Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Back.....It Hurts

*Okay, if you read my previous post, which was written at nearly 3 am last night (or should I say today? Who knows?), you will know that hubs and I started working at the new house (I know I need to update the picture, but that stinkin Easy Share just isnt cooperating) around 3:30 pm yesterday and got home around 3 am this morning. I spent the entire time (with the exception of a glorious 30 minutes that we spent at A&W in the air conditioning drinking a large Pepsi and eating a chicken sandwich - yep, we are TN rednecks for sure) vacuuming the entire floor of the house with a shop-vac. For those of you who are not familiar with a shop-vac, let me explain......A shop-vac is a very powerful vacuum cleaner that will suck up even the strongest/largest of dirt/rocks - it will suck up the floor and everything under it - it will suck up the worms from out of the earth under the floor - Yes, it's that powerful. It is a tool that when used correctly will make anyone bend over and you will feel the need to pull for dear life (else it will suck you up too).

Our new house is not tiny. I suctioned every square inch of it with that amazing machine (with the exception of the kitchen, which hubs did because he felt sorry for me - he was carrying junk out of the house while I was vacuuming - it is hard being a contractor when you really are not a contractor). I bent over for hours and hours. The worst part is that our house has no air. No, I don't mean that it has no air conditioning, although that is true as well ---I mean there was no air stirring in the place. We had the windows open, but there was no air to be found until around 1:30 am. Stifling is a word that comes to mind.

Since there was no air, you can imagine how hot we were. Sweat. Tons of it. I don't normally sweat - I can take an hour and a half long aerobics class and barely break a sweat. I'm just not a sweater (I don't mean the knit kind - well, you know what I mean). But, last night I was dripping wet. Now, I ask you, if I do this kind of work often (which I do lately - I am waiting on hubs to come and get me so we can unload some sheet rock right now - I am such a manly man), why am I not skinny??????? Where is the justice in this world??????

Anyway, my back hurts - alot.

*Got into bed around 3:30 am - hubs was back up before 7 am. What is up with that internal alarm clock thing. I know lots of people who have it. Glad I 'm not one of them.

*VBS stuff has been purchased, but everything is not ready. Have lots of cutting and sawing. If I could get my dern Kodak EasyShare stuff to work right, I would show you.........(again, no smart comments about the Easy Share from you people with the Nikons with the long things sticking out on the front - I am not a photographer and I don't play one on TV - heck, I cant even get my Easy Share software to work right).

*For those of you who were wondering, all the ants of the world have made it safely to their summer home. The sad part is that their summer home is also my home. The exterminator comes at 1 pm today. Praise the Lord!

*Last time the exterminator came (he comes every 6 months to check for termites -like you care about that), it took me about 25 minutes to move all the stuff from in front of the door that leads to the basement. We have a scary basement - never go down there. Matter of fact I store all my junk right in front of the door - you know, just in case someone tries to enter our home from the scary basement. If they try, they will kill themselves on all the junk - that is if they could even get the door open. The embarrassing part is when you don't remember the exterminator guy is coming and you have to remove all this junk while he stands over you. All the while you are trying to explain why you have all this junk stored here and that you really are not a pig even though your house looks like a pig stye. Hope that never happens to you.

*My mom posted about her wild ride from last week.......I will never again see Med-Flight go over my house without thinking of my mother. Our house is in the flight pattern of where she was picked up, so by the time I got the call that she was on it, I looked out and saw it going over head - it was carrying my mommy - sick feeling!

*Okay, that is about as much boredom and random griping that you can take for one day. Thanks to all of you who have actually read this far (mom, dad). I have to go and move the stuff from in front of my basement door now - the exterminator will be here in about 3 hours - that should give me just enough time.


{patty} said...

You can add me to that roll of readers. Beth, just like in person you CRACK ME UP!! I am not making fun of your pain (I feel it) or your sweatglands (I got em' too) or your ant problem (well, don't have them) I just love you so much!! I have got to see the inside of your crib (I have been calling houses that lately) So either I will be thankful I won't have as much to clean or I will be oohing and ahhing over the candy store. But I has got to see it!!

HUGS a bunch!!! Well not too close, all that sweat surely stinks. ;)

Jennifer Partin said...

Too funny----I was just trying to do a quick read. :)

Getting in bed since it's way after midnight!

Greg P. said...

Oh Beth, all that hard work and heavy lifting won't make you lose weight as much as it will build muscle. Your arms should turn into some pretty powerful "pythons" by the end of summer!

Eddie said...

Ok, your dad has read all your blog and my back hurts just thinking of the shop vac. You are experiencing the pains of growing financially and the pains of growing your family physically. Its hard but worth it. you will look back on this time one day and remind Lake and Kaden how things were right before they got to move into their new home. Right now, it's just a house. When you move in, it's up to you and Steve and the boys to make it a home. That's when it's really worth the pain of using that Sorry shop vac.
Hang in there, your still young and you will make it through this.
Love you bunches----Dad

Mommyluann said...

Just think how great you'll feel when this is all said and done!!!

Knowing your parent is in wings would be a sick feeling!

I like what your dad said about it soon being a "home".


Earen said...

You can also add me to the list along with your mom & dad who read your whole blog! You just bring a smile to my face. I'm so sorry your back hurts. And I had to laugh about the skinny comment. I often think the same problem, I put more food in my mouth that sweat pours out of my body...bummer.

Mari said...

You poor thing. That's a lot of bending over and doing it in the heat makes it even worse. After the stuff is moved for the bug man, you need to rest!

He Knows My Name said...

hi bethanne, thanks for checking on me. i'll be back soon. glad to see you are almost in the house. get that easyshare workin'. hugs ~janel

Amanda B. said...

Again, I totally remember those was agonizing. Have you had your melt down yet? I had two or three while we were building...(of course I wasn't as "spiritual" then...whatever!). Believe everyone when they tell you that whatever you leave "undone" when you move in...will stay that way until you die or decide to sell. I still haven't stained my stairway banister, put a glass surround around our shower (it's pretty big and a towel catches most of the splash), and we just stained our deck 2 weeks ago (been there going on 5 years). So even though you might get exhausted...make sure you do all you want done before you spend the first night there...or you will never do it.

Thanks for keepin' us up to date,


Carol said...

I love to read your stuff. It just makes me laugh. You remind me so much of a friend I have here. Have a super weekend. Don't work too hard.

ocean mommy said...

Hey Girl!!! Have you melted in that house yet!!!!

Just kidding....

Hope you have a great that includes a trip to the spa for a massage, it sounds like you need an hour of pampering. :)

I'm Sadie said...

Oh my goodness, you had me rolling with laughter about the shop-vac. Holy cow! I can only imagine how bad your back does hurt. You deserve a nice loooonnnngggg massage!

Shelley said...

I am feeling sympathy pains over here...or maybe those are really my own, not sure. But at any rate, I feel for you. :-)

Bev Brandon said...

I made it to the last line and whew! A regular vac hurts much less a shop vac. The work will be worth it someday, right? Hope it is real soon for you.

Fran said...

you okay?? just checking on you.
Hope all is well and you are just busy with the house! :)