Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Hard to Be Still

As a mother, how many times have you told your child to be still? I am guessing that in my six years of motherhood I have said that phrase somewhere in the millions of times. Okay, how many times have you said, "Be quiet"? Again millions for me. It is so difficult for kids to be still and be quiet - it is in their very nature to be moving and making noise.

If you have know anything about the Bible, I am sure that you know that Psalm says, "Be still and know that I am God". I think this verse speaks volumes, but we miss it because it seems so simple. But it isn't simple to be still and know. Like our children, it isnt in our nature to be still and let God be God. More likely, it is in our nature (well maybe just my nature) to say that we trust God, but do whatever we can to make things turn out the way we want them to. We may know that He is God, but do we really believe that He is in complete control of EVERYTHING in our lives (and in the world for that matter)? If we truly believe that He is sovreign, would we try to manipulate situations or would we worry over the outcome of our predicaments? No, we would let Him do what He does best -- take care of every detail of our lives.

Much of the time what we say we believe doesnt match our actions. We claim to trust, but we just cant let go of even the little details, much less the huge areas that can only be "fixed" by God in His own time. Our rush to action is not only a lack of faith and a poor witness, but it is also an affront to the One and Only who has already done more for us than anyone ever could, would or will do for us.

I have this picture of my son in my mind standing in front of me talking a mile a minute about something that is bothering him. I am standing there just waiting for him to finish his rant so that I can tell him the solution to his problem. I think that is just what God does with us. He listens and watches as we rant and rave all the while He is waiting for us to be still so that He can give us a solution. It just may be that when we get really still and really quiet is when He will whisper His divine answer to us..................maybe He is saying ssshhhh! to you right now. I know He is saying sssshhhh! to me.


Earen said...

Oh...I can relate to your post today. Being still is a major battle for my boys (we both know all about boys, right!) but I'm finding that being still is hard for me & even when I am still, sometimes it's not God that I'm listening for.

Thank you for the reminder to listen & be still to the sweet voice of the Lord. Love the new pictures of your boys too!

Renee said...

It is SO hard to be still! Especially in today's fast paced world...we (I) want everything NOW. What a great reminder to sit at His feet and listen. To know that He is God. Thank you!

I'm Tara. said...

Uh, YEAH. I could just leave it at that, and I'm sure you'd get it. :) You are so dead on with this one, BethAnne. I am almost worse than my kids in the hush and sit still departments -- thanks for reminding me to keep working on it!!

JennaG said...

Yes, when will we ever grasp the 'trust' thing. Thanks for stopping by today. I enjoyed reading your posts as well--you have cute little boys.