Monday, June 23, 2008

Scooters, Freaks and Kisses

So, my hubs is out of town and I find it somewhat hard to sleep (could be the two large Pepsi's I drank at Pizza Hut tonight, who knows?). And what does a blogger do when she can't sleep? Why, blog, of course. Oh, and browse other blogs. It's the only natural thing to do when a blogger has insomnia. So, sit back and prepare to be dazzled by my late night thoughts and ramblings (or you could just click on another, more interesting blog at this time -it's totally up to you).

-I noticed on the MSN headlines today that Ellen DeGeneres is going to get married to her girlfriend. I have so many questions about this whole gay marriage thing. Not about the political side (I already know WHY they are allowing it - California is a liberal state and we have wimpy, weenie politicians who pander to special interest groups which include gay & lesbian communities - not to mention the fact that America is going to hell in a hand basket). No, now that the idiots (I mean that in the nicest way, of course) have voted to allow gay marriage, my questions revolve around the ceremonies. For example, will Ellen and her significant other both wear white gowns? Will they play Here Come the Brides? Will the person officiating pronounce them Mrs. and Mrs. DeGeneres? How do they decide who will change last names? Instead of a Groom's cake, do they have 2 Brides cakes? Who gets the diamond engagement ring? Who do you call regarding etiquette of such an affair? I would think that very few precedents have been set. Don't worry, though, I am sure we will all hear more about it than we ever wanted to because the main stream media loves this kind of thing. If you are reading this and wonder why I am against gay marriage, I would love to share my faith and my thoughts with you. If you are an advocate of gay marriage, please know that I do not want to hear your hateful comments. Thank you.

-Anybody else hate that page that says "Blogger Currently Unavailable. Sorry for any inconvenience"??????

-My son, who turned 7 on Saturday, got a Kick & Go for his birthday. And let me tell you...this ain't your Grandma's scooter (did your Grandma even have a scooter? Probably not) It is soooo much fun. So much fun, in fact, that I was outside riding it in our driveway until about 9:30 tonight. So much fun that my son has asked me several times "Mom, can I have my scooter back?" To which I always reply, "In a minute, honey, you know Jesus says we should share."

-I was scanning the headlines earlier (thus the story about Ellen) and I have come to a conclusion: I could care less what Posh and Becks are doing/wearing/pushing and I do not care in the least whether Tom and Katie are going to have another baby and should we really be glamorizing Britney's 17 yr old sister's pregnancy/delivery? Oh and who in the world is this Amy Winehouse chick anyway?...........Hollyweird news bores me to tears.

-Have you heard about this new thing they have out in electronics stores? It is this tiny little device that allows you to download songs you like and then play them back whenever you want. Okay, it's an iPod and I know all of you already have them, but we just got one (well, we got it for Lake for his b-day -little does he know that he will be sharing the Nano with mom and dad - remember Jesus says we should share). I am very iPod illiterate, but I have actually managed to download 12 songs for Lake today. He has listened to them over and over and he sings with them too --VERY LOUDLY I might add. I have heard Toby Mac's "I was Made to Love You" sung in a variety of keys and pitches today. Praise the Lord my baby loves praise music!!! I still wonder how in the world all those songs can fit into that little iPod and can somebody tell me where the eject button is?

-Tonight was the first night of our t-ball tournament. We won 27 -12. Go Yankees! That red head who plays short stop is the cutest one on the team. Wonder who his mama is? (just kidding)

-Have you all seen this guy on tv named John Basedow? He is some sort of fitness guru ("Fitness Made Simple" or as I like to call it "Fitness Made This Man Look FreakyWeird"). Very interesting body on that man - his head doesn't exactly seem to fit correctly on top of his very toned physique. I love to watch infomercials and I am a sucker for ordering things off TV, but due to the hugeness of this guy's head and the tiny-ness of his body, I am not tempted to purchase his product. It wouldn't be very Christian of me to say any more about him at this time....

-I have been browsing all the blogrolls of people who are on my favorites list. Alana, you sure have a huge blogroll, ya know that? It took me an hour and a half to partially go through your list. You have lots and lots of friends. We should do a "Flip-Flop Swap" with all of them sometime (*wink*), 'cause a girl can never have too many flip flops ya know.

-Remember a while back when I told you about hubs purchasing the 4 lb bag of Hershey kisses from Sam's? Yeah, well he did it again (actually this our 4th bag, but who's counting ?). And yet again, we have finished the bag. I would like to tell you that my kids ate the majority of them, but that would be a lie. I just have one question, Why is it that you can eat a 4 lb bag of Hershey kisses and gain 8 lbs? Doesn't it stand to reason that the most you could gain is 4 lbs????? Injustice in the world - Just another reason to pray for the quick return of our Lord .

-Hubs loves saltwater fish. We have a huge tank in our living room (and there is one built in our new house as well). I think they are pretty, but the truth is....these fish hate me. They do not want me to feed them and they splash water out of the tank at me when I try. I have put off feeding them all day because of their obvious animosity towards me. In a few minutes (just before I go lay down to see what wonderful infomercials are on tv tonight) I will open up the top of their tank and the large blue fish will dart to the top and flip his tail fin at me which will sling water all over my face not to mention the floor. I do; however, love the little "Nemo" fish - they are really sweet and not temperamental at all.

-I got some very important mail today. It was from Walt. Walt who, you ask? Why Walt Disney of course. We got our luggage tags, our vouchers, our tix, etc in a nice little plastic binder. Just a little over a month to go and we will be singing "It's a Small World" with Mickey and Donald and Goofy and Minnie and Daisy and Buzz Lightyear and Nemo and Chip and Dale and Cinderella and Hewey and Dewey and Louie while fanning our sweaty bodies in the Florida sun - Have I mentioned that I love,love, love Disney?.................

