Thursday, June 26, 2008

By Popular Demand

It is 4:36 AM and I thought I would blog one more time before I die. I have been awake for 3 hours tossing and turning and praying for relief from the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head. Allergy season officially began for me sometime between early afternoon and 1 AM. I just took some Tylenol Nightime medicine, so I figure nightime for me should last until at least 9 am (assuming my kids cooperate - not likely, but a girl can dream, right?)

Anyway, today is our anniversary. We only dated for 6 months before we got married, but apparently we weren't as crazy as some people thought, because here we are nine years and 2 kids later and we still love each other and we are having lots of fun. The time has flown by. Our honeymoon was spent here. Our first anniversary was spent here. On our second anniversary I came home from the hospital with Lake. Tonight, our ninth anniversary, will be spent at the ball field praying that our little short stop will not let any balls get by him. I would write a loving tribute to my man on this blog, but he is so busy he would never get to read it -so I will just tell him in person if you don't mind. Next year will be #10........ten years is a long time.....I am thinking a return trip to the site of our honeymoon is in order, what do ya think? (I would post wedding pics, but I didn't have the old Easy Share then so how can I post pics if they aren't on a digital camera? -No, really someone tell me--Enquiring minds want to know).

Here is a side shot of my husband of nine years looking at one of Lake's b-day cards. He is also holding our ancient Sony Handycam - see our love of all things photography just never ends.

Here's my little short stop #12 catching a grounder.

So, several of you (well only 2 but who's counting?) asked to see pics of me on the new scooter. It wasn't difficult to take this shot since I have been riding it for 3 days straight. This is not an actual action shot, because my 7 yr old is not very adept at using the camera yet (to be honest, neither is his mother - all you people who own Nikons with the long thing on the front - keep quiet). As you can see I finally semi-fixed my Easy Share problem - who knew one had to upgrade software from time to time?

Since I was already posting a picture, I thought I would just go ahead and bore you to tears. This is a picture of my youngest. We are so proud of how he has learned to dress himself. I came into the kitchen the other morning to find him sitting at the table with his shorts on his head. All I can say is "Really, people, he gets this stuff from his daddy".

Here is a picture of the Birthday boy opening the scooter that mom has taken possession of. The look of joy is because he had not yet learned that his mother would not only take his scooter, but that she would race him with it and win. Is it wrong of me not to let my kids win all the time? The older the kids get, the more fun I have with their toys.

And finally, when did it become mandatory that siblings get gifts for their brother's birthdays? I am 35 and have yet to receive one gift for my sister's birthday. Ya hear that mom and daddy? Never one gift! In 35 years!!!
If I failed to mention it before, my father has been in Honduras on a medical mission trip. He is on staff here as Director of Stewardship. He has always been interested in medicine so this trip is a fun one for him. He will be coming home this weekend. Also, my niece and nephew will be leaving today around 2 pm to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua. They are so excited and so are we. Pray that this trip changes their lives and that they get to see hundreds come to Christ. Who knows, this trip might be the catalyst that leads them into full time missions.
While they are gone, my sister and her husband will be going on their first ever "no kid" beach trip. While I am somewhat jealous (in a Godly way of course), they deserve it and I hope they have a great time with no incidences of sunburn or jellyfish stings (Lisa, you know the remedy for jellyfish stings- stay out of the water!).
Well, hubs alarm should be going off any minute - time for me to go to bed.


Greg P. said...

Happy Anniversary Beth!

Hey, maybe you'll get your OWN scooter for your anniversary!

Looking forward to reading about your dad's trip to Honduras and your nephew and niece's trip to Nicaragua.

Enjoy the Little League years with the boys. They grow up in an instant. You're smart to capture what you can in pictures and video. Great post today!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your post today. Love the picture of your son with his pants on his head. Too funny!
It's allergy season here too - I'm not sure if my itchy eyes will ever be the same!

Fran said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is just awesome. And, MUST return to honeymoon spot. We went to Cabo on our 10 yr and I highly recommend that fabulous spot too.

The pix are adorable. Shorts on head is priceless.

Hope you feel better. Drugs are the key. :)


Steve said...

Happy Anniversary, Beth!! Best wishes to you and Steve for many more happy years together.
Missi and I will celebrate 19 years this year.

proreviewpc said...

Hi Beth, just a note that I am enjoying your blog, you do a great job. By the way, in ref to Kaden's photo with the mod hat, could it just be mild depression from the fact that he is having to use your "good" plastic china? :o) Keep on keepin' on. JM

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary--and, the whole shorts on his head thing--Personally I think the boy takes after his granddaddy. ;-)

Mommyluann said...

Happy Anniversary. David and I have been married 9 will be 10 in February of next year...where does time go?

great pics.....

Kelly S. said...

Happy Anniversary!! and thanks for the pictures!!

alliekat said...

If I were guessing, since I really can't remember (no comments), that when I was a little girl and you were a littler girl, that our grandparents gave you gifts on my birthday as well! I am pretty cofident in that statement.

Leaving in just a few hours for the beach! I do know the remedy for the jelly fish....doubt I will get in the ocean very much...can't see what's there like we could in Destin.

Alana said...

Happy Anniversary, friend! I hope you are able to part ways with the scooter long enough to celebrate ;-)

Earen said...

Happy Anniversary friend! It was good to catch up on your blogs...I'm kind of behind. Love the new scooter!

Cassie said...

Check my blog out...I have something for you..Have a great weekend....

Cassie said...

Check my blog out...I have something for you..Have a great weekend....

Cassie said...

Sorry for posting that twice...I was "enter" happy....Hee hee

Lisa said...

Congratulation on 9 wonderful years of marriage. My husband and I celebrated 10 blissful years this year (February 14th).
You kids are adorable - I love the "pants on the head" shot. I think he may have started a new trend.
As for the scooter - well, us Moms have to have fun too.
I noticed that you are in Northeast TN - me too! I'm in Kingsport. We might be neighbors.

Midwest Nest said...

Happy Anniversary!

Some suggestions for pictures that are not digital: You could scan them to your PC or you could take a picture of your picture.

Good luck.

Debbie said...

Hi Beth

Happy anniversary,birthday,Christian Day,everyday.

I bet your Mom could show us a pix of you with your pants on your head. You think????

Tell hubs hello and the boys.

Debbie said...

debbie h

Hi Beth!

Happy anniversary,birthday,Christian day, every day.

I bet if you check with your mom, she may have a pic of you with pants on your head. You think?

Hi to Steve. Would like to see all of you.

Take care