Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin AND Facebook

So, I hope everyone has been having a wonderfully long and restful weekend. Mine has been both long and restful - just how I like it. Since my husband has had to work, we have stayed close to home (unless you count trips to Target, the Wal-Mart, church and the Wal-Mart again).

Several of you have asked me what I think of Sarah Palin. At first I was skeptical about John McCains' choice for VP, but I have to say, the more I read about the pretty Governor from Alaska, the more I like. From all the reports I have read and all the interviews I have seen, she seems to be very grounded. She is a mother of five and loves to hunt, fish and do all sorts of outdoor activities. She is very family oriented and involved with her children even though she is responsible for running the state of Alaska. I am impressed that she says that she is not convinced that climate change is a man-made problem (and you know I love it when people disagree with Gore). She is pro-life, she supports teaching creationism in public schools,and she believes marriage should be between a a man and woman. She is a lifetime member of the NRA - now that's a real woman. The thing I find most impressive about her is that she is a woman who is not afraid to talk about her faith in God. That's a rare find in politics today.

I had never even heard her name before last week, but now she is the buzz on every newscast. I have to say that the mainstream media blasted her before McCain even confirmed her as his choice. She is up against a load of media bias and she seems to be able to handle it pretty well. You have to respect someone who can take unwanted and undeserved criticism with grace ;-). I fear that she will be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to the media --- it is no secret that the msm media supports any liberal candidate. Hollyweird doesn't help either. Actors always support the liberal candidate as well (I think a good rule of thumb is : If Hollywood supports it, Christians should beware of it --- and that applies to most everything - presidential candidates included).

The media seems to be making a big deal out of the fact that she is in her first term as Governor, yet they overlook the fact that Obama has been campaigning for President most of his term in the Senate.

I found it funny that Sarah Palin's children have such odd names. They are Track, Willow, Bristol, Piper, and Trig. Odd, I know. But at least they wont have to worry about having several kids in their class with the same name. Something I thought interesting is that her youngest son, has Down's Syndrome. Many women (especially those in the public eye) would have chosen to terminate that pregnancy, but she didn't. I suppose that lets us in on her views about abortion, huh?

Sarah Palin announced today that her eldest daughter, Bristol, is pregnant. Her daughter plans to keep the baby and marry the father. According to the news, McCain was aware of this, but did not feel it would affect the campaign. While having a daughter get pregnant out of wedlock isn't exactly the ideal situation for the Palin family, it says something about them that they have instilled the value of human life in their children. It also says something about Sarah Palin that she came out and was honest with the American public outright. She didn't try to hide her daughter's pregnancy. You have to admire her for that.

One thing I do not think we will have to worry about with Palin is hearing foul language come out of her mouth every few minutes. Too bad we cant say that for Biden - he takes God's name in vain in every sentence. We all know that "out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks"......

So, in answer to your questions as to what I think about Sarah Palin......I think she is a good choice. I have no idea if McCain/Palin will be able to stop the Obama train wreck, but I believe she is a solid choice. I really wish she were the one running for President.

Moving right along to Facebook.......

My sister has asked me to "get on" Facebook for a long time. I finally took the plunge last week. I opened my account and as soon as I did, a page popped up that said "Beth has no friends". What? I have millions of friends! I cannot have this computer telling me I don't have friends, so I immediately began looking up my friends and asking them to be my Facebook friend even though we are friends in real life (there is something strange about that to me). Thankfully, after the first few, people I know/knew started finding me. One person who I have never seen before in my life asked to be my friend - she is from my hometown, so I accepted. Guess you can never have too many friends, huh?

Have you ever noticed how protection codes on Blogger get harder as you keep misspelling them? Ummm, if I missed it the first time, why do they think I can type it correctly when it is in a smaller, freakier font? I think Facebook has it right. They have actual words as protection codes. Actual words that make sense not "nbhgjksjidjowneirho" in "futura freak" font size 2. Blooger take a lesson from Facebook! Can you tell I am a little bitter about protection codes?

The first word verification (protection code) I had to type on Facebook was "Slightly Submit". I thought that strangely funny, because that is what I sometimes do at home -- slightly submit. That thing is a mind reader! On a similar note, the sidebar ads on Facebook keep talking about diets - can this thing see me too?????

Until recently, I thought it was Spacebook and MyFace. Do you understand now how little I know about these things? You have to remember that I am the one who calls them "paper pens" and "safety clips". I have a problem.

