Friday, October 24, 2008

A Little Rambling

As some of you may have noticed, I have been absent from the blog for a few days longer than usual. Others of you could care less where I have been (and I am strangely okay with that). Things are extremely hectic for us right now so, the blog has not only taken a back seat this week, but it has been in a whole different car. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. There I said it....please do not disown me as your blogging friend or call Blogger and report me. I am sure that things will be normal again for me at some point, although I do not foresee normal coming anytime in the near future.

The few minutes I have spent on the computer this week have been spent trying to upload a video of myself to the blog. Now, you guys know that I am no Bill Gates, so even the simplest of tasks regarding this idiotic piece of of junk computer can stump me. I am not even trying to take video from my video camera....I am trying to transfer it from the Easy Share. Which I have done before without incident (which is my favorite video of all time). I even contacted Kodak and asked what the problem could be.....their suggestions didn't work so I sent another email asking them for other suggestions. Cause ya'll, I'm nothing if not persistent. So, if they come up with the reason that all my pictures transfer in seconds but my videos wont, then I will be coming live and in person to a computer screen near you. Until then, look at this picture and pretend it is moving......Sorry guys, it's the best I can do 'cause I got nothin'

I have thought more than once this week, that God may be totally against me sharing myself on video. Oh, there is nothing scandalous in fact, it is quite boring and bland;-), but I am thinking He might be trying to spare you the pain of watching it and me the embarrassment of having you watch it. I fear that those who read this blog and do not know me in person may hear my voice or see me (in motion) and wish they could erase the video from their memory. So, God may be trying to tell me something and keep your eyes/ears in tact at the same time (you know I have a bit of an accent, right?).

Today, after running errands, I came home and baked some cookies while doing laundry. As you may know, the hubs referees Friday night football, and I always bake some sort of cookie/brownie/cake/etc. for him to take and share with his crew. I am very Martha Stewart like that (even though there is usually some sort of fire involved in the making of said confections which is not very Martha Stewart, but whatever). Anyway, I had some oatmeal no-bake cookie batter coming to a boil on the stove and some chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven when I decided to go through the house room by room to check for dirty laundry (cause the men in my family do not believe in laundry baskets or hampers -they prefer leaving their unmentionables in the floor where they took them off). I retrieved all the dirty laundry, folded another load of laundry, and started yet another load never once thinking about the cookies on my stove and in my oven. Needless to say, when the smoke alarm went off I remembered, it was too late to save either batch or the pans in which they were cooked. My point in telling you this story? To reiterate the fact that I am so easily distracted it is not even funny (or normal, it's just not normal, but what can I do about it?).

Do you have friends that preach to you at every opportunity? I am not talking about friends that are spiritual encouragers or friends that want to help you in your walk with Christ by sharing their struggles or Biblical advice. I am talking about pretend preachers who think the world is their pulpit and you are their congregation. You know the ones I mean. You can say you are having a bad day and they proceed to tell you that you are way too blessed to have a bad day and that God does not approve of Christians having bad days. You say that something gets on your nerves and they begin to tell you all the Bible verses that speak against the flesh and how you have to overcome your flesh. You tell them about a problem with another person and they tell you that you need to repent before the I speaking to anyone? Does anyone know this person? I know one or two and I have to say they really get on my nerves. There is a big difference between an encourager and someone who wants to wow you with their vast knowledge of scripture. I don't think God ever intended us to be on a "higher plain" when we encourage our brothers and sisters. He meets us where we are and He wants us to do the same for others. I know a person (or two) like this and have had this on my mind for a few days. I certainly hope I never come across as spiritually superior to anyone. The things I share on this blog are the things God is teaching ME. I share them to give Him the glory for the work He is doing in me. I also share just in case He might want to speak to someone else through what He has said to me (I believe He can use anyone or anything to speak to whomever He wants to reach). Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hope I never come across to any of you as a preacher, but as an encourager and someone who simply wants to share her love for the Lord with others. Thank you for allowing me to vent on this subject....moving right along........

Wednesday and Thursday, I spent working at the new house --- AGAIN. I spent the whole day Thursday crouching down and bent over. Today every bone and muscle in my body is protesting. I feel like I have done a thousand squats when in reality it was just one loooong squat. Have I mentioned that I know more about building houses than any girl should know? Yeah, well I do.

Went to Belk this week and bought 2 shirts for a total of $4.03. Yeah, I'm cheap like that. After I left Belk, I went to Target and bought a sweater off the sale rack for $4. I am telling ya, my husband should rise and call me bless-ed!!! hahhahahah just kidding (not about the clothes about the bless-ed part). You can see one of the $1.98 shirts and the $4 sweater in the picture above.

I got a catalog in the mail for a very famous company that sells clothes. I flipped through it and stopped at a page that showed these beautiful turtleneck sweaters. I decided I would order one UNTIL I looked at the price......$150 American Dollars. All I am asking is, "Why is cashmere so precious and do people REALLY pay that much for one sweater"????? If I paid that much for a sweater, I would not be able to sleep for a month.

