Friday, September 14, 2007

What Does Your Banner Say? A Very Vague Post

Today, while I was driving my son to school, I noticed a car coming toward me in the other lane. It was a red car, Chevrolet I think. The car itself was nothing out of the ordinary, what was strange was the word that was written on it. On the visor of the car written in script was the word "Budweiser". Now, I know I live in Tennesse and believe me we have our fair share of rednecks here so writing, rebel flags, etc are pretty normal sights, but this is something I dont normally see. This person went to the trouble of having someone place this beer advertisement right on the most visible part of his car. Granted, I am a tee-totaler, I do not drink alcohol of any kind so my first reaction when I saw the word was "That person is probably lost". (I know I am not supposed to judge, but that is truly what crossed my mind). I have no idea whether that man in the "Bud" car was a Christian or not, but I believe that if someone took such pains to the name of a beer on their car, then that pretty much gives us a clue as to what they love.
Dont get me wrong I am not against writing on cars, but you dont see me getting a sign on the visor of my car that says "Lipton Green Tea" - I like to drink it, but dont like it enough to paste it across the front of my car. By now, you are thinking what is her point? Well, my point is that for some reason in America we have glorified sin to the point that people think it is "cool" to promote a lifestyle that are contrary to God's Word.
This made me think how we give signals to others by the way we dress, the things we say, the words on the visors of our cars (okay well some people's cars). In the Old Testment the tribes of Israel carried banners that had the name of their tribe on them so everyone would know to which tribe they belonged. Sometimes our actions, words, dress, etc. are like a banner over us. Song of Solomon 2:4 says "He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love". I wonder if what the world sees in me is God's banner of love. It is easy to get caught up in the world and worldly thinking. Since our strongest witness is the way we live, it is important that we stay aware of what our banner is saying. Is it saying "Budweiser" or is it saying "Love".


Earen said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I actually talked in my blog today about being set apart from the world & having a higher standard as a believer. Because what does our banner say outside the world & what does even our "secret" banner say when no one else is looking. Your posts convict my heart alot...thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you.

I'm Tara. said...

Beth Anne - you always make me think! What a great question -- I wonder what my banner DOES say. I am willing to bet that it depends on the day -- and that it doesn't say what I hope it does as often as it should. Thanks for the great reminder!

Oh, and you have a little shout out on my blog today. Go peek!

Dason said...

Hi Beth...great article! Well, it's kinda strange watching people these days going after the lust of their flesh without knowing that they'll soon be facing the eternal God who is about to intervene into human affairs and put a sudden end to time and that's when eternity begins. How wonderful to be alive during this crucial time of our lives to witness the great dawn of a new begining to this planet that is fleeting away by the day and about to be renewed for all who love Jesus. We'll all be together soon ruling and reigning with Him for eternity. What an encouragement this is to us especially when we walk through difficult paths in life. God bless you and your family.


BethAnne said...

Thanks so much for the kind words on your blog! You are so sweet! Your posts make me laugh (and cry)- we seem to have a lot in common - too bad we are so far apart - I am sure we could get together and crack each other up with kid stories. Like today when we were in church and I looked down at the paper my son was writing on and it said "I love beer". I looked at him and said why did you write that and he said "Because I do like deer" - we have b and d confusion at our house. Glad no one else saw it - that would have looked really bad!