So, I still don't understand the whole Facebook thing. I am not sure if I should ask people I went to HS or college with to be my friend or if I should wait for them to ask me to be their friend. It reminds me of High School and I am kind of afraid that I don't want to go there. Seems like there is a possibility of rejection. What if I ask to be someones friend and they thought I was a total dork in high school so they think I will be an even bigger dork as an adult? What if someone doesn't WANT to be my friend? I have never had a problem making friends in person, but this Facebook thing is a horse of a different color. Do ya'll think I need counseling?

In other news, did you hear that Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna are all 50 years old? The king of Pop is FIFTY years old!!!! When I was in 6th grade and in love with Michael Jackson, he didn't seem that much older than me. Now that he is 50 (and a white female who likes little boys), I realize that it would have never worked between us anyway. You live and learn.

I am not a fan of Madonna, although I will admit I was when I was younger (and occasionally I still sing "Holiday" or "Like a Virgin" while cleaning house, but what can I say? I am a product of the 80's - I sing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" occasionally as well - don't judge). Even though I am not a fan of Madonnna, I would soooo love to look like her when I am 50. Heck, I would like to look like her at 35.

A friend of ours gave us tickets to the Gaither Homecoming at Freedom Hall this Thursday night. I told you we love Southern Gospel, so this is right up our alley. I hope Sandi Patty is with them - now that woman has some lungs!!!

Okay, that's all I have to say for today ---I just thought I would check in with a few words on this Labor(less) Day.


Cheryl said...

Sarah Palin is an amazing woman!

watch out for fb (that's facebook lingo), it's addictive!!!

I actually had the same fears about contacting hs peers on fb but then I realized how hs I was acting and I went down the list and added every single person! Not one person has turned me down!

I'll try to find you. You can also join a blog network on fb!(along with a million other things!)

It's a time-sucker, I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

This woman is really amazing...I don't understand why every woman in the country would not want to vote for her...if John McCain dies in office(God forbid) we will have a woman in charge of the most powerful nation on the planet. Her husband is part Eskimo..guess she likes MINORITIES after all. If she were mormam and owned her own bass boat...I would ask her to marry me....:)(just kidding...maybe)


Heather said...

I am anxious to do more research on Palin but I agree with your statements. Have a good labor day!

Mari said...

I am thrilled with Sarah Palin. This makes the election more appealing to me. I agree with all you said about her. I'm on facebook too - not as much as blogger, but I do check it frequently. Maybe I'll find you there!

KrisinTN said...

I don't really know that much about Palin. My husband and I were talking about her last week when the announcement was made, and we both said "Who is she? She just looks so real!" I'll tell you a secret...we both said it with a sneer. Isn't that awful? After we've heard a little more about her, I began to think, what is wrong with a REAL women being in politics, NOTHING! That is right, NOTHING! I'm not a big fan of McCain, but I think I like this woman!

Staceystace said...

I really, really like Palin. I want HER to be president instead of McCain. She seems to have something new to bring to Washington - values.

I'm on Facebook, too. I am sporadic about checking it but I would be happy to be your friend. =)
Doesn't it sound corny? But is it fun so what the heck.

Mommyluann said...

I wanted to go to Gaither event! I'm jealous..really I am!

ocean mommy said...

Oh I am impressed with the Gov. too. She has made this election exciting. :)

I recently discovered FaceBook too. Don't do a whole lot with it, but it's been fun.

Have a great week!

Greg P. said...
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alliekat said...

I am very excited about McCain's selection of Governor Palin. She seems like a very normal person. She now has the opportunity to practice what she preaches so to speak. Alot of people may say they are pro-life until faced with a circumstance in their life in which they have to make a real life choice. I think it is wonderful that she has shown she is not just providing lip service and that she is really sincere about her beliefs. This should give us a good indication of her character.

Earen said...

Hey friend! I too like McCain's new running mate..but I didn't know some of the things you mentioned, so thank you! OH, & I'm on Facebook & I want to be your friend! I'll try & find you...

Heidi Zawisza said...

GO PALIN!! She just put McCain back in the running!! I think she ROCKS, and I just jumped on the McCain/Palin campaign bus!! Yay!! (not that I wasn't going to vote for him before.....I just felt like I was voting for the lesser of two evils. BUT NOW I am voting CLEARLY for the BEST choice!!!!!)

Steve said...

We saw the Gaithers last spring. They are wonderful!

lori said...

"but I believe she is a solid choice. I really wish she were the one running for President".

My thoughts as well

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

jennyhope said...

i am with you on everything about palin. also, go befriend me on facebook. it is on my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I have Facebook!

Look me up: Jennifer Jones-Partin and I will be your friend. :)

mandy said...


I LOVE your take on facebook. Brilliant!


Alana said...

I need to look you up on Facebook now! I have to say I'm a big fan of will grow on you!

Totally excited about Palin!