-If I were you, I would buy stock in Chap-Stick. My addiction is out of control and I have started buying it by the half dozen. Just a little stock tip from a girl with moist and supple lips. (Might want to consider Hershey as a stock option too)

-The Lord taught me a lesson this past Sunday morning in church. What was the lesson? Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged...........As I was sitting there listening ever so intently to our pastor's sermon, I heard someones cell phone start ringing. It started out really faint and then it got louder and louder and louder. I thought to myself "Can't these people at least turn off their phones for a couple of hours during church?" Then the thought crossed my mind, "I wonder if my phone is on?" Sure enough I reached down and pulled it out, opened it up and with great terror saw the light come on. I looked at hubs and he looked at me with a look of shock and horror as if to say "How could you do this to me? To us? Possibly embarrass our whole family like this?" In order to spare our family the possible embarrassment of the 'inadvertent phone ring during a prayer'....I formulated a plan of action. I waited until our pastor hit a 'high spot' (aka - I waited until he started preaching passionately aka shouting) and I quickly hit the down button on the ringer. Yes, there were beeps and vibrating sounds, but no one could hear them over the heavenly rewards sermon entitled "Preparing for Payday". I am thankful for a passionate preacher.

-I could go on and on (especially since it is 12:34 am and I am not sleepy in the least), but I think you have endured enough for one night......well, those of you who have made it this far (all one of you - thanks mom). I suppose since hubs is coming home tomorrow night, and since I have really done very little today except play with the iPod and go to a ballgame, I should clean my house up. Besides, you never know when Posh and Becks might drop in for a visit............


Teresa said...

Your insights are GREAT! I couldn't agree with you more on the whole Ellen deal...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be back!

Greg P. said...

You blog very well in the middle of the night without distractions.

When are you going to post the pics of you on the scooter in the driveway?

Mommyluann said...

I'm glad you aren't too judemental of those of us who have had our phone ring in church! I ALWAYS put mine on silent or turn it off, but for some reason the other Sunday night it was on and I fumble around and tried to sit on my tote bag to muffle the sounds of "Mercy came Running" as it rang from my bag. So embarrasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here here on the marriage subject...I have some thoughts but I'll not take up your comment space to go on about it just now.

I, too, want to see pics of Lake "Sharing" his scooter with mommy. Built in fish tank, huh? Oh , yeah, and Steve gave me a personal invite to the crib when you are settled in.....for real! I'm holding him to it!!!

BethAnne said...

Teresa - visit anytime

Greg - I would love to show you a picture, but I have that danged Easy Share problem.....I will work on it - everyone needs one of those scooter thingies...too much fun!

Luann - You know you dont need an invitation, but I expect you to take him up on it.....I thought you were coming before it's actually done too

Mari said...

Wow - you have lots on your mind in the middle of the night! I had fun reading all those varied thoughts too. Interesting thoughts on the whole wedding deal - I wonder how that does work? I love your phone story!

dawn said...

You are funny...and I say that in my best posh and becks impersonation.

Janet Roller said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have really enjoyed your late night perspective. I found myself reading it really fast...maybe it's the Pepsi I had with lunch.
Read about you later-

AnnaElizabeth said...

I would assume Ellen is going to wear pants.
Probably because she goes on and on about her aversion to skirts and dresses.
I doubt much of anything in that wedding will be traditional.

When I get back from Nicaragua, I might come over to ride the scooter... I mean visit my wonderful Aunt :-)

Mommyluann said... name the time, I'd love to come see it. The deal was to come "kid free" and that's my issue....unless you'd go one evening. This week is crazy! soemwhere almost everynight to be!

donnaj said...

Who in the world is posh and becks?I see that I am not the one and only reading your post. In fact, I think I'm the last one to read it. While you were posting great insights and questions, your ole' Mom was snoozing. Like I've said before, nobody posts like Bethanne!

Heather said...

You are hilarious!!!

Fran said...

Just love ya Bethanne!! I can't begin to make a comment on each paragraph but just know that I am in complete agreement or understand everything you just said or have done what you just said or love what you just said!

Please go to bed earlier. I was up at midnight...we should have chatted. :)


Anonymous said...

My son wants an iPod for his birthday too.

I hope you know most of the employees at Disney World are gay too. :)

Yes, why is it soooo hard to lose weight but so easy to pack it on----like over a weekend.

I'm gonna go click on the link for the scooter.

Cassie said...

I do my best blogging after midnite!!! Ha ha ha....

Learned my "phone lesson" to ....the hard way ;)

I also am up for some scooter pics...We want to see!!!

We leave Sunday for our Orlando trip with Miss Mace.....Remember us in your prayers as we travel.....

LynnSC said...

That is a whole lot of thinking for someone that should be sleeping.

I, too, am one that couldn't care less about the Hollywood happenings. I just wonder why people in the "real world" are so interested in the people that do not live in the real world. I actually find their lives sad. Tom Cruise.... is at the top of my list... well, maybe his poor wife Katie should be at the top.

Anyway... thanks for sharing all of your thoughts with us. Keep them coming...

Heidi Zawisza said...

Okay, I am totally cracking up right now!! I love your analagies and ideas! ha!ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog....I love yours!

Alana said...

I know. My blogroll is out of control ;-)

And this?

"Why is it that you can eat a 4 lb bag of Hershey kisses and gain 8 lbs? Doesn't it stand to reason that the most you could gain is 4 lbs????? "