Did ya hear OPEC is going to slow production? Did ya hear that I think OPEC is of satan? Did you also hear that I dislike OPEC very much and I believe the people in charge of it are complete idiots? (This is where my preachy friend would say, Now Beth, you know we have to love everyone, even OPEC and God is in control of everything so you are wrong to even mention your dislike of oil barons because God loves even the Iraqi people and when you show dislike for OPEC, it is the same as hating all Middle Eastern people..........does THAT kind of conversation ring a bell with anyone???? Just checking. Maybe I am the only one who knows someone like this).

The Toys R Us Christmas catalog came yesterday. The boys have already made their lists and after looking them over, I have found that they listed every item in the catalog (with the exception of all things pink of course). Did I mention that it annoys me to no end that the R in Toys R Us is backwards? To no end I tell ya!

Okay, I am off to play with my boys....maybe I will be able to be a little more dependable on the blog scene next week......and maybe I can put that picture in motion.......maybe.


Mari said...

I hope you get that video working because I would love to hear your voice and accent! I'm impressed with you bargains. I never find those kinds of deals!

Mommyluann said...

You are the Queen of Randomness! Oh my goodness! I'm tired just reading it!

I'm a blogger slacker myself. full time teaching is in the way of full time blogging!

ocean mommy said...

Boy...I need you to go shopping with me! When I saw your picture I thought."I LOVE that sweater/shirt combo!" Too cute.

Looking forward to that video. :)


Anonymous said...

You're easily distracted, huh???? You think you may need help with that, huh???? I know someone...who could help with that! ;)

YFP--(Angela in case you forgot my new AKA).

alliekat said...

I think a nice, kind, loving sister would bring her dear, hard working, sister some no bake me some no bakes!

jcdisciple said...

"You say that something gets on your nerves and they begin to tell you all the Bible verses that speak against the flesh and how you have to overcome your flesh.

...Does anyone know this person?

Let me tell you about a passage that can help you with this!! LOL!

I'll tell you a person I know like that...ME! In my flesh and my fervor to share truth with someone, I have often been like that. Then the Holy Spirit quickens me and I realize how comassionless and heartless I have been. I sure hope I've never done that to you, but I confess I've been guilty of being one of those people...except I really DID want to help's just my zealousness for the Lord sometimes takes over and the compassion I wanted to express came out ALL WRONG!

BTW, I totally laughed about the cookies...I'm a terrible multi-tasker and do that sort of thing ALL THE TIME!!

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Don't you know those of us with the gift of prophesy just die inside unless we're able to voice truth and correct error? Laughing, but seeing myself in your comment, Debbie

LynnSC said...

Loved it Bethanne!!

And yes, I know a few people like your "spiritual" friend. My husband does that at times just to tick me off!! He knows that it drives me crazy.

My one friend is normally wearing her "pride panties"... but every once and a while she will change and put on her "spiritual panties". The last time she did this... I said to her,
"Did you just put on your spiritual panties with me???" she laughed and said... " they are always there.. just usually under my pride panties." We had a great laugh... but it really did get the point across!!

Love hearing your randomness!!

Greg P. said...

I always like your randomness posts. They keep my interest.

Other than that, for some reason, I don't have anything to say today.

...enjoy it, it doesn't happen often.

Alana said...

And when we're done with the make-up tutorial, we can move on to a shopping tutorial ;-)

Denise said...

you set a timer..this is the help you need so you do not burn another batch of cookies. this is what i do bethanne or i too get easily sidetracked. it happened to me while hard boiling eggs. did you know the water will evaporate and the eggs explode, leaving an odor that... aghhh! so you set a timer. a timer to step away for any reason. the timer will remind you to come back.

oh and i bought 5 shirts for $23 this past week, it was like shopping heaven

looking forward to video and accent!

I'm Tara. said...

I love me some random Bethanne! And your $6 outfit is stunning. Pink's good on you. And I am also not a fan of the backwards "r". Ew.

Fran said...

Toys R Us (can't do backwards with a computer key) is where we got our halloween costumes. I don't like that place. not sure why...just don't.

You can random all day long. Hope you had a good weekend. I've decided I'm paying you a visit to the EAST EAST EAST land of TN when you move ok?? :)


Sandi Hixson said...

i am so with you on those who feel the "need" to share what God's will is for you because He let them know FIRST......there are varying degrees of these people....and i am sure i have filled those shoes more than once.....but when it is done to me.....i guess it hurts more than anything.....statements like:...."now you KNOW God doesn't like....etc. etc......sometimes and most times we do KNOW.....but there are vulnerable moments and weak moments that we share.....our insecure feelings.....and WHAM.....we are hit by you know just happened to me THIS week by a long lost cousin !!!.....i just misstated something and it was followed by a short sermon on how God would not do this .....etc etc.
anyway.....your blogs are REAL encouragements because you do not flaunt yourself as "all knowing" but you share real life adventures of a Godly woman, trying to live in an UNGODLY world.....
BTW.....check out my blog...i posted my GIVEAWAY