Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh So Boring

Well, the heat is official on in our house after a weekend of some very cool weather. I even made vegetable beef soup last night, although the family said I used way too much pepper in it --- I think the exact words were something like "Mommy, my mouth is on fire"...."It burns, it burns" and "This makes my nose run"...........ingrates!!! Don't they know that there are kids in Sudan that are starving??? Anyway, The leaves are changing and fall is finally here. Even though the high will be 67 today, when I left to take Lake to school this morning it was 37 freakin' cold degrees. Such is fall in the hills of East Tennessee. I really don't have time today to post anything of substance, so here are a few pictures and a meme for your viewing/reading boredom pleasure.

Last week Kaden's children's choir sang in church, this week was Lake's turn. One of the songs the kids sang, they also signed (as in sign language). I must say I was really impressed with my kid, not just because he is terribly cute and I made him (with help of course),but because he knew every sign and didn't miss a beat! His aunt Lisa would have been so proud (she signs for the deaf people in her church). They all did a wonderful job --- they have wonderful choir leaders (one of whom might be reading this and is one of my favorite people - and I am not just kissing up either!). Anyway, here are a few pics from last night.

Here is Lake talking to his friend, Cassidy before they sang.....Lake loves to talk.......sometimes his need to socialize gets him into trouble at school, but I cant really say much since I never got a report card that didn't have a check mark beside the words "Does not Control her Talking"...............

Making a joyful noise.

Kaden sitting beside daddy (the headless figure in the orange sweater) waiting for time to go to his choir class....we had to come early for Lake to practice...and yes, that is a kool-aid mustache he is wearing.

This is me trying to look like a nice, patient mommy while fussing at Kaden for playing with my camera and not being still - while I was fussing through closed teeth, he inadvertently snapped a picture ---not at the best angle either----Mental note: teach the kids to take flattering pictures of me, not ones that make me look like the Hunchback on Notre Dame.

Blurry shot of me and Lake at his school on the day of the high school's homecoming. Lake will go to a different high school than I did...the school he will go to was a rival of ours.......Even though the school he will attend always has a better team than we ever did do, I still cant bring myself to put on a Cyclone jersey because I am a Cougar at heart.......You would think at 35, I would be over high school..........Therapy? Why, yes I do need it.

So I have been meme-tagged by my friend, Sandi. The rules are :Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 56, start with the 5th sentence, and post 2-5 paragraphs........So, you know we have 2 small kids, right? Yeah, well, as painful as this might be (especially for mothers who will recognize which book this is from as soon as they read the first line), I am playing along and playing, let me apologize in advance for the following goes:

Who was back in the house?
Why, the cat!
"Have no fear of this mess,"
Said the Cat in the Hat.
"I always pick up all my playthings and so....
I will show you another good trick that I know!"
Then we saw him pick up all the things that were down
He picked up the cake and the rake and the gown,
And the milk and the strings
And the book and the dish
And the fan and the cup,
And the ship and the fish,
And he put them away
Then he said, "That is that."
And then he was gone with a tip of his hat.
Then our mother came in and she said to us two
"Did you have any fun, tell me, what did you do?"
And Sally and I did not know What to say
Should we tell her the things that went on there that day?

All of you mothers (who are bored enough with life to still be reading this) know this book well and can finish the last lines from memory.

For an interesting read on the upcoming election, check this out at Rapture Ready --- scroll down to the second article about Electing God's Way.

Hopefully, I will be back later in the week with something you might actually care to read.


Mari said...

You gotta love Dr Seuss! When Andy graduated from High school he was given a copy of "The places You'll go" which is also a Seuss book. The cool thing about this gift is that the couple that gave it to him had gone through the book and on every page they wrote out a verse from the Bible that went along with that page!

ocean mommy said...

We are Seuss fans here big time...

LOVED the photos! Something about little ones singing for Jesus that just makes my heart beat a little faster. :)

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the many links on your blog.

I just read the "Rapture Ready"-electing God's way. It is written exactly as I am feeling right now. My husband and I were talking about it this weekend. We can't believe the Obama signs in peoples yards that claim to be christians!! Until we as a nation choose to respect human life from conception we will NEVER get anything else right! How can christians ignore the moral choice of a candidate in the hopes of a better economy???

Thanks again for the links. I have added them to my favs and will check back regularly.


alliekat said...

Aunt Lisa is extremely proud of my Lakey! He will have to sign for me when I see him.

I completely agree with Kim (above). There are so many things that we as Christians are suppose to stand against that Obama is very sad that people will let things like race, "republican/democrat", and other things get in the way of what they know deep down is right.

I'm Sadie said...

Lake is so stinking cute! What precious boys you have!

I wanted to say that I feel you on the whole high school thing. Our high school was consolidated with a local school, the one Randall graduated from actually. The sad thing is, I work for them. :( I have a hard time wearing purple still.....

Fran said...

Again..i'm laughing out loud.

hunchback of notre dame...dying.

Can't put on a cyclone shirt...dying.

Dr. Seuss....dying.

Too much talking...dying again.

Anonymous said...

The kids did sing good last night, didn't they? As for the --one of your favorite people--comment...I already told you that we would invite you and Steve to our care group get togethers...what else is it you could be wanting?!?
By the way, I also appreciate your links regarding the Obamanation. I haven't had time to listen to much of the debates, etc on my own, so I'm counting on you, sister! Keep up the good work!

From now on I'm just start signing my posts--YFP (your favorite person--OOYFP--one of your favorite people is just too long. This isn't going to my head in case you were wondering!

Greg P. said...

I'm with you all the way on the high school thing. I still follow high school sports as religiously as when I was in high school.... a "couple" years before you... were born!

Who needs therapy now?

Heidi Zawisza said...

Ummmmm, I'm tellin' said FREAKIN'....yeah, you said it even though you tried to cross it out.
And the therapy thing? Maybe. But if you do check it out, see if they have a two for one special. I'll go halfsies with ya!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Oh, and ps. Go check my blog to see if you are rude.

Heidi Zawisza said...

I was at the gym when I viewed this segment. Didn't have a choice as to what I was watching, due to the tv I was planted in front of.
I am sooooo NOT a fan of hers, but I have to admit, the title drew me in, and I was very intrigued to see what the "poles" revealed after the studio audience gave their answers. Several of the things mentioned were on my personal top ten rude list!!! ha!

Kelly S. said...

We are on the same wave length this week. (scary) My children are singing and signing at church this week. (yes I know that if I had a blog I could post a pic). I have discovered that most children love to sign and pick it up much faster than adults. We have been teaching my son signs since he was about 18mo, and my girls can carry on their own private conversation!
Also, this weekend for the first time in YEARS I am going to my high school's football game. I can't wait!! I was a Greene devil.
Love the Rapture Reports!

Super B's Mom said...

The little ones up there singing are just precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a pretty picture of you! Look at those eyelashes-----I have to pay for mine! :)

I LOVE your posts----they CRACK me up.

Alana said...

I would do just about anything to see some of those East Tennessee colors...sigh. Enjoy them for me. Also, wave at my alma mater if you go buy this weekend. They are having homecoming without me!

Oh and this is completely off the subject, but when I meet you in real life I'm thinking you should give me a makeup application tutorial...yours always looks amazing!