Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Got Nothin'

So far today has been a wonderful day. Might be because it is only 9:30 and I have only been up for an hour!!! You read that right, folks! I slept until almost 8:30 am........8:21 am to be exact. I remember the good ole days when I thought that getting up at 8:30 on a day I didn't have to was torture, now it seems like such a treat. Sad that at 35, rest is a thing of the past. My yesterday was spent at Lake's school for Harvest Day. Every time I work at his school, it is apparent to me that teachers (well, the nice teachers....better not say anymore) definitely have a calling......a calling that I never heard. Oh my goodness. It was fun, but I fear if I went there everyday, I might have to be placed in one of those suits and stuck in a rubber room. It's not that I don't love the kids, it's just that chaos makes me nervous.......

I have taken all your comments about decorating for Christmas into account and I will let you know after I decorate next week when I decide what to do. Thanks for all your input though, especially for reminding me about having to dust the ornaments - I am trying to come up with a way to cover all decorations with plastic......or maybe we will skip decorating here and just ask if we can have Christmas at someone else's house....seriously, if you were at my house right now, you would see that I have an aversion to dusting....makes me sneeze....maybe I am allergic to Pledge.

While I have Christmas on my mind, let me encourage you to go to Sandi's blog and enter to win one of her beautiful creations. Sandi is starting and ETSY store and she is wildly talented! I mean she has a God-given gift for all things crafty.......go here to check her stuff out and enter to win a mixed media painting (and no I do not know what that really is, but I do know I love it). Sandi is my blog friend Heidi's mom (The Zawisza Tribune on my sidebar) and they are both a hoot!!!

I don't know about you all, but I am sick and tired of hearing about ACORN and their voting scandal. Believe it or not I am more sick of ACORN than I am of the words "Maverick", "Energy",or "Scranton" -which I would have never thought possible. I say we just shut down ACORN (not really sure what their purpose is anyway) and forget voting machines and paper ballots. Our banks have implemented thumbprint machines for identification verification, why cant we use thumbprints for voting? At least that way, we could know for sure that each person could only cast one vote. God made sure that all our thumbprints are different, so why not use the original technology straight from the Maker to keep our elections honest? Just my opinion.

So, I went to the store called Dress Barn day before yesterday. I cannot go into that store without thinking of this. It does make one wonder what kind of marketer would come up with a name for their store that gives the idea of a cow or horse. Anyway, after trying on clothes at every store in this area, I have come to the conclusion that nothing looks good on me. I either look 6 months pregnant (because the sweaters/shirts are in grand maternity style AGAIN!!!) or like I am 35 trying to look 15 OR like a grandmother. So, what will I wear this winter season? I have no earthly idea. Maybe I will just wear long johns thermal underwear under all my summer clothes. Who knows? I might start a trend.

I saw a story on my internet homepage the other morning ..... the headline read "Heaviest man in the World Marries". I had a dream about this last night.....I was the bride......the wedding was weird. Why on earth can I not be normal??????

So, for Fall Festival (we don't really do the Halloween trick-or-treating thing) Lake wants to be a "motorcycle rider". I am all about homemade costumes, so I thought it would be fun to put together. The hubs and I are not motorcycle kind of people. We think they are really pretty to look at, and we have friends that love to ride them, but we prefer to be enclosed inside a large metal casing while riding down the road (aka. and SUV or Truck - cause we ARE in TN, y'all, I mean, let's face it, there are nuts on the road and I do not want to meet them on a bike with just my jeans for protection against the concrete...I would not look good in a casket or with my limbs severed and laying in different parts of the highway). But that's just us....if you live to ride and ride to live....more power to ya....we will be sitting inside our SUV talking about how cool your motorcycle is as you fly by us!! Yes, we are so un-hip.

