Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Couple Things

Okay, I have about three minutes (literally) to say hey to my blog peeps. I have about a million - gillion things I should be doing rather that sitting in this floor typing.....yes, the computer is still in the floor. This moving thing is a slow go, huh? Anyway, I just wanted to write a few lines and let you know I am still alive and kicking...or should I say still alive and barely breathing? Whatever. No big random post, but here are a few random things I need to get off my a short amount of time...........

1. As I was watching the train wreck that is American Idol last night, it occurred to me that I was sitting there watching darkness take over my living room. That Kate Perry who sang reminded me of a Vegas karaoke show gone bad (although she was better than some of the other AWFUL singers AI has hosted lately). She looked like Elvis meets WWF meets Betty Boop! Everyone loved her! What????!!!! The dark part is that Danny (who I really think is the best singer - and not just because he is a Christian) was sent home in favor of a goth looking gay guy who screams out rock songs and America thinks he is the bomb! As we were watching, my husband said "What are we doing? It is so sad that America has come to this. Thinking this abomination is entertainment"......It is so true. I love American Idol, but some of the things we have been seeing the past several weeks are not entertainment....they are sin on stage and we are becoming immune to the sight of it. It's a big deal when One Nation Under God decides that morals mean nothing and that the dark side is the right side.

2. I thought yesterday was imagine my surprise/horror when I wake up to another Thursday today......

3. Remember when I told you I was freakishly strong? Yeah? Well, I still am. Today is junk removal day in our city and yesterday I single- handedly (well, I used 2 hands but they were both mine) moved our old couch (all 8 ft of it) out to the road so it could be removed this morning. I might run away with the circus to be a "strong woman" side/freak show.

4. I am 36 yrs old and freakishly strong, but also completely stupid at times. I spent 4 1/2 hours at Lake's field day Tuesday and did not put on sunscreen. Needless to say the heat radiating off my arms, legs and face could melt butter faster than a microwave. I am on Fiyah!!!! Did you know that too much time in the sun can cause blisters on your lips? And did you also know that those blisters HURT????? I'm just sayin' that kind of thing COULD happen, not that I know from experience ..........

5. Kaden (5) is playing t-ball and Lake (almost 8) is playing baseball.....we have never had 2 kids in sports at the same time until now.....why didn't someone tell me we would never see our home again until the season is over?????

6. Lake is playing actual baseball (not t-ball) and after the first game, I realized we are playing for blood now. They are 8-9 years old, who knew? The parents and coaches are s-e-r-i-o-u-s! This could get ugly before the season is over.......

Well, that is all I have time for....I have gone over my three minute limit, so I better say good-bye for now. Steve and Missi at Jesus Is Lord, if you are reading this, I have not (repeat) have not forgotten you! I WILL be back sometime! For those of you who are interested in Bible prophecy and how current events relate to it, check out the Jesus Is Lord blog.

I wish I had a few more minutes to catch up on your is gonna take me years to catch up with you much can happen in a few short weeks! Have a great day!!!


Heather C said...

So glad you found time to check in and I found time to visit at just the right moment! Life is busy, but Christ is King of the jungle.

American Idol... I'm with ya. Danny was my boy. As for the other "entertainment", I had my back to the TV deciding that farming on facebook was a much nicer alternative.

Have a great weekend, BethAnne... and BREATHE! :)

Mari said...

I haven't been watching AI, but saw enough clips to know that I don't want Adam to win. I wanted Danny too!
Sorry to hear about your stupidity :) Hope the sunburn heals quick!

Fran said...


jcdisciple said...

I gave up AI the after the first night when miss bikini paraded around on the stage. I refuse to put my husband through that! I've not said much about it because I sensed I would be quite alone (just as we seem to be on the twilight issue), but my take on the deal is argue with me or not that it's "not that bad" and "i'm just too serious" and "i need to lighten up", but I personally did not begin to see breakthrough miracles and answered prayers in my life until I eliminated ALL entertainment that did not meet the Philippians 4:8 test. If it ain't noble, good,pure, of good repute...I ain't watchin' it! I have enough warring against my soul without helping satan out! Glad you spoke out on this! Way to go hubs!!

Greg P. said...

#3)- If you want to be the strong lady in the circus you must grow armpit hair.

#6)- Unfortunately it not only gets (overly) competitive at the 8-9 yr. old level, but, some of the coaches think they're auditioning for the NY Yankees!

Try to keep it fun. Kids grow up fast enough.

Eddie said...

I watched the silly thing to and felt pretty much the way you did, and now after reading JCDiscple's response, I feel even worse that I exposed myself to such idiot so-called entertainment. JCDisciple has it right, we should not expose ourselves or anyone else to such perverseness because the Prince of this World is out to get us all and if he can't get us, he wants to steal glory from God by using us.

ocean mommy said...

Girl..I'm exhausted for you!!!

I'll be glad when you are moved and settled!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!


Kelly S. said...

My husband said the same thing about AI. Keep in mind that he only watches the news and the RFD channel(farm shows). I was FF through AI on the DVR and he said, "This is what America is so obsessed with....what a shame!"

Indeed, what a shame (including myself in that).

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