast Nastia Liukin lost the gold to a Chinese girl even though they tied on the bars. Does anyone else see a pattern here? I wonder if the Olympics were being held in America if our girls would have won the gold............Have I menitoned that I am NOT a fan of China?

I have been staying up way too late and getting way too involved in the Olympic games. I wish there was some way I could be part of the Olympics. I guess that isn't going to happen unless they make reading, eating and/or kick ball Olympic sports.

Did ya'll see that Romanian woman win the Olympic marathon on Saturday night? Seriously, we left to go to the mall to buy Lake a backpack for school at around 6:15. She had been running for a while when we left. We went to Dicks, shopped for a backpack and some other school stuff, then we went to MANY other stores in our mall, we ended up in the food court eating cookies and drinking Icees before coming home. When we got home, this Romanian woman was STILL running as fast as she could. We got ready for bed, I took off my makeup, and she was still running. Hubs and I layed (lay?) in bed and watched for some time until she came to the finish line at which time one would assume that she would quit running (I would have died several miles back). She did not quit running - she got her country's flag and ran at east 10 laps around the track. She is like the Energizer Bunny on CRACK!!!! We laughed so hard because she never stopped running. Now that, my friends, is a woman who is in shape!

Speaking of backpacks, have you noticed that they are quite expensive? IF they say "The North Face" on them, they cost around $80. Needless to say, Lake's does not say "The North Face". If they say "Nike", they are around $50. So, we got Lake one that says "High Sierra" for about $35 (which I still say is too much because I am cheap). I mean, come on, he is SEVEN!!! I feel sure that any one of those expensive backpacks would fail the" 2nd grade boy test", so why spend a fortune?

About a week and a half ago, my oven element blew up. It didn't just blow, it blew up! It sparked and fire shot out. I screamed and ran outside to get hubs yelling "The oven is on fire, the oven is on fire!". He came in and unplugged it so it wouldn't burn the house, or possibly the neighborhood down. As of today, we still have no element. We have been so busy with EVERYTHING that we have yet to go out and purchase a new element (translate: I have not made a big deal out of it so I would not have to cook). My father-in-law just called and asked me the serial # off the oven so he can pick us up a new one. It is kind of bittersweet. I thank him for getting us the new element, but it means that I will not be able to use the excuse of not having an oven to cook in. Looks like I will be back in the kitchen very soon..............;-(

Friday evening we went to the new house to clean up as we usually do on the weekend. We pick up nails, scraps of wood, vacuum up saw dust and clear out all their cups/papers from the previous week. If we clean it up, we don't have to pay them to do it. It is a hot and nasty job, but we are saving money by doing it ourselves. One thing that gripes me is that these guys smoke in my new house. Oh, I know it isn't finished yet, but I don't want the smell of smoke in my walls. Hubs says not to say anything because if I tell them not to smoke in the house, they will spend less time working and more time outside smoking. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't drop their cigarette butts on the floor. As I was picking up their nasty butts (cigarette butts) the other night, an evil thought occurred to me. I should keep all their cigarette butts in a bucket and give them back to them. When they ask me why I am giving them used up cigarette butts, I will say "Because I thought you might want to take them home and throw them on your own floor".

Okay, enough bordeom for now.......I will come back and bore you more later when I have more time to come up with more boring items of little interest to anyone.........Thank you for your time .....sorry to waste so much of it.


Fran said...

My memory is shot so I can't remember all that you said...

Except..No to Ellen and Portia do I explain that one to my kids when they begin to actually see things on tv other than ESPN.

Backpacks are priced stupid. I'm with ya...they are kids...what child needs a Northface backpack?

Facebook is weird. I'm trying to be in the "know" about it and actually have a page but it gets on my nerves. The blog is more than enough.

Twittering is your friend. You can pull up a screen that tells you all the funny stuff your fellow "tweets" are doing. Makes me laugh.

Ok..have a good day. I'm off to work.

Teresa said...

Hey Bethanne! thanks for visiting my blog! I'm Fran's friend from West TN..(will be praying for ya'll this weekend!) YES! I saw the women's marathon..(I am a sometimes, want-to-be-runner) did you catch that she is 38 years old? that is amazing to me!
Gotta run finish cleaning out Jake's room (he's seven too!) can someone say bulldozer?LOL

Jenni said...

A few comments from your (mostly) unknown blog lurker (I've commented once before, you left me a comment - thank you!!).

I can't say enough - I agree on the Ellen and Portion"wedding." What??? God just needs to come back - and soon!!

Okay - what is Twitter??

And I think it's "laid" in bed??

Backpack on sale at JC Penney - $13.00. And my granddaughter LOVED it! (What is Dicks? I'm from No. CA - guess I need to visit the stores in TN, I can smell a mall anywhere!

I totally love your idea about handing those workers the cigarette butts with your explanation. Please blog it if (when) you do it! ;-)

I really enjoy your blog, I read it daily. It's not only inspiring and funny, but I really wish I was willing to take a stand when needed. At times I'm much too timid and "accommodating" in situations that I should probably be more bold (yet kind) in! Sigh. I'm a work in progress!