Anyway, I went to Smith-Brother's Harley here in Johnson City to buy Lake a t-shirt. I just have to say two things.....#1... Those people at the Harley store are sooooo nice!! They were the sweetest sales people EVER! I thought it would be kinda scary to go in there (I pictured lots of tattoos and big scary men looking for a Harley mama), but they were all so nice...I think they could give all the other stores in the area a lesson in customer service. (well, except for the guy who gave my 4 yr old a poster with a 1/2 nekkid Jessica Simpson on it --- he needs a lesson of his own ---I didn't know what the poster had on it until we got to the car and Kaden unrolls it and says "It's a lady on a motorcycle with big shoes on". I look to find Jessica in a leather 2-piece and high heels (it is at the landfill as we speak). #2.....Harley stuff is WAY EXPENSIVE!!!! When you see your average Harley rider going down the road in leathers and jeans that have the Harley logo-----he is wearing hundreds of dollars worth of clothing! I could go on and on, but this part of my post is already way too long.

Kaden wants to wear the Dash (Incredibles) costume he got for his birthday in January. Which was no surprise to us, but a good thing because it saved us about $40 bucks ....costumes are expensive y'all!!! Which is why I am a fan of homemade ones..... ;-) I usually like to have them dress up as something related (remember the referee and the football player and the State Trooper and the inmate???? Yeah, well, not this year ;-( ) We could have all gone as a biker gang..............

I will definitely post pics this weekend of Dash and The Harley Man......should be pretty funny....we have tattoos and everything....cause we are authentic like that. Have a great day.


Eddie said...

maaaaaama, et's ob vee us youz aint no Har ley gurl. cuz youz dwn't knoz howda tallllks.

Anonymous said...

I guess when I leave this comment, Everyone see's we still Love each other! Thanks for the E-Mails!

I love the Dress Barn, I However had not seen that Video, and will never look @ this store the same..

I'm a Dusting Freak & Windex too...Drives me crazy..We have Dark Furniture & tables have glass..Dust shows all to well, and fingerprints too!
I would go Nuts if I had Kids, and this if ya need me to dust, Im on it!

We do ride motorcycles, not a Harley..they are way to LOUD, and I hate being near one..and Im so with you..I'm scared to death when Im on it, since My jeans is the only protection I have other than my helmet!

Take Lot's of pictures, and Don't forget the Sunglasses for the biker theme..those are a must!

Have a great Fall Festival!
Much Love :)

Mari said...

I love the Dress Barn video. I have wondered what they were thinking to name it that. I also love the idea of you in a Harley store! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Sandi Hixson said...

thanks for the shout out on my giveaway! it is surely appreciated !!!
the Dress Barn video is sooo funny....honestly the last time i was in there i vowed to NEVER go again and i haven't!...i might be old....but hey baby, i aint ready to dress OLD....from a barn!

AnnaElizabeth said...

Thank you for your encouragement on my blog, it's hard sometimes when I feel like the only person with Christian values in my school. I know there has to be more, I guess I just don't know them.

I know what i'm going to be for halloween. I'm going to get a white t-shirt, tape my eyes shut, and then write "Liberal" on it with sharpie. When I open my eyes at the end of the night, I'll be conservative again.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


Anyway, Nice random blog. I love hearing funny Lake and Kaden stories, those boys crack me up.

If you all are going to put tattoos on yourself, I want to see pictures. I might get a laugh or two out of it.

I LOVE Tim Hawkins. He is hilarious and it's nice to see a comedian who can say a sentence without being vulgar. I also think of him every time I think about the Dress Barn.

I'm sick of hearing about ACORN too. But, at the same time, I think it is a good reflection of the type of people that seem to be affiliated with Obama. I think you have a really good idea about voting! That would be an awesome way for Democrats not to register cartoon characters.

Keep blogging, I love reading them.
Love you!

Greg P. said...

I just wanted to comment, so, I'll just say that I guess I'm the only one that doesn't go to the Dress Barn.

alliekat said...

Dress Barn is my favorite place to shop for dress clothes. Tim Hawkins is great! Be sure to watch all his videos if you want a good laugh!