Thursday, October 9, 2008

All Over the Place

Some of you may have noticed that it has been a while since I did a random post. I know you have been anxiously waiting to hear my weird thinks I think thoughts so, my friends, wait no further......let the randomness begin:

First let me just say that the hubs and I have officially turned into our parents. It became official on Tuesday night when I put the kids to bed a little early so we could watch the presidential snorefest debate. Within 20 minutes of watching, we were both asleep. I remember my dad watching debates or news shows like 60 minutes and thinking how sad his life must be if the thought they were interesting (and I so hoped my life would never come to this, but unfortunately......). Welcome to my sad life.

The hubs and I have really been enjoying the McDonald's boycott. The kids? Not so much, but they have really been very good about it. When you have small children, you eat more McDonald's that anyone should, so it has been refreshing to us. The boys know that we have refrained from McD's because we are taking a stand against their unGodly policies. Then yesterday, the AFA ended the boycott because McD's finally agreed to the demands. My first thought was how great it is when Christians come together to take a stand, then my next was "What? It's only been a few months!!!" It took 2 years for Ford to cave in - apparently they really ARE Ford tough. I told the hubs this morning that the boycott is over and he has forbidden me to tell the boys. Thankfully, he says we are going to continue to get out of eating there 5 times per week drive our point home by boycotting McDonald's for just a little while longer.

In these tough economic times when we have all lost thousands upon thousands that make me sick to my stomach in the stock market, we need all the help we can get, so please allow me to give you a stock tip: Purchase stock in Chap-Stik and in Keebler. My Chap-Stik addiction is only becoming worse - I now reapply at least twice in the middle of the night. I know there must be other people who are addicted to Chap-Stik - surely I am not alone. Also, If I loved Keebler Deluxe Grahams or Fudge Stripes any more, I would have to marry them. Seriously, there is nothing like a little Elfin Magic to make a girl's day. I am thinking that my addictions alone could change the face of Wall Street (just for the record, you might also want to consider stock in Lancome, Wal-Mart, Kohl's, M&M's, and Brach's the company who makes those mellowcreme pumpkins).

My niece Anna has said she is going to change her last name to Zawesome (get it? Anna Zawesome). I think I will change mine to Sold or Stired or maybe Sychotic.....

Since the weather has become cooler, I am back in my usual fall/winter practice of drinking green tea (3 cups) and oolong tea (2 cups) everyday. The green tea in cranberry pomegranate flavor tastes like cider. The oolong tea doesn't taste too bad, but it does smell like hot manure in a field of freshly mown hay--they say it will help stop the aging process. At this point I am willing to try anything (well, anything except exercise). Maybe you should also buy stock in any company that makes anti-aging products - I tend to purchase those type things --- alot. Oh, and I dont think mown is really a word, but as you know that never stops me - some of my most effective words are ones I made up.

Does the way Obama says the word "Pakistan" make anyone else extremely nervous?

For the past few months, I have been working on teaching Kaden to read (and yes, I know he is only 4, but I like to challenge my children as much as possible - did I tell you he has been riding a bike without training wheels for quite some time???? ;-). Every time we work on 'b' words, he always mentions 'bolleyball'. I cannot convince him that it is volleyball not bolleyball. He keeps telling me that he watched 'beach bolleyball' on the Olympics and he KNOWS it is pronounced 'bolleyball'. All -rightey then.

Last night on our local news, one of the headlines was "Relief at the Pump". Relief???? Are you even kidding me? $1.50 for a gallon of gas? That's relief. $3.20? That is still robbery no matter how you look at it! And I never consider it a relief to be robbed whether it is legally or illegally.

I have been reading how much money has been spent by each candidate on their presidential campaigns. It occurred to me that if they had donated that money to the government, they could have bailed out the sleazy, cheating, money stealing banks themselves......They spent over $3 million on the set at Belmont in Nashville for the last debate........I don't think anyone really noticed the set......hard to see it when you are asleep. Seriously, does anyone else think it is ridiculous that they spend so much on campaigns????

Have I mentioned lately that I would rather wash my whole body in poop-scented soap EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE than watch 5 minutes of "The View"?

Have you noticed that Brooke Shields is on every commercial lately? She advertises for toothpaste, Volkswagen vans and all kinds of other stuff. I saw her on an ad in a magazine the other day. Beside her picture it said "Brooke Shields, Actress/Humanitarian". What does one have to do to be labeled a humanitarian? Wikipedia says that a humanitarian is "Humanitarianism is based on a view that all human beings deserve respect and dignity and should be treated as such". I believe all people deserve respect (well most all people). Maybe that makes me a semi-humanitarian. From this point forward, I would appreciate you addressing me as Beth, mother/semi-humanitarian. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Seriously, I love Sarah Palin (like you didn't already know that), but If I hear the words 'maverick", 'ruffling feathers', Scranton, or 'energy-rich' again, I might start peeling my skin off inch by inch!

