Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anatomy of the Crucifixion

I found this in a comment on one of my favorite websites and it is quite graphic. I don't know who wrote it, but I think it is well worth the time it takes to read. Actually, I need to read it everyday to remind me of what I did to Jesus.

Anatomy Of The Crucifixion
It Was WrittenMore than 39 lashes of the cat-o-nine-tails
The torture wasn’t limited to nine inch nailsHeamatodrosis;
He dripped with red sweatAnticipated torture and the process of death
The whip consisted of nine thick leather straps
With unforgiving shards to slay open His backThe rocks bared the muscles,
His nerves exposedBoth venous and arterial bleeding transposed
The aim of the scourging was to remove all flesh
To intensify the pain while assuring His death
The bleary- eyed Jesus was untied and he slumped
To the hardened earth drenched in His own blood
The soldiers saw jest in His humble claim as KingPutting a robe on His wounds;
they gave Him a reedThey pressed the thorn of crowns deeper in His scalp
Never tiring of their evil sport and vicious attack
Bleeding but not yet broken,
He bore 120 poundsCondemned to bear weight on opened wounds
The clots and flesh were then peeled off attached
As they sadistically tore the robe off His back
They clamored and laughed at the “Titulus” or signCarried at the procession,
stating the victims crimeJesus ever silent, followed in cold clammy shock
Enduring the mocking to that black hill of bloodWith outstretched arms not pulled quite taunt
The sins of the world nailed to the patibulumImpaling wounds with splinters of wooden stipes
Every movement adding salt to His bloody stripes
The pathophysiologic effects of a crucifixionAre so much more than the points of transfixion
A marked interference with normal respiration
The weight of His body didn’t allow exhalationPectoral muscles paralyzed;
the intercostal unable to act Makes the inability to push upward the agony of fact
Yet He spoke seven times, the utterances terse and shortEnduring exceeding pain to plea forgiveness and exhort!
The only thing that let Him breathe let alone to speak
Was pushing up on the nails in His hands and His feet
Doing so caused strains of gore along the median nerves
Scraping once again where our Savior was scourged
A sponge soaked in gall;
the drink of the Roman legionnaireVinegar given unto
His lips as they were gasping for airHypovolemix shock,
pleural effusion and dehydration
Is how The Son of Man died after exhaustive asphyxiation
More important than the anatomy of His crucifixionIs written in Psalm 22:14 as a matter of conviction“I am poured out like water and my bones are out of joint”
Unrecognized as the Messiah;
the prophetic pivotal point
Then they pierced His side,
out flowed blood mixed water
What if this very day it was your child, friend or mother?
Just as in Zorba, the unrepentant casts lots for
His clothingTranscendent throughout all time invoking ire and loathing
Do you even know what he cried in His loud dying voice?
Or that His suffering atonement was by Love and by Choice?
Stumbling blocks not removed from the blood of the lamb
“Many tried to become God; but only One God became man.”

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Wow. Just wow. You're right -- I need to read that every day.