Amanda B. said...

Sure it was the "element" in the stove and not your lack of "experience" in the kitchen that caused it to catch fire!! Yeah! yeah! I hear ya!!

Hey, I don't know if you know it, but I'm an E-town girl and I found your house!!! You golf course wanna be!! It is beautiful, but, girl, I don't want to be the one to clean those windows. I have 33 windows in my house and they are all screaming, "Please clean us...we can't see". I say, "Clean yourselves...I keep the blinds pulled anyway!" Well, anyway, it is gorgeous and I definitely expect an invite. Of course now that I know where you are, you might expect your good friend to come over and "help" clean up on weekends. Well, you know I will if you like...we just gotta take youngin' to mamaw's on the way over!!

Have a good week...I joined the church on October 5, 2003...when Tony Nolan was there. His statement, "You know you are a Christian when you can't wait to get to church!" was a life changer for me...and brought us to TCBC forever!! I love him dearly and AM SO EXCITED ABOUT TONIGHT!!!

See ya there!!

beyond this moment said...

Hmm... maybe it isn't the nicest, but I enjoy your thoughts about the cigarette butts. Grossgrossgross.

And I don't like China either.

Oh, and my children have yet to have a backpack that lasted the whole year... so I can't fathom spending $70. What's the point?!


Mari said...

I am enjoying the Olympics too, but do get frustrated by the judging. I was also amazed by the Romanian woman. I couldn't believe she kept running after winning!
I do Facebook, but not much. I don't get Twitter.

Kelly S. said...

Guess what my 7 year old wanted for a backpack this year.....(brace yourself) VERA BRADLEY. And yes I said NOWAY. Then she said she would work and pay for it with her own money....the working part got me. So she and her sister worked all summer (for me) and used their money to buy Vera messenger bags (on sale for $55). When I took her for the first day of school it was a VERA BONANZA- I was really surprised, tons of girls with several pieces to match. what's next, gucci?

ocean mommy said...

I'm laughing at Kelly s.'s comment...My 10 and 7 year old LOVE Vera Bradley...I do too, but do not own anything from her. My little girls thanks Grams. :)

And I am SO with you on the cig. butts. It annoyed the hound out off me to walk through my house while it was under construction and see those cancer sticks all over the place!

Hope Tuesday is a great school day for Lake and for mom. :)

Heather said...

I LOVED watching the women's marathon and I just could not believe that they ran that hard that long- amazing!

AnnaElizabeth said...

Facebook = Awesome.
It's easy for me to keep up with my friends. It's easier than myspace, and my friends don't really have blogs. They have facebooks.
Facebook is also good for business networking, but is mostly used for social networking.
I am disappointed that I didn't get to see Tony Nolan, but I'm STOKED that I got to meet Walt Morgan. It was a huge blessing to get to hear about Nicaragua tonight. I miss that place so much.

AnnaElizabeth said...

Oh, and what the heck is Twitter? I don't know what that is.

Angela said...

OK...I think I have done it! Not too much time to respond right now since I have spent all of my time signing up so that our blogging relationship would no longer be 100% give and take--you give, I take ;)

BethAnne said...

Angela, I am so glad you signed up on blogger - I hate a one sided relationship --- now, when are you gonna start your own blog...I have the perfect name for it

Waiting For A Nap

Get it? Waiting for the shout? Waiting for a nap? since you have 5 kids now - nap???? Oh well, I thought it was funny.
I will look forward to your comments!

Greg P. said...

STOKED? Boy do I feel old!

I don't know what Twitter is, maybe most guys don't, but, Anna, STOKED is a new one to me.

I still say cool. Come quickly Lord.

Earen said...

Hey friend! I haven't had a chance to read any blogs lately & I'm behind by 139..but, I just had to hop on yours and say hello & that I hope all is going well for you. I keep in contact with alot of my blog friends via REALLY should sign up. Then we could "chat" more!!

Anyway, hope all is well with you...I miss reading about your life, but alas I guess unpacking needs to come first. Almost there!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Okay, I could break your entire post up and tell you why I think EACH part is funny, but I'll just skip to the jist of things here, and say that you have suceeded in making me laugh tonight. If you read my blog post from tonight, you will see just how BIG of an accomplishment that was!!! THANX!!
Ha! Ha! Hee Hee.....

AnnaElizabeth said...

I think you're right, I was meant to be there! God is just very good like that. :-)

alliekat said...

Some specific observations.....
- Disney is over so let it go! You are depressing me.
- I do have a facebook and a myspace and enjoy myspace better - it is a good way to communicate with people quickly and easily
- As for backpacks, I told you we bought a NorthFace backpack for Zach (I made a rhyme!) We will see if you truly get what you pay for because we surely did PAY for that one.
- No oven = limited cooking = good excuse
- Clifford purchasing a new one = work = no more excuse = bad!
- Definintely follow-through with cigarette butts idea...that's great!
- And last but not least, the Ellen think is ridiculous - they are just pretending - they are never going to be married because it is impossible! Marriage is between a man and a woman nothing more nothing less! What a waste!

Last but not least....what in the world is a "twitter"?????