Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, today, I tried to make a video blog........unfortunately (or fortunately for those of you who know me in real life) I was unsuccessful. Why is it so dern hard to take video from the camera and get it into my computer? Oh well, maybe some other time. Anyway, I will be away from the blog all day on Wednesday. I am working at the new house that will never be finished all day. More rebar, hopefully no more blisters -- I bought a tool especially for this job and it should make my life much easier.

I feel it would be hypocritical of me not to confess that I let the heat and air man have it with both barrels spoke a little too harshly today to the man who is supposed to be installing our heating/cooling system. The key word there is "supposed to be"...as in paid him, but have not seen him and cannot proceed until he finishes his work. I tell ya that old sin nature really comes out when I am mad; however, after our conversation, he assured me that he will be there first thing in the morning (might be because I threatened to camp out at his office until the job is completed - even heat and air man knows that a nagging woman is like a dripping faucet ;-).

Tomorrow night is the last night of Living Beyond Yourself (guess I need to go back and re-do the lessons on self-control, kindness, peace......okay all of the lessons......like YOU never lose your temper!). Of course since we are Baptists and we eat together every chance we get, we will be bringing food to celebrate the end of our journey together. Can I get a "woohoo" for the Bible Study buffet??

I have noticed that my sidebar update thingie is not always updating when one of you publishes a new post on your blog. So, if I don't visit you, it is because my notification thing is not working properly......computers get on my nerves.

See ya'll in day or two unless Jesus comes back first --- can I get a "Come Quickly, Lord Jesus"????.

Oh and if you want to watch a funny/thought provoking video showing what it will be like if Obama is elected......click here.


Anna said...

Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants and demands attention! :) You go girl!
Do you have updated pics of the house???? Can't wait to see them! :)

Mari said...

I hope that Heating and Cooling man gets at it and gets things taken care of at your house. I'd hate to have to hear about your camping experiences!
I'm not Baptist, but us Reformed people know how to eat every chance we get too!
Me too on the "come quickly Lord Jesus"

Greg P. said...

That's right, don't apologize for letting the HVAC guy have it, especially if he's already been paid. He should be ecstatic because so many contractors just take their time paying tradesmen.

Just show him your biceps from building the house. He'll be there in no time!

Fran said...

Oh girl...
I truly don't know what I did to actually transfer the video from camera to computer. I did go to Linda 2nd cup of coffee blogs and about a month ago she did a tutorial on "how to." I found it and watched it. Can you believe I did that? I must have REALLY wanted that dern video up.

That was the hardest part. I just kept trying different things and FINALLY got it. Kind of like transfering pix except its a video.

Go to the handy dandy best buy. I almost did that too. Sad.

Hang in there kiddo..."let the peace of Christ rule in your heart..."

I love ya,

donnaj said...

Sometimes a girl has to do what she has to do! There are times when "better not make them mad" is just not good enough. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Hope that guy showed this morning is all I can say!

alliekat said...

Do you want me to babysit while you camp out in front of his business/house?

The video is something I can see happening. It is scarey that we could potentially be living in a whole different world this time next year.

Ob(s)ama Bi(nla)den - do you see the simiarities?

Heidi Zawisza said...

oh PLEASE do the video blogging!!!!!! That would be awesome!

ocean mommy said...

You HAVE TO do the video!!! I want to hear your voice! :)

I'm trying to work up the nerve to do it too, but I want to wait until I don't sound sick! My accent will be more than enough to laugh at, I don't need to add a stuffy nose sound if I can avoid it!

Hope you are well and that that Heating and Air man has got his act together.


Alana said...

I really hope you get your video up at some point...that will be a "must see" for me ;-)