Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This and That and Some Awards

So, I've been a LITTLE busy the past few days and really have not had time to blog. Lake goes to school this Friday (1/2 a day on Friday and then begins full days on Tuesday - what in the world???!) Why on earth make them go 1/2 a day on Friday? Would it be a crime to let them stay home that 1/2 day and just start on say, MONDAY like a normal school week??? Call me crazy, but if you ask me the 1/2 day on Friday thing is quite idiotic. That might be why no one asked me,huh?

Last night, Johnny Hunt from First Baptist Woodstock (also my dad's workplace) preached at our church. His sermon was titled "Wineskin in the Smoke" from Psalm 119:81-88. He talked about how sometimes we feel like we are useless in our ministry (and we all have a ministry, right?). How we go through dry spells in our spiritual life where we feel like we have no influence or purpose. How even in those times we have hope. It was a good message (as usual) and our choir was awesome (as usual - is that bragging? I am not in the choir, so I guess not). The choir sang "Thou, Oh Lord" (I would video me singing it for you, but you really don't want that) and "Yahweh" (catchy tune, that one, gets in your head and you cant stop singing it). Anyway, we had several friends visit our church with us last night - hopefully they will be back (I would definitely come back if I were them ;-).

My dad came up with Pastor Johnny and several other staff members of FBCW. The group Newsong allows Pastor Johnny to use their bus to travel in sometimes, so he is able to bring a crew of men with him, my dad being one of them. The bus they always come in is huge which is a real switch for my dad who is used to riding the short bus...............hahhahahahhahahaha. Sorry, Daddy, I had to say that........there are some people reading this who are laughing, and I know it is at your expense, but that's okay, right Daddy? Right? You know I love you right???? It really was good to see you, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Moving on................................

Every time the Summer Olympics comes on, hubs and I become somewhat obsessed with it. Last night we watched as Michael Phelps win yet another Gold medal in swimming. It was so cute to see his mom cheering him on. We never watch swimming any other time, nor do we watch beach volleyball (unless we are on the beach playing it) or gymnastics, and we certainly do not watch fencing, yet, when Olympics time rolls around, we are all about these obscure sports. By the way, I really heart womens gymnastics.

Our obsession with the Olympics comes from our competitive nature. Hubs and I are just a tad competitive and I fear that we are teaching our kids to 'love the win'. In the evenings, the four of us play kickball or baseball in our yard and we don't just let our kids win.......yes, I know that it's sad, but I feel the need to confess. The truth is that we don't usually even hold back. It is nothing for hubs to throw Kaden out at first --- he is four years old....hubs is 41. Yes, folks, we have a problem. Our kids might be scarred for life (or maybe they will learn that a little healthy competition is good)....guess we wont know for a few more years.

Have I mentioned that we really miss Disney??? It truly is the happiest place on earth.

I told you in my last two posts about some awards that I got. I wont be posting my usual acceptance speech (mostly because I don't want to bore you to death with the same old speech) -- I know you will be happy about that. Anyway, without further ado........the awards are as follows:

The first one comes from my old friend Stephanie, well, we really don't know each other in person, but she seems like an old friend. AND I am sure that if we lived near each other we would be great friends. Here is the story behind this award - it is really neat. Anyway, Stephanie, I thank you so much for thinking of me. The question is: Will you still be thinking of me when you are in San Antonio and I am here in East TN ????? Just kidding (kinda;-). If you have not read Stephanie's blog, you need to check her out - she is a sweetheart that has a heart for Jesus and she can sing too!

Coincidentally, I also got this same award from Staceystace, who is a new blogger friend of mine. She has a really great testimony and if you haven't visited her blog, please do so at this time.....I'll wait.....go ahead, but please be sure to come back here ;-). Anyhoo, I found Stacey through Jennyhope and any friend of Jenny's is friend of mine! (Well, you know what I mean). So, Stacey, thank you for thinking of me!

This award comes from my friend, Heidi, whom I also do not know in person. I came across her blog a couple of months ago and I have to say, she is so funny. Heidi, I have no idea what this award is about (maybe about being extremely funny, beautiful, and creative all at the same time????? okay, I made that up, but whatever....), but I thank you so much for thinking of me. If you have not read Heidi's blog, be sure and go over and check out her beautiful wedding pictures, you will be impressed!

So, time to go and enjoy the beautiful sunshine (without humidity - it's Tennessee - that rarely happens here).


Anonymous said...

I looked for you last night! It was a glorious service wasn't it? Thanks for the sweet words about the choir. Wish I could have met your Dad! Debbie

Mommyluann said...

I stayed for the music and Daniel had about had it from school. He came home crying today but insists he had a good day ...he said he was just tired. David stayed for the service. Sounds like a powerful sermon.

Awards Awards Awards.....maybe you should teach blogging 101???

I would like to take the Beth Moore Study. I still haven't made up my mind...............time is ticking!

Thanks for the enocouragement on the weight watchers. I didn't get home till after 7:oo and I was starving...( or it felt like it)

Fran said...

Whats up with no humidity?? I bet that nasty 100 degree weather will come back one more time.

ocean mommy said...

It's been almost fall like here this week! I could seriously get used to this type of August weather. :)

and YES, I will think of you next weekend in S.A. I'm still trying to figure out how to pack you up and bring you along!

Thou Oh Lord is one my top 10 favorite songs list. LOVE it...

Heidi Zawisza said...

Ha! Next time you are here...we HAVE to meet! You crack me up.....we could cause some serious damage together!

The Brady's said...

I really hate the Olympics, but I love watching Michael Phelps...He has to be the best swimmer of all times..ontop of the best olympian..

The girls gymnastics..we'll the give the gold away...The could have won it, but nerves...even though I think the China girls are far younger than 16, but like the announcer said..Who can Dispute it..their passports say it so,....

Kelly S. said...

Can you believe the weather here??? I honestly can not remember a summer like this in my entire life....(turned 38 last week). Anyway, I really wanted to come hear Mr. Hunt, but we just couldn't make it. I'm glad it went well.
The Olympics in some ways depress me. I know this is strange, but all that focus and energy and training for a split second. It seems like such a hard way to spend your youth? Maybe its just me.
We're starting Patriarchs in Sept! Now that I am excited about. We did Living Beyond Yourself last fall...hope you have a good turn out!!