So, now I am off to the kitchen (where fires and other disasters happen frequently) to prepare some wonderful confections for the hubs to take to his ballgame tonight. Yep, I'm like Martha Stewart (only I burn things and I haven't been in jail).


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the economy crisis..Wait till you get your electric bill this month..since your in the same county and have JCPB (i think)..our ballon rate increase is wonderful! You can check out my electric bill on my blog...Mine went up right @ $40.00 which will be there until fuel comes down...Wait till you pay that in your new house..of course it's based upon how much your bill is..

beyond this moment said...

I love your random posts. =)

Personally, I am thoroughly sick of this election. The amount of money spent on ads and bribes (what else is it when you give 18yos a bunch of teen-toys and coffee cards??) and fancy dinners and sets and everything else just makes me sick.

For that matter, so does the fact that every single one of the programs designed to encourage young people to vote are plastered with material from only one candidate.

Cassie said...

You are the queen of randomness....I think I may attempt a random post one day...but I could never be as "random" as you...Have a great weekend..."Martha" ; )

ocean mommy said...

Hey Girl!!!

that last sentence has me cracking up. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

LynnSC said...

Again... I love your random thoughts. I think that is all my brain can muster up these days anyway.

And... yes, I am addicted to chapstick. I am very partial to only one brand, and I have to order it by the case. Natural Ice. Nothing like it in the world.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us... they crack me up.

I'm Tara. said...

I'm addicted to Arbonne lip gloss. Same thing, just mine will cost me more. Sad.

The way he says Pakistan doesn't make me nervous, but UGH. It drives me up the WALL. He says Afghanistan like he's from Illinois, which confuses me. On the political front - is it NOVEMBER YET?? Seriously.

Oh, and I have a magnet on my fridge that says "Martha Stewart doesn't live here. And it's a Good Thing." :)

Fran said...

And, this is all why I love you!!

How about my neighbors yard sign that said "Nobama?" Pretty clever of that kid who added the N in front of it. ;)

Brooke Shields is EVERYWHERE!

Campaign money spent is plain STUPID. Worst debate ever.

The View is stupider.

Mommyluann said...

It official've lost it!

I don't drink anything that smells like manure....cold manure or hot manure...

I agree on Sarah Palin and the word Maverick...but I do like her too.

I get sick when I think about the election. I really think we should have run together. We could have boycotted any chapstick company that support the GL Movement, made it mandatory for husbands to cook at least 3 times a week and do all the laundry, and have made it illegal for the View to even air....I think we'd make a team for sure. Although we'd have to find Elizabeth Haselback a job...I like her spunk on some of the issues.....just from a different venue!

alliekat said...

When Obama says "Pokiston" it sends chills up my spine! I have said that from the first day I heard him say it. He doesn't however say "Ofghoniston" which proves my theory that he is a fake and a fraud!

I'm just ready for the election to be over and the set-up for the anti-christ to come begins!

Sarah Markley said...

i love your post and i'm trying to pick things to comment on!

i like palin too. very much.

i think a name like zawesome is, well, zawesome.

i hate the view too. its on in the nail salon sometimes and i can't stand it.


Alana said...

Very exciting that the McDonalds' boycott thing really worked! I was pumped!

nancygrayce said...

The way he says ANYTHING makes me nervous....but I did notice the Pakistan thing.

{patty} said...

I'm not sure what year it is. I am thinking 97. I posted the photos on my blog because the guy who was calling about it (his email wasn't working).

I wasn't invited, the folks my kid was with, they were invited. :)

Heidi Zawisza said...

I love reading your randomness, it makes my life seem sooooo much more normal!! hee hee hee
OOlong Tea? That stuff does stink, and it's expensive!!!! I am using the "weight loss" tea from Teavana, and I LOVE it. It has the monkey oolong in it, but also good stuff like blueberry, and strawberry, and I think a little bit of lemongrass. Anyways, it really does work, I can tell when I haven't had my tea for the day because I am twice as hungry, and I eat more!! It is expensive, but one canister should last you about 3 months. let me know if you want any more info on it!!

annavolpt said...

Hey lady!!! I just saw your comment on my blog. I swear-I have your blog saved on my 'favorites'! No lie! I love reading your blog...its great! :) And now, I'm finally commenting!!!! Thanks for the kind and reassuring words-I just need to be patient (which is difficult for me to say the least!) Its so so great to read about your fam and see what you are up to. I love your randomness and honestly..its beautiful!

jennyhope said...

Beth!! you kill me!! how do you cross out letters like that btw?
Also, my child is totally addicted to chap stick. She grabbed like her 50th tube of the shelf at the store 2 days ago and just started putting it on...I was like well, I guess we are buying that.
Then, me and you could get together on the fudge stripes. Girl I could eat and eat those things. Or the elves. I eat the little snack bags to. Yum!!!!! 2 a night.

Heather said...

This cracks me up! I thought the same thing about how Obama says "Pakistan" and I DEFINITELY agree about the View!

Stephanie said...

Yes. The way Obama says Pakistan scares me ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!