Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Meme and Randomness Part Deux

Okay, so I have been tagged by my real life friend Patty for a meme where I am supposed to list 7 of my strange characteristics. My first thought was "Only 7? But I have so many more than that". Then my second thought was "All my characteristics are strange". So, in an effort to be a team player, I will try to list seven of my odd quirks (although I hate to be so limited -don't like to be fenced in). The rules said that I have to first list all the rules, but since I don't really like to play by the rules, I am not listing the rules. I like to color outside the lines a little, ya know. Some of you may have read these before as I tend to give out way too much useless information on this blog. Here goes:

#1 I do not like to drink after people. I especially do not like to drink after people when they have been eating. You never know if they might have accidentally lost some food particles in the drink and then I might actually eat ABC food (already been chewed for those of you who aren't up on old timey acronyms). The mere thought of it makes me want to hurl.

#2 I do not look people with pink eye directly in the eye. My great grandmother once told me the following "Never look into the eyes of someone with pink eye or you will get pink eye yourself". Now, I know this is an old wives tale, but for some reason, in the recesses of my mind, I kind of believe it. Besides it is better to be safe than sorry. Ya'll have no idea how I fear pink eye (hey! Judge not!!! Besides, this meme is SUPPOSED to be about STRANGE characteristics - I aim to please and I have lots of strange characteristics to choose from).

#3 I am somewhat jealous of Kelly Ripa, so in an effort to punish her for being skinny, beautiful, and rich by working one hour per day, I do not watch her show.

#4 I have an irrational fear of snakes. I fear that when I check the bath water temperature, one might come out of the faucet. I also fear that when I make my bed, one might be waiting to attack my feet. I worry that when I sit on the toilet one might come up and bite me (how embarrassing would that ER trip be?). If any of the above ever happen I will first need a pair of these and then one of these.

#5 I don't like to walk in front of people. I hate to be late for church because people might actually see me from behind. My frontal view is definitely more flattering than my rear view.

#6 I am still addicted to Chap-Stik. I go through a tube every 2 weeks. It's a problem.

#7 I cannot go out without teasing my hair. Ya'll know my motto, right? "The bigger the hair looks, the smaller the rear looks". Soooo true!

#8 I love Southern Gospel music. One of my favorite songs is this. My kids know every word by heart to this and many more Southern Gospel songs. I listen to all kinds of music, but there is just something about S. Gospel that makes me want to clap my hands and start flat-footing (if you do not know what flat-footing is, then you must be from up north - please see this for explanation).

WOOPS!! That was 8 things.......told ya I like to color outside the lines. And for a last bit of rebellion, the rules say I have to tag a few people for this...........I aint taggin' just a few!!! That's right, you heard me (read me), I am tagging everyone who reads this. If you made it this far in reading this post consider yourself tagged (although don't feel pressured to HAVE to do this - I understand you are busy and it will not hurt my feelings if you choose not to ;-). For those of you who don't know, I never tag anyone, because I am always afraid I will hurt someones feelings by leaving them out. So, if you want to be a team player, then get to posting STRANGE (and they better really be strange) characteristics you have.

For those of you who are wondering why I know about the "Surprise Moment" underwear listed above, I thought I would offer an explanation. I do not have bladder control problems (unless I get scared). I was online searching for The Original Slush Mug and came across those weird, but necessary for some panties. I ordered 2 slush mugs for the boys. I had one as a child and it brought great joy to me (and saved my parents a boatload on snow cones). You might want to order one for your own child - I call it frozen joy in a cup.

Lake left the fridge door open all night last night. Ice particles have formed and our milk is kind of warm. I thought hubs might burst a blood vessel. Funny how we become like our parents in the blink of an eye.

I resent paying the water bill. God gave water to us ALL, why do I have to pay the city for it? I also resent paying for parking, paying at toll roads, and paying $5 per gallon for gas. While I am talking about things I resent, I also resent people who have wash and wear hair that looks good and people who say things like "I really need to gain some weight".

The mailman just came to the door with a package from Samaritans Purse about Operation Christmas Child (our church is very involved with that). Seems awfully early to start thinking about Christmas, but it is only a few months away. If you have never helped with Operation Christmas Child, you should go to the website and see what it is all about. You will be blessed. We have received notes from people all over the world thanking us for sending their children presents and telling us how they have trusted Jesus because of the ministry of Franklin Graham.

My kids' new favorite cereal is called Honey Buzzers. Oh, you've never heard of it? Probably because its the cheap kind in the bag. It is the fake version of Honeycomb cereal and yes Lisa, it is the same stuff we ate 3 bags of at the beach several years ago. Got it at The Wal-Mart for $3.19. I don't think it is too healthy though......nothing can be healthy if it is made by a company called "Malt-O-Meal".

Watched Hillary at the "Council of Evil" last night. Was she really wearing orange or do I need to adjust the brightness on my TV? Did she really say all those nice things about the guy she hated just a few weeks ago? And did Bill really mouth "I love you, I love you, I love you" when she took the podium?? I am not really sure, because that is the point I head to the bathroom to throw up. Maybe he really is over Monica (and Jennifer and....well the list just goes on and on, now doesnt it?) I know we will not actually know who the antichrist is because we will already have been rapture, but I would be willing to bet that the antichrist is in Denver right now ---- just my opinion - It IS my blog, ya know.

Well, that is about all the junk I can think of right now. I have some studying to do for class tonight and Lake has guitar lessons before AWANAs at 6:30 and then he is out of school until Tuesday.....and THAT, my friends, is a blessing from on High.

Peace out.


ocean mommy said...

I SO identify with the snake coming up out of the toilet and taking a bite out of the lucky person sitting there at the time...I have that same fear, in fact, I have a story to justify my fear...not a snake, but in my mind worse. Maybe I'll share it one day on the old blog... :)

And YES! I saw Bill mouthing those three SACRED words to her..and I just kind of felt sorry for her. THEN, my man says..."How many pumpkins did she smash to make that suit?" So YES she was in all orange. Not a very wise choice for the camera if you ask me...

I just love you! You have made me laugh today. Now...if the two of us could meet up with Jennyhope and Fran...oh sweet mercy. We would seriously laugh our tails off. :)

Kellie said...

Who would've known that the red headed, teasin', quiet woman on the front row of SS likes S. Gospel Music. I must say that surprised me.

Greg P. said...

I wasn't going to comment today, but, the snake thing really hit home. I used to love catching snakes as a kid, but, that was then. Nowadays, I give the bed a sweep with my hand to feel for bumps under the covers. I also continuously flush the toilet and look to see if anything is getting ready to deflate my cushion.

I need therapy!

{patty} said...

OK, so I was really truly LOL when I read your post!! I am all over the ripa girl, snakes bitin' booty and Southern Gospel Music. SG is my all time favorite music and I would love to go to the Quartet Convention one year, wanna go together?

LeslieinTN said...

You were on a roll today! ROFL You had me LOL reading your post. LOVE it. I liked all your links (like for the snake incident). Oh and can I forget your commentary about Bill and Hill? LOL Like I said, I think you were on a roll today. Too bad we're not friends or I'd have to call you up and hear it all IRL. Ha! The girl that tagged Patty for this also tagged me so I'm going to eventually get to it. ;)

AnnaElizabeth said...

I have to disagree on the Southern Gospel, thing. "My Name is Lazarus" isn't bad, and has a good story, but you should listen to this


or this

or this

Just to name a few.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Laughin' it up over here in good ole' GA.....from your comment this morning( or should I say BOOK..and if you decide to publish that BOOK, do I get some of the proceeds since you chose MY blog to try it out on?...just wonderin'), to your randomness part 2. Randomness ROCKS!! And by the way, yes, you are strange. BUT, it takes one to know one right??
I might just have to take you up on this tag.

Staceystace said...

We are similarly weird...thanks for the laugh!

I think I will combine this meme with my very late blogoversary edition.

Sandi Hixson said...

let me introduce myself....i am Heidi and Pete's mother and Hollie's MIL!
you are sooo funny and i find myself always looking for your comments as i read my kid's blogs......and then i thought....why not try her blog.....and it does NOT disappoint!!!.......i LOVE it....i Love to laugh and you have afforded me that which i thank you!!!

Mommyluann said...

I hope you meant you could come up with 97 strange things about yourself.....and not me! ha! Be careful how you phrase your comments!!!!

colorfulwoman said...

Hey! Ok, I don't know where to start...! First of all I am cracking up laughing, you are so funny! I did not see Bill mouthing I love you, but I am laughing at your description of it, oh my. Whew, ok, next, I must say, I have never thought of a snake coming up out of the toilet! I don't think I want to let my mind go there. I did have a fear as a child that a snake would get my feet at night.
Also, I am laughing because I just had pink eye last weekend at the siesta fiesta! I posted about it , you should check it out. I had a fear of pink eye too, but I have had it so much over the last few years I just have learned to press on and look like a crazy woman with red eyes. I am very responsible though, I will never rub my eye and then reach out to shake your hand. Anyways, I suppose I will get to this quirky thing on my blog sometime tonight...what a great read here!

Last..I heart honey buzzers!

Greg P. said...

The new picture looks great!

Denise said...

if you recall i did a 7 meme sometime ago, and "snakes in the toilet while i am going" was on my list (i recalled we had that in common).

oh and i don't go anywhere without teasing my hair! and i live in california... "i like big hair and i cannot lie" (to the tune of the hideous song "baby got back").

oh and i too cannot stand people who can wash and go, i can't! it's neither curly nor straight.
let's be sure to be rooming together
if ever at a blogging get together retreat. we can wake early to fix our hair, and both sleep with one eye open looking for snakes.

Fran said...

Look at your new profile pic!!

And, I hate Kelly Ripa